Getting Columbine Wrong For 20 Years

I found this YouTube video (Ask A Mortician) recently on how we have all been getting Columbine wrong for 20 years. This is an important discussion to have. It is important because psychologists have cited Columbine as the beginning of the current mass-shooting culture, many of the more recent shooters drawing direct influence and inspiration from it. The only part of the Columbine mythos that has solid evidence behind it is that the shooters listened to Marilyn Manson even though he wasn’t a favorite. The video points out that Columbine was “never meant to be a shooting. It was meant to be a bombing.” The attackers planted several large propane bombs, and the guns were bought as back-up. The boys fell back on the guns when the bombs failed to go off. What if the story was reported differently, meaning accurately; as a failed bombing? That in itself could have changed the future. Taking the emphasis and “glamour” out of the shooting aspect-emphasizing it was a failed bombing attack would seem much less inspiring to later lunatics. Take a few minutes and watch what the lady has to say. T.K. McNeil (*The comments from viewers, some from Columbine are also interesting to read.)

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