Resolutions For The Next Decade

Resolutions For The Next Decade

By Anna Hessel

Resolving for the New Decade

Happy 2020!  This start of a new decade makes me ponder the tradition of New Year’s resolutions.  Hopefully, we are all resolving to show peace to all, abolish intolerance, and offer acceptance to those who are different from us.  I realize many of us have personal resolutions to enrich and better our own lives, but I think there are times when we must be resolute in our compassion to pray and work to fulfill the needs of others.

Where We’ve Been

In the latter half of the past decade, we have regressed from working to provide health care for all Americans, to legislation designed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. We’ve gone from sanctuary cities to children in cages at our southern border. We’ve gone from the establishment of affordable housing to the greatest percentage of homelessness in American history.

The Planet is at Risk

As the effects of climate change become more obvious, the resistance of the fossil fuel industry has become more intense. Instead of tightening enforcement of environmental laws our government has chosen to roll back environmental protections through Executive Order at an alarming pace. The greed of those financially benefiting from the exploitation of oil, gas, and coal threatens the very future of the planet.

Growing Hate

We’ve gone from acts of faith to acts of hate. We’ve gone from morality to malfeasance and malversations. Where we as a nation had come to believe all people have the right to join in marriage regardless of their sexual orientation; now bigotry and “conversion therapy” are threatening that freedom. We have gone from protecting animals to an outrageous rise in “trophy” hunting. We have gone from opposing gun violence to watching numbly as death by mass shootings becomes more common than uncommon.

Appreciating Each and Every One of Us

In the latter part of the decade just finished, racism found a revival and the ensuing fire has raged across our nation. White “supremacy” and anti-Semitism are on the rise while a women’s right to choose is under aggressive assault. It is imperative that we re-establish dignity, respect and civil decorum as we enter this new decade.  Our New Years’ resolutions must involve respect, virtue, and esteem for each member of the human race, with approbation for those who fight to keep our civil rights.

My Resolutions of Choice

So this year, I didn’t resolve to lose weight – that never works – but I will continue to make healthy food choices, and of course, drink my fill of skim decaf mocha lattes.  I also resolved to support local businesses. I can just as easily buy my shoes and accessories at my favorite local boutiques, rather than such economic behemoths as Amazon. Buying local has never been more important than it is today and in the future, as we enter the age of AI, mechanization and robotics.

What I Resolved To Do

But most importantly, I resolve to actively repel hate, particularly when hate disguised in the pretext of religious conviction. I will uphold my faith in the Greater Power that often brings me to my knees. Use my voice in advocacy for those oppressed. I will vote because our rights and those of the most vulnerable depend on it. Resolve to bear the burdens of those in need with compassion and decency.

Let There Be Peace

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade – let us all strive to make the next ten years stand for peace, love, and inclusion.  “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me…”

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