The Eternity of Now: Beto 20XX

Beto O'Rourke in another nameless Pueblo in the heart of Texas

Beto O’Rourke in another nameless Pueblo in the heart of Texas. Will he run? Won’t he?


The Eternity of Now: Beto 20xx

By Ross Turner

The Eternity of Now: Beto 20xx

beto climbs aboard his skateboard and hits the parking lot for a night ride.

Beto climbs aboard his skateboard and hits the parking lot for a night ride.

Only three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and Beto O’Rourke’s commitment to eventually make a decision about whether to run for President.  The three-time House Representative has been touring through the Southwest like a tumbleweed and has displayed an equally impressive sense of direction.  Will he run?  Won’t he?  Only one man knows.  He has yet to be found.

Political  Rock Star

Today, the winds of chance have carried the political rock star to another dusty, nameless pueblo in the heart of Texas.  Arriving on his unicycle with a small but zealous flock of supporters and reporters, O’Rourke stopped to speak with Calamity Politics.

O’Rourke Stops to Comment

"Beto is right for the country in this moment," said a supporter.

“I’ve given this a lot of thought,” Beto said.

“I’ve given this a lot of thought,” remarked O’Rourke, fidgeting with a lightly-nibbled corn dog gifted by the local ranchers. “It’s a big decision.  A lot of other candidates have declared, but I have to do what’s right for the country and my family,” he said, accidentally dropping the corn dog and watching it roll under the wheel of a passing horse carriage. “Well, (laughs), that can happen too,” mused the candidate-candidate.

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OPINION: Land Seizure, Eminent Domain


Knocking down the old to build the new

Condemning property for government use is Eminent Domain. Many call it abuse of power or “theft”.


OPINION: Land Seizure


By T. K. McNeil

Keeping pressure up on lawmakers makes them accountable.

Keeping pressure up on lawmakers makes them accountable. Write letters, petition, vote.

Hold Them Accountable

Sadly many of the men and women elected to represent the American people; whether at the state or national level, have consistently demonstrated an inclination to put their own interests ahead of all else. Which is partly why petitions, letter writing campaigns and voter registration drives are so effective. Threaten an elected official’s job and you will get their attention.

If The President Does It, It Is Not A Crime

Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson was a man of his time

Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson was a man of his time meaning he owned slaves and made at least one of them his consort.

Despite issues of trust and mistrust most people do not feel the government is working directly against them. This general level of trust in government is also part of how injustices and atrocities happen. The last lines of the pledge of allegiance “with liberty and justice for all,” are in some case notably missing. The Founding Fathers revered on a level that approaches the religious, despite some rather uncomfortable historical facts. Indeed, the Founding Fathers added to the Constitution a concept that perhaps would have best been left in old Europe and their autocratic rulers.

It Must Be Okay

Americans are able to overlook and forgive a lot when it comes to government policies and actions. The overall sense being that if the government does it, it must be okay. However, with the situation on the southern border the right of government to seize privately owned property by right of Eminent Domain is once again coming under scrutiny.  The issue has been brought to the forefront by Trump’s demand for a “wall” on the Mexican border. The private property owners across four states are potentially affected. Thousands of lawsuits are in the future as Trump pushes for a massive government land seizure.

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“Ol Blue–By Joan Baez

Today, at we are celebrating the lives of our departed four-legged friends. In this Traditional American folk song Joan Baez laments the pain over the death of a ‘possum hound.  Dogs are a blessing to our lives. Be kind, give more than you take. You know, like your dog does for you.–Darlene

If you have lost a four-legged friend recently, maybe it is time to bring another hero into your life. Save a life. Adopt a homeless pet.


Dog House By Jackie Nguyen

This post is for all the people who have lost a beloved pet. Jackie Short Nguyen says it so beautifully. I thought her words might be just the right words for someone reading this today. I have had six dogs over the course of my life. No matter how hard I try, I can only come up with a handful of people who have given me more love and happiness than those shaggy friends. If you have lost a pet, remember, that there are millions of dogs (and cats) just waiting for a chance to be special to someone. 1.2 million dogs are euthanized every year. 1.4 million cats are euthanized annually. Don’t wait, save a life adopt a pet–Darlene

Dog House

by Jackie Short Nguyen