Iran Treaty Problem: It Had Obama’s Signature On It

The folks at love hard work, but we also love to play. Since Trump’s election international political cartoonists have been having a hey day. Lebanese-Swiss cartoonist, Patrick Chappatte is one of the very best. While Mr. Chappatte makes us laugh, he also makes us think and cry. Here are a couple of Mr. Chappatte’s recent gems. Enjoy!-D.S. Mitchell

Trump admits the only thing wrong was Obama's signature

Civilian casualities

TRUMP: The Human Dirt Devil

The Week magazine e-mailed me a bunch of new cartoons this morning. After taking a look at the comedy feast, we at voted on our favorite; and Steve Sack’s “Dirt Devil” won today’s honor as Calamity Politics “cartoon of the day”. Enjoy-D. S. Mitchell


Great Steve Sack Trump cartoon

Great Steve Sack’s Trump Cartoon. Thanks, Steve. Thanks, The Week.

Iranians Develop Trump Policy

I see some of the best cartoons on Twitter. Here’s one I just snagged. Thanks Mike Luckovich for your humor and great insight. Trump has been agitating the Iranians for some time now, apparently hoping to instigate a confrontation. hopes that the war hawks can be calmed. War is no fun. I think I read somewhere that the United States has been at war some place in the world every year of her existence. If true that’s a sad fact.-D.S. Mitchell

The Iranians may have gotten the message