LaVeyan Satanism: The Devil’s Advocates


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Calamity Politics writer T.K. McNeil shares a bit of his tiger poking personality in this great piece about  LaVeyan Satanism. Just the kind of thing we like to do here at Read on. –Darlene

LaVeyan Satanism: The Devil’s Advocates

T.K. McNeil

Shades of Grey

Anton LaVey looking mysterious

Anton LaVey wrote the Satanic Bible.

Things are rarely as they seem. Even the notion of “seeing is believing” can be problematic, due to the very personal way humans process information. The perception we have of LaVeyan Satanism for one.

Mistaken Identification

All we have to do is look at mistaken “eye-witness” identifications. Many eye-witness accounts are later proven incorrect, based on DNA evidence. Not to mention the wide variances in meaning for very straight-forward words.  I’m just asking that you keep an open mind while I explain LaVeyan Satanism’s core beliefs.

Did You Say Satan?

One such word, guaranteed to evoke a specific response is Satanism. For good reason things are not as clear at they might seem. There is a gulf of difference between what is called “theological” Satanism and the more philosophical interpretation known as LaVeyan Satanism.

Schools of Thought

In opposition to LaVeyan Satanism, Theological Satanism, what most people think of when they meet the term, is an extreme minority religion that is a mirror image of Christianity in which rather than worshiping God followers worship the Devil in the literal sense. It is fair to think of this form of Satanist basically as inverted Christians.

Sins of Theological Satanism

They are also the ones most likely to commit acts of violence like rape, murder, animal abuse and vandalism, especially church burning. They are also an extreme minority, not only in terms of the general population but also among Satanist themselves. The reason that they have become so large in the public imagination is a concerted campaign of lies and misinformation in the early 1990’s.

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Holy Bible and crucifix

Holy Bible and crucifix

Despite the hysteria around Satanic Ritual Abuse, of which there has never been a single confirmed case, which is more than can be said of other religious sects. From doomsday cults to radical Mormons to mainstream Catholicism, LaVeyan Satanists are a lot more sane and considered in their beliefs.

Essentially Atheism

Essentially Atheists in terms of spiritualism LaVeyan Satanists, by far the most common in the modern context, have no literal belief in the Biblical Satan. They are not agents of evil nor do they really believe in it in a metaphysical sense. Generally, this form of Satanism uses the figure of Satan symbolically to represent rebellion and freedom.

Evil Backwards Spells Live

Anton LaVey kept his private life mostly secret.

Anton LaVey kept his private life mostly secret.

The origins of modern, LaVeyan Satanism go back to The Church of Satan and its founder Anton LaVey. It can be difficult to understand how anyone can see anything good even in the metaphorical figure of Satan and LaVey was one of the first to figure out why.

Grilled on Television

When called upon to explain himself during an appearance on the Joe Pyne Show in 1970, LaVey put it this way: “Everybody that’s made rules and regulations concerning the devil or the devil’s work, the devil’s activities have been people that have been very righteous people, people during crusades.” He later went further, stating that “for centuries both church and laymen have defined the Devil according to their needs, all the while playing the game of muzzling the enemy.”

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