Really, Scary

It is important when you are writing a political blog that you look at the overall impact the policies of an administration. The Trump Administration has gotten an F from Calamity Politics on its view of the environment, climate change and clean energy. U.S. political direction be toward what’s good for Mother Earth is good for her children.

Melting Glaciers Endanger Wildlife Survival

If you aren’t worried about climate change, you might want to re-think the importance of this dynamic world changing event on your life.  Most experts  predict huge population shifts, secondary to forced migration.  Shrinking resources, famine, war and rising sea levels, will push people from their native homelands into adjoining countries.  The receiving countries are expected to resist the pressure from these displaced populations elevating tensions and potentially the increased rise of Nationalism and World War III.

On March 1, 2017 the temperature in Cairo, Egypt and Antarctica both reached 63.5 F.

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