The Logical Song By Supertramp

Any regular visitor to knows I’m an oldies lover. For today I made the choice. No votes. No other input. This one is totally on my shoulders. From 1979, the English group Supertramp, brings us the “Logical Song”.

The YouTube version I have posted provides not only the song but also the lyrics, and a very nice video. The posting was not created by the Supertramp group but I think it is well done. The name on the post is Rob Turner. Thanks, Rob.

Oh, the innocence of childhood. There are many days I would give up everything for another week of childhood. If I only could….If I had only known….Enjoy! D.S. Mitchell

Concentration Camps At Border

In keeping with my article of today, “Racial Bigotry: Center Post of Trump Immigration Policy” I thought I would also run a repeat of the Chris Hayes “All In” program where he talks about concentration camps on the border. Please take five or six minutes and listen what Chris Hayes has to say on the matter.

30 Hours Too Many-According To Colbert

Trump speaks with George Stephanopoulos for 30 hours

Trump speaks with George Stephanopoulos for 30 revealing hours

This recent opening routine from The Late Show by Stephen Colbert is video pick of the day. Please take about 10 minutes, sit down relax, and laugh as Colbert dissects 30 hours of interview time with Donald Trump done by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.-D.S. Mitchell

“The Wall” Mistake At The Southern Border

Good morning! While I was scrounging around this morning looking for something interesting to post on I came across this Adam Ruines Everything video. I think it should be mandatory pre-Trump rally watching for all rally attendees. I know, however, the only people who will watch it already want less “wall” talk and more thoughtful policy discussion. Take a few minutes and watch Adam ‘ruins everything’ about the Trump wall delusion-D.S. Mitchell

A Killer’s Mother Speaks Out

I was doing research for when I came across this video. Please watch this amazing docu-video. Thank you, Sue Klebold for telling us about Dylan. His story could save lives. Mental illness is treatable. Learn how to recognize the danger signs-Thanks for watching-Darlene

“CASSIE” By Flyleaf first jukebox choice of the day is “Cassie” by Flyleaf. Cassie’s story morphed out of the Columbine Massacre and it turned out to be a hoax. However, this song was written prior to the hoax revelation. I chose this because it fit with my new article “What Happened At Columbine.” Hope you read it-T.K. McNeil