EPA Cuts Cause Potential For Real Harm

Calamity Politics is a progressive political blog that’s main intention is to improve people’s lives. I’m here again, uncensored and irreverent, raising hell and screaming for attention. I know I’m about 3200 miles from Washington, D.C. but I pray people are aware of the perilous and irresponsible attack on the EPA that is taking place at the hands of the Trump Administration.  The Environmental Defense Fund states flatly, “No federal agency has been singled out for such a large and pernicious budget cut as the EPA”.

Approximately 90% of the American people support strong environmental protections.  It is an all hands on deck emergency if we will be able to stop President Trump’s efforts to gut the EPA budget, thus eliminating many core environmental safeguards. The government has been transferred into the hands of anti-environment extremists whose goal is profit through fossil fuel extraction over the lives of wildlife and our historic national park system.

Trump and the Congress seem to be on a mission to kill our national parks and destroy our environmental protections.  Many lobbyists are sent to Washington paid to convince legislators that relaxing restrictions on the millions of acres of National Parks land would be an economic boom for the country.  The goal seems to be directed toward shifting control from the federal government to the individual states, where those treasured resources can be sold, or licensed to the highest bidder for the systematic extraction of gold, silver, oil, gas, coal, and timber.

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Butterflies and Memories

Pearl Gray Mornings Hopefully Will Lead To Sun Shiny Afternoons

Another pearl gray beach day here at Calamity Politics. Yesterday, I posted an article on a petition signed by more than 26,000 psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers warning the public that, in their collective professional opinion Donald Trump has a serious mental illness, and requested the Congress to remove him from office, based on Article 4 of the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

OMG. Pretty, damn scary stuff, if you ask me. I’ve been following politics all my life, and the only other time I have heard people question a US president’s mental health was during the late stages of the Nixon Administration. When stories of Nixon’s nightly drinking and paranoia was fodder for a frenzied media.

With all that said, you might think today I would stoke up the fires on that story, but because I’m in charge here, I am going to reprint a lovely short essay, by Jennifer S. Kushnier. I originally saw it printed in one of those little books you see at Hallmark card stores. You know, the kind, they are usually really small and have lots of cool quotes. Anyway, I liked it and thought I’d share.

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“When the environment is destroyed, plundered or mismanaged, we undermine our quality of life and that of future generations. (Wangari Maathai/Nobel lecture)

When The Environment Is Endangered We Undermine The Quality Of Life

It was 63.5 F in Antarctica on 3/1/2017.

On March 1, 2017 Cairo, Egypt And Antarctica Were Both 63.5 Degrees

The new director of the EPA was carefully chosen for this job.  He’s the former Oklahoma Attorney General that sued the EPA fourteen times. He’s also, the guy who copied letters written by oil lobbyists on to Oklahoma State stationary and then sent that paperwork to the EPA as support data.  He’s the guy that’s under court order to surrender thousands of emails from his time as AG for Oklahoma. We here at Calamity Politics political blog, smell a slow brewing scandal.

Not wanting to stand on his laurels as a small state corrupted official, Pruitt accepted a job with the Trump Administration knowing he could go far under The Master’s tutelage.  Pruitt and his fossil fuel cronies plan is to eat the agency from within.  The Robber Barons of 19th century America have risen and these Zombies are holding powerful positions in this corrupt, pay-to-play administration.

Pruitt is an outspoken supporter of dirty energy, “I call it representative government.”

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The first time I can remember, actually thinking about pollution, I was watching a ‘Keep America Beautiful’ campaign, in which Iron Eyes Cody, had a bag of garbage thrown from a car, land at his feet. Iron Eyes, in full American Indian regalia, looks into the camera, and I watched as a tear rolled down his cheek. That was probably 1968 or 1970. Very powerful.

This series of commercials made a big impact on me, and I made sure I never threw garbage out the window of my car, again. I also, discovered recycling, something my Mother had been doing for years. You gotta’ remember, my Mom lived thru two World Wars, and a near country collapsing economic Great Depression. She had a drawer for the perfectly folded paper bags, she had a ball of rubber bands, a giant ball of string, and sheets of aluminum foil in another drawer.

So, she had learned to recycle out of necessity, rather than as an environmentally beneficial behavior. Her purpose was different than mine, but the results were similar. The thought of garbage on the roadside, toxic waste in rivers, polluted air, makes me angry.

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