Fallen Soldier By Nathan Fair

We at www.calamitypolitics.com love picking out songs for the site. Generally speaking, there is a thread that ties the songs we pick to something we have been writing and screaming about recently. We chose “Fallen Soldier” by singer guitarist, Nathan Fair as today’s #1 selection. We thought it fitting to remember “Bibi” Netanyahu’s brother, Yonatan with this very special song–Darlene

OPINION: Fear To Criticize Israel

Separating the country of Israel from Judaism must be done

Separating the country of Israel from Judaism is important if we expect meaningful conversations

OPINION: Fear To Criticize Israel

By David Shadrick and D.S. Mitchell

Lawrence Tribe said in a 3/10/19 tweet: “I’m Jewish. So were my parents. My cousins were born and live in Israel. But every fiber of my being rejects Netanyahu’s ugly embrace of second-class status for non-Jewish citizens, including Palestinians. MY people do not believe in oppressing or dispossessing others. Period.”

The Furor

Ilhan Omar has become a lightening rod for political debate

Ilhan Omar has become a lightening rod for political debate

I’m writing this post in response to the current furor around recent remarks made by Representative Ilhan Omar.  I read her remarks.  Omar’s remarks were clearly directed at U. S. Congresspersons who rubber stamp votes in favor of Israel.  All the power of the right-wing political machine are labeling Omar’s comments as  anti-semitic. In addition to her recent tweets, the moral righteousness of the Republican party is attacking previous videos where she pointedly asked similar questions.

Two Sides Of Their Mouths

I am amazed that Republican has the gall to call out anyone as racist or bigotted.

I am still amazed that Republican alt-right has the gall to call out anyone for racist comments.

With all the anti-Muslim, anti-Latino, anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigrant, and anti-POC rhetoric coming from the right, I was amazed to see the uproar from the Republicans.  Seriously, I mean seriously. I wonder how anyone from that side dares even open their mouths? Who are these hypocrites that now raise up on their hind legs and call for a fellow congressperson’s head and her ouster from the House?  Trump is already peppering his speech and tweets with attacks against Omar and the Democrats as “Jew haters.” Remember, this is the same guy who identified the Charlottesville Jew haters who rallied with torches “really fine people.”

Don’t Like To Hear It 

Israeli PM Netanyahu has perpetrated human rights violations

Israeli PM Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu

Israel under “Bibi” Netanyahu is no place for the non-Jew. So, upfront the United States is in support of an oppressive regime dehumanizing and disenfranchising the Palestinians on the West Bank and participating in an illegal land grab. The United States does a great deal of business with Israel and have been the spine of Israel for decades. It is the unwavering support of the United States, that allows Israel to wear big-boy pants and swagger around the Middle East.

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Afghanistan, Now And Forever?

President Trump has just embraced 16 years of war in Afghanistan and promised the American people more of the same: with a new troop build up, diplomatic pressure on Pakistan and outreach to the Taliban to entice them to the negotiating table.  These are all old familiar strategies used by his two predecessors with no success.

Donald Trump, several years ago advised then President Obama, to get the hell out of Afghanistan and spend time and resources rebuilding America. After months of deliberations with his generals Trump has been persuaded to stick with a conflict that he has vocally opposed in the past. In fact, during the campaign Trump claimed he would wind down America’s foreign wars.

Trump and his military team believe that with the Afghanistan government losing large sections of the country that the U.S. has no choice, but to dig in.  Trump reiterated that there would be no publicized withdrawal time table, as there had been with President Obama. An issue that Obama has been criticized for.

Trump’s announcement came Monday night in a 26 minute televised  address to the nation from Fort Meyers, VA.   There was a sense of bravado to his comments, one of those, “I got this” as he proclaimed “In the end, we will win.”

Trump is the third president to struggle with the Afghanistan problem. In 2001 George Bush sent special forces into Afghanistan to rout the Taliban government and track down al-Quida terrorists. Since that first commitment, actions in Afghanistan by the U.S. has cost the American people $715,ooo,000,000, 2,400 lives and another 20,000 wounded in a 16 year adventure in foreign occupation. A very heavy price for such humble results.

Afghanistan is a country besieged by ethnic, religious, cultural and tribal factions that have blocked foreign armies for millennia. Trump indicated in his address to the nation that the mission was not to re-take territory, but rather the focus would be on training Afghan Special Forces and the Afghan regular army.

In my opinion, the announcement of the troop build up was a lame effort to redirect the conversation from Charlottesville, VA.  and his own schizophrenic behaviors of the last week, to  a topic that has in the past earned him a bump in the polls, bomb strikes.

Trump has surrounded himself with generals.  He appears to defer, in some instances, to their ability.  The warning in this case would be, the military will always offer military solutions and promise victory, that’s what they are trained to do. The basic truth is that there will be no victory for the United States in Afghanistan because there is no sustainable government in place that can administer the country, and be an ally to the U.S.

Trump is vowing to “win” what seems to be an unwinnable war.  I don’t want us there, just to “win” with no specification of troop numbers, strategy, or time commitment.  Trump pointedly declined to show how many more troops will be dispatched to extend the longest war in U.S. history.  Trump indicated it would no longer be a “time based” war, but rather a “result based” conflict.

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Heated Words Intensify North Korea Situation

Trump Arrives At Bedminster, NJ Golf Club For 17 Day “Working Vacation”.

At his Bedminster N.J. golf club, on a scheduled “working vacation” Trump was questioned by reporters. Trump seemed willing to talk and answered questions freely in an unscheduled “press conference.”  Trump’s first and last solo press conference was on February 16, 2017.

Facing growing nuclear threat from North Korea the president was quick to warn the Kim Jong-Un regime against any further provocations, “North Korea best not make any more threats to the U.S.  They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen before.”

His inflammatory words rattled the international community.   Trump’s words came after the Washington Post released a story detailing the assertion of at least one U.S. intelligence agency that North Korea has successfully miniaturized a nuclear warhead that can be attached to missiles, expanding the range and power of the North Korean military.

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My Twitter Adversary Weighs In On NoKo

I love Twitter and I can understand why the President seems to be addicted to the platform.  Whenever I leave a tweet I get both “likes” and “incoming missiles” but I love the conversation, as long as it is real, authentic, and honest. I hate hearing the same words from 10 different people.  Think for yourself, I say, at least change the words. LOL.

Twitter gives us an opportunity to open up our hearts and minds to different people and different ideas.  An opportunity to join hands with millions of people around the world some thinking similar thoughts while others from polar opposite philosophical spheres.

I know that sometimes I am guilty of throwing red meat into the arena, just to get things stirred up, but for the most part I try to present rational thought with a tinge of humor. Because in the end we all need to be able to laugh at ourselves AND our beliefs.

Sometimes the 140 character format is too limiting. What is happening in North Korea as an example. So I use my blog to vent and fume, stomp my feet and throw hand grenades at the Trump administration.

One of my “Twitter adversaries” is Melanie Gambill @magambill,  Sometimes she hits me and my left-wing philosophy pretty hard.  But, I can take it and she takes the punches I throw at her, because we know we are both just too super great people with some differing opinions. I love her spirit, if not always her adjectives.

Yesterday morning as the North Korea sword rattling was reaching new heights I asked my twitter friend, in a “back channel” message, for her as a Trump supporter to share her off the cuff thoughts on the escalating situation in NoKo. Her response was honest and forthright and I believe in her sincerity and so I am posting it for folks to read, and think about.

I am taking advantage of her a bit by this post. She didn’t know she was writing for publication. I made no changes to her message. Love U Melanie. So follow us both on Twitter and chirp in anytime.

From Melanie: Noko!! We have a huge problem!! It does not serve us to blame !! We are here now what do we do? My thoughts!! This guy is a wacko!! China should be doing what trump is!! But that is not happening!! Talks !! we are trying real hard.. sanctions ok takes time for that to kick in. And that is going to piss the little ass off. Ppl will suffer more, not him!! If he was not shooting the rockets off in everyone’s face it w/ not be so bad.. he warned us he was going to hit us.. so I think if he wanted to , as crazy as the little BOY is he w/ have just done it! Problem is soko Japan china.. he know he has everyone by the balls!! Many many ppl will die!! Humanity!! But he could just do it anyway.. he is a child with no restrictions and a lot of boom 💥!! If he shoot rockets at Guam!! Even if it is national waters. That is an act of war.. anything to come at our country.. Close or not.. the beast will be unleashed!! Trump is not playing., but this is the very last thing he wants to do. Or he w/ have done it too!! But he is ready and in place!! He has to do this.. Kennedy did, but he did not have to deal with a child!! That is the problem!!

melanie gambill

How do i get to your blog. I do not know much about this internet stuff.. I am interested in the conversation!! I don’t curse too much, w/ not do that!! If i get puff!! I w/ leave!! Let me know!! Busy dog day! I have pick ups , new dogs coming in. Grand child to watch. Whew. And possible war!! The 15th is when he will let us know his plan!! I think!! Right? Noko?


Israelis and Palestinians Clash

Calamity Politics is a progressive blog which is most obviously a reflection of my own personal life view.  That vision is a forward looking view for the United States. A country where equality is the norm, not the oddity.  A place where religious freedom is never questioned.  A place where merit, not money is the basis of power.  A country fully open and fully inclusive.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Many would call it another Snowflake dream, however you don’t get to the moon if you are convinced no one will ever fly.  The election of Donald Trump to the presidency is like electing that guy who doesn’t believe anyone will ever  fly.  I think you need to think ‘a thing’ is possible before it will ever become possible.  I am convinced of that observation.

So, please join me as I do post-mortem examination of the political news of the day.

The bubble of American politics broke open for just a minute or two and more unrest in Israel between the Netanyahu government and Palestinian representatives and Palestinian protesters came into focus.

In the 1967 War, Israel captured East Jerusalem along with all its holy sites from Jordan.  Furthermore, Israel then annexed the area in a move that was condemned by most world leaders.  In fact, to this day the world community has declined to recognize the legality of the annexation, and that action has led to years of unresolved conflict between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

Years Of Conflict Continue To Tear At The Fiber Of The Middle East

Israel had allowed the Jordanians to maintain a special role in administering certain religions sites including the Aqsa Mosque.  The Aqsa Mosque is believed by Israeli’s to be the site of the destroyed Temple of the Mount, one of the most holy sites of ancient Israel.

Six people died Friday in a new outbreak of violence. At the entrance to the Aqsa Mosque, a sacred site to both Jews and Muslims.  Israeli authorities installed metal detectors and instituted a restriction on who could enter the Mosque and its grounds after the brutal killing of two Israeli guards by two Arabs who had been attending a service at the mosque.

The three Palestinian protesters were killed in separate events.  All three were fatally shot by Israeli police around the city of Jerusalem and the surrounding territory.  Israeli spokesman claimed the actions were necessary for police safety when rock throwing and firebombing became a serious endangerment.

Three Israeli’s were brutally stabbed and killed in their home, by a Muslim man in an apparent response to the previous killings of the three Palestinian protesters in clashes with Israeli security forces.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas cut a trip to China short to address the spiraling crisis over the installation of the metal detectors.  Mahmoud announced he was, “freezing contacts with Israel at all levels until it cancels the new measures” around the holy site.

Clashes came as thousands of Palestinian Muslims prayed in front of police barricades in the streets around the “Old City” of Jerusalem as Israeli authorities clamped tougher restrictions on Palestinians. The metal detectors at Aqsa have increased friction between the parties and have emerged as a symbol for the protesters.

An Arab member of the Israeli Parliament argued that “the metal detectors are a political issue.  They have them all over the world, in supermarkets, shopping malls, everywhere.  But, they are there by consensus, not imposed by someone else.”

Netanyahu government “believes the decision to leave the metal detectors at the entrance of the Temple Mount is the right decision–in the national interest.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Defends Government Position On Occupied Territory and New Restrictions On Palestinian Protesters

Israeli police issued a statement, “according to the decision of the highest political echelon,  police “will decide how strict the security checks would be, based on assessments of the situation.”

The situation for many of the Middle Eastern countries is perilous. Whether it is Syria, Iraq, Yemen or Israel the centuries of fighting and distrust have torn the region apart.  I have no answers.  I do not have the education or diplomatic experience to do much more than observe and comment.  I freely admit those shortcomings.  that is why I am going to take a moment to slap Donald Trump around the ears.

It was just a month or two ago when the American people were advised that Jared Kushner could and would, solve the Middle East crisis.

I am waiting, but I think like nearly everything else Trump, he does not know what the hell he is talking about; and neither does that spoiled son in law of his, and I guarantee that Jared Kushner will not solve the Middle East problem, this year or ever.

Join the Resistance.  Don’t forget to call the Senators and demand they halt their attack on ACA and encourage them to do some quick fixes. Organize your neighbors.  Register to vote. Run for office. Donate your time. Donate your money. Vote Democratic.  Twitter your reaction to political events.

Let’s not let Trump stop our forward motion.  Hopefully Trump will be nothing more than an ugly blot on our country’s history.


Congress Doubts Trump Foreign Policy

Congress Begins To Assert Foreign Policy Agenda

Calamity Politics is a progressive leaning political blog where we attempt to offer relevant and engaging political analysis and commentary, sprinkled with a bit of sarcasm and cynicism.  So, if you are ready, please join me as I examine the good, the bad, the planned and the unplanned on the U.S. political scene.  Some call it Mud Wrestling, I call it Russian Roulette.

Mieke Eoyang, a National Security Analyst at the Third Way, said, “I think it is setting in, especially in the Republican members of Congress, that they are not getting the kind of adult leadership out of the White House that would allow them to give deference to the White House”. Continue reading

Trump On Tour

I Am So Angry I Could Take Off Someone’s Head

I am screaming at the top of my lungs. It’s a damn good thing this is not a pod cast commentary, because someone would be ordering psych restraints for this old girl.

I started writing for Calamity Politics because I saw Trump as a demented, narcissistic, irrational, terrifying, irresponsible, backward thinking, corrupt and dangerous individual. I was concerned that the country had just elected a gross misogynist clown as President of the United States.

I wanted to speak out against what I expected to be an immediate attack on the environment, entitlement programs and Roe v Wade. I knew the Republicans, heavily financed by the Koch Brothers, and other right extremist Superpacs, would launch an all out attack against anything progressive as soon as the inaugural partying was over.

My Worst Fears Are Becoming Reality

Because of my intense concern, I felt the pressure to get on line with Calamity Politics as soon as possible. If you as a reader, wonder who I am, and what I stand for, I suggest you take a few minutes and read ‘About Me’ and ‘Mission Statement’ which are located on buttons at the top of this page.

I thought I might be alone in my outrage. Had I “lost” my mind, as was suggested by two family members, or was I one of many?

I found out soon that I was just one of an army of individuals who were truly fearful that the election of Donald Trump was a step back in time. None of us wanted to take 21st century America back to the segregated, air polluted and garbage littered mid 20th century America romanticized by Donald Trump. So fearful in fact were we, that we began organically to call ourselves the “resistance”. I embraced the label as a personal commitment to fight trump, and everything he represents. I am a soldier in the fight against authoritarianism. I am one of the ‘resistance”.

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The dog has been walked. My Dinner is the remainder of my Cobb Salad, from lunch. I’m waiting for The Rachel Maddow Show to end. Dan Rather is giving an interesting interview, or I would just turn it off.

Watch Rachel On MSNBC For Her Nightly News Program

I worked on a long Calamity Politics blog post earlier today. The article focused primarily on the similarities between Donald Trump and Jared Kushner. What I want to do now, is drink an Irish Coffee, and get into the hot tub, and zone out.

But, I spend 23 hours a day wound up, thinking about the wild, turbulent, U.S. political daily may lay, and have trouble unwinding. Like right now, I cannot forget that 59 Tomahawk missiles were launched at a Syrian airbase on April 7th, 2017 by United States naval forces, for a yet, undefined purpose. Each one of those Tomahawk missiles cost a million dollars.

Less than a week later, the American military dropped the “mother of all bombs,” or, a MOAB, on a set of ISIS tunnels and linked caves, in Afghanistan. So, back to the previous question. What is the purpose? Is there a thought out strategy? We killed 36 terrorists. How much did that bomb cost? I think I read that bitch cost 314 million dollars. That is about $85 million dollars per ISIS fighter.

On top of that, the Carl Vinson and its Pacific Command strike force are headed toward the Korean Peninsula. Where apparently, the 30 year old dictator of North Korea, is having a party to celebrate his Grand dad’s birthday, and possibly detonate a nuclear weapon.

Mike Pence Heading To South Korea For Visit During High Tensions With North Korea

The U.S. Vice President, Mike Pence, is headed to South Korea as the first stop on his Asian tour. Is that reassuring, or not? I mean, Pence being there. If there is going to be a conflagration, wouldn’t he want to stay away? Or, maybe they know that no one is going to push the button and start a war, so it’s okay for him to go, right?

What am I gonna do? I can’t just ignore this stuff. It’s my job to report on the political news. I think I’ll have that Irish Coffee, to start with. Good night.

Join the Resistance