OPINION: Trump Keeps Up The Shock Treatment

Calamity and Lucifer Can't believe what they are hearing?

Are you listening to the “National Moron”? Trump is in full meltdown. Don’t worry Lucifer, the guys in white jackets with injectable medication are on their way, I think. Careful, kitty, I’ve read he’s “pathologically dangerous”.


Trump Keeps Up The Shock Treatment

By D. S. Mitchell

“Unhinged” In Real Time

I had to get off Twitter, to write this post. I’ve watched the ‘National Moron’s’ press conference. What an embarrassment to our country. His misdirected anger, his contentious behavior, his defiance, his lies, his betrayal of our country, his vile insults against an elected congressman, his cursing, even his attempted fondling of the Finnish president’s leg. Anyone watching this horror show, can’t continue to support this very damaged man. He is as #Omarosa said, in her book about her time in the White House, “Unhinged.” In addition to the Omarosa book, I refer my readers to, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” from 2017. Available on Amazon.

“The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”

The “Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” was a compilation of 27 essays written by no less than 37 psychiatrists and a variety of mental health professionals. The book  published in 2017, came early in Trump’s administration. The book describes Donald Trump as “psychologically dangerous”.  Using the “duty to inform and protect” the co-authors lay out the dangers a Trump presidency. These mental health professionals see Trump as “a clear and present danger.”  What we saw this morning in the Oval Office was a president in mental collapse. ** (That book has been updated, though I admit, I have not yet seen it).

“Perfect Call”

Trump and the White House have totally implicated themselves. They admitted to the crime and then provided proof of that criminal activity. Now we’ve got Trump claiming the whistleblower is lying. The truth here is, that Trump has confirmed nearly everything in the whistleblower complaint. How can the president be allowed to continue his smear of the whistleblower and private citizens. It is outrageous.  This call was not “perfect”. Nor was it placed by a “perfectly stable genius”. Instead we have a glass-chewing maniac, performing as a mafia boss, extorting an underling.

Igniting Fires

As part of his madness the president is fueling the idea of hate and impending violence.  He threatens a growing schism that will spiral the country into Civil War II .  Herr Trump’s rage is intended to ignite the KKK, and the White Supremacist Brotherhood.  The activities of ICE have already brought comparisons to the SS arrests of Jews in Nazi Germany. Trump expects these ginned up followers will then attack sitting members of Congress and rescue him from the inevitable.  An alarming display. Dangerous and disgusting. A national travesty.

Missing 20 Minutes

The news is coming fast and furious. This morning #Angus King, (D) Senator from Maine, showed  that he could prove the text released by the White House (related to the 30 minute extortion call between #Trump and the Ukrainian President Zelensky), is missing about 20 minutes of conversation. OMG. Really? I thought the text released by Trump was extraordinary in itself, revealing a president so corrupt that he needs to invite foreign interference in the upcoming 2020 U.S. election. So here again, the Trump administration attempting to manipulate the news by releasing the least bad of a really bad conversation.

I Smell Putin

I assume there is no one active in the Republican Party that will stand up and say enough.  We are edging closer and closer to a dictatorship. The time to RESIST is as important today than at any other time in history.   Trump is trying to protect his own self-interest. He is using his office to benefit himself, politically and financially. He wants the Ukraine, (or anybody else) to create lies and distortions that will help him win in 2020. Putin is behind this and I want to see every word Trump and Putin exchanged in their 12 separate conversations.


It is never too late to join the war against corruption and criminality.

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