Save The Orangutan Project

Orangutans will most likely only be found in zoos within the next decade.

Orangutans will most likely only be found in zoos within the next decade


We @calamitypolitics are deeply concerned about deforestation and the deadly effects it is having on the planet. Rain forests are important because they are home to thousands of unique animal species, some not even identified yet. Calamity Politics contributor, Michael Leonard Douglas, has written a compelling article explaining the hazards of deforestation. Please watch for it.

One of the worst offending industries in the deforestation calamity is the palm oil industry  “Deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty, and indigenous rights abuses in countries where it is produced, because land must be cleared for development and planting of the palm oil plantations,” The Orangutan Project.

Please take the 3-4 minutes to watch this video from the Orangutan Project. The loss of habitat is leaving many of our close cousins homeless and afraid. Deforestation hurts. Join the effort to stop palm oil atrocities and other devastators of our precious and rapidly disappearing rain forests-Darlene

“Ol Blue–By Joan Baez

Today, at we are celebrating the lives of our departed four-legged friends. In this Traditional American folk song Joan Baez laments the pain over the death of a ‘possum hound.  Dogs are a blessing to our lives. Be kind, give more than you take. You know, like your dog does for you.–Darlene

If you have lost a four-legged friend recently, maybe it is time to bring another hero into your life. Save a life. Adopt a homeless pet.


Dog House By Jackie Nguyen

This post is for all the people who have lost a beloved pet. Jackie Short Nguyen says it so beautifully. I thought her words might be just the right words for someone reading this today. I have had six dogs over the course of my life. No matter how hard I try, I can only come up with a handful of people who have given me more love and happiness than those shaggy friends. If you have lost a pet, remember, that there are millions of dogs (and cats) just waiting for a chance to be special to someone. 1.2 million dogs are euthanized every year. 1.4 million cats are euthanized annually. Don’t wait, save a life adopt a pet–Darlene

Dog House

by Jackie Short Nguyen

Animal Cruelty Linked to Human Rights

Animal Cruelty Linked to Human Rights 

by Michael Leonard Douglas

Animal cruelty a world-wide issue

The goal is a balanced ecosystem. This means man needs to find ways to coexist with the multiple life forms that occupy the planet

Balance in the ecosystem is the goal. This means that we need to find ways to coexist.  

The goal should be a balance in the ecosystem for all living things to thrive.  There is no justification for the barbaric cruelty that takes place daily on every continent. It does not matter whether a human is involved or an animal.  Animal-human right’s activists advocate for treating all animals humanely. Can you imagine the outrage if human beings were held in cages and tortured regularly or were hunted down by wealthy adventurers seeking nothing more than a photo-op with a corpse, or a trophy for their wall?  It is time that humanity finds the resolve to develop a plan that promotes co-existence with the rest of the animal kingdom. Where balance of land and resources put an end to animal cruelty.

Basic needs

Scientifically, human beings are animals. Therefore, when we talk about human rights, there is no real conflict with animal rights. Those most basic rights (needs) for all creatures are to live freely, have access to food and water, a comfortable shelter/habitat; and lastly, security from unwarranted threat and mistreatment. Animal cruelty is denial of any of these basic needs. When any one of these basic rights is infringed upon repeatedly the entire ecosystem is thrown out of balance.

Animal right's advocates protest for the voiceless animals

Animal Rights advocates protest for the voiceless animals

View from the top

Since human beings are at the top of the chain and dominate every activity on the planet it is difficult to convince the global human population that we are equals with lesser animals. The term, “animal rights” was coined to give a voice to the millions of animals that face cruelty and slaughter every single day. There is no animal that is more intelligent than the human species and no species better able to launch and give voice to an appeal against animal cruelty than that carried on by its own species.

Links to animal cruelty and  family abuse

The link between animal cruelty and human rights is clear when we are willing to look at the evidence. Domestic abuse is not usually just an attack on one household member. The abusers target animals too. Most domestic animals that are mistreated are part of a paradigm of abuse. A study by the Animal Welfare Institute confirmed there is a connection between animal abuse, child abuse and domestic abuse.

Studies show a close connection between animal cruelty, child abuse and non-ending domestic violence

Studies are showing a close connection between animal cruelty, child abuse and non-ending domestic violence

Statistics are eye-opening

The Animal Welfare Institute study measured a strong connection between animal cruelty, child abuse, and non-ending domestic violence. According to their study, up to 72% of abused women reported a similar, if not brutal, abuse of their pets by their spouse or partner. The study shows that not only were the animals abused, but often killed in the process. In a similar study conducted nationwide, a staggering 84% of the people who reported domestic abuse also claimed that their pets were abused or brutally injured.

Animal Welfare Institute

Statistically there is a direct link between domestic violence and animal cruelty. The connection of these women (occasionally men) to their pets was found to be so strong that up to 49% of those reporting abuses chose to stay in the environment to protect their pets. These are shocking numbers and should be of great social concern. But is knowledge enough to turn social concern into social policy that safeguards both animal and human rights? A question not answered by the study was, is the cruelty toward the animals a characteristic trait of the abuser, or is it related to the human target of abuse and their relationship with the abused animal?

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