Calamity Politics is a political blog with a progressive leaning agenda. Calamity Politics is intended to present relevant and engaging political conversation on a daily basis. The topics of analysis and political commentary will focus primarily on the U.S. National political scene. Please join me, as I examine the good and the bad, and the planned and the unplanned, the disaster and the calamity that is Washington, D.C., and the mud-wrestling known as American politics.

I believe in, and support, Opportunity and Inclusion for all American citizens. I believe in a Very Big Tent. That is why I started writing a political blog. I fight every day of my life for a Progressive political and economic agenda. I believe in appropriate and fair taxation of the wealthy.

I don’t expect readers to agree on 100% of all the policies I have outlined below, but if you agree with even half of them you should be talking to Democratic candidates and voting a Democratic ticket. Or get out there and run for office. The progressive movement needs good, strong, smart candidates and electorate.

I am amazed how many people vote against their own best interest. It’s almost as if the poor man imagines himself wealthy and supports those things that would help him in that elevated position of the 1/10th of 1%.  There are 400 people in the United States that have more wealth than 200 million of their fellow Americans. Get real man, unless you make over $250,000 a year the Republican Party is not on your side.


Abortion:  Pro-Choice.

Affordable Care Act:  Repair. My eventual goal, like Bernie Sanders, is health care reform where universal health care is provided by a Medicare type approach or “single payer system.”

Citizens United:  Overturn this controversial Supreme Court decision. Limit money in political campaigns.

Civil Disobedience:  Take to the streets if you want. I support the first amendment. Speak out. Carry signs, but don’t destroy property. It never helps. Remember Gandhi, and Dr. King moved nations.

Climate Change:  Recognize that man’s activities have a negative effect on the climate, and, as such, should be subject to regulation. Drastic cuts of the EPA budget could mark the destruction of the United States by toxic waste.

Collective Bargaining:  Support strong unions. Recognize that the reduction of the middle class in the US is directly related to the loss of unions. Oppose Employee Free Choice Act.

Criminal Justice Reform: Oppose “for profit penitentiaries.” Oppose laws that target minorities. Support state payment of DNA testing. Fight for criminal justice reform.

Education:  Support public education. Encourage business to provide scholarships for needy students. Scholarships paid for my schooling and I would love to see more young people benefit from such programs. Come on American business, step up. Bring some real money to assist lower income kids access to big name schools. Access to free college would change lives and this country. Education is the foundation of tolerance and peace.

Electoral College: Abolish the Electoral College. Legal basis for abolition of the EC is “Taxation without Representation,” “Due Process” AND “Equal Protection.”

Environment:  Recognize that man’s activities have a negative effect on the environment, and as such, should be subject to regulation. Eliminating regulations to empower corporations to destroy our environment is the wrong choice. Oppose dramatic proposed cuts to the proposed EPA budget. Science should be the basis of environmental policy and decisions, not who contributed the most to your campaign.

Fund Raising:  Raise money for the Democratic Party at all levels. Promote young, forward thinking candidates. Wake up the Millennials, convince them that they have a voice and that the Retrogressive policies of the Republicans and the Trump Administration are harmful to them and that those policies can be turned around.

Lobbyists:  Support strict restrictions. Money for favors. Lobbyists can have both a positive and a negative impact on the government and the direction of policy. Works that way on both sides of the aisle.

Gerrymandering:  At this point in time, I worry that the Republicans, at the state level, have reshaped the elective districts of their state, to such an extent, that I am not sure we can even elect a Democrat, or an Independent in 3/4 of the country.

Gun Control:  Support 2nd Amendment. Support restrictions on purchase of handguns to the mentally ill. Restrict semi-automatic weapons. Oppose silencers.

Health Care:  Health Care is a right of citizenship. Goal: single payer system under the Medicare umbrella. Monitor the Congress for any behind closed doors activities to destroy the ACA.

Immigration:  Comprehensive reform.  With 11 million illegals in this country we need to include a path to citizenship. First of all, we need to recognize that not all undocumented individuals in the U.S. crossed the border from Mexico. Most undocumented folks in this country came here legally, by airplane and overstayed their visas. Stop making this an issue of color and religion. We should honor the “Dreamers” contract. I believe in a kind and gentle handling of the people that have migrated here, legally or illegally. People have kids, they have relationships, these individuals are human beings and should not be treated with dignity and respect. These people are here because they wanted a better life. A dream that is recognizable to all of us.

Infrastructure: : Millions of jobs to rebuild crumbling roads, airports, bridges, water treatment and sewer systems.

Investigations:  Immediately begin Congressional investigation of the Trump Campaign and Russian operatives.

Law Making:  All candidates for elected federal positions in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches must submit no less than 5 years of income taxes for public scrutiny. All candidates for any Federal position must place their personal fortunes in a blind trust. No exceptions.

LGBT:  : Support civil and human rights.  Resist efforts to turn back. Fight against voter suppression.

Medicare/Medicaid:  Protect Medicare from privatization, voucher system, or phase out. Protect 55 million recipients of Medicare and the 70 million recipients of Medicaid.

Military:  Maintain strong military. Diplomacy over military action if possible.

Popular vote:  One person one vote. Abolish the Electoral College.

Retake State Governorships, US House of Reps, US Senate:  Work with Democratic Party and Progressive Independents to take back the House, Senate and White House.

Same Sex Marriage:  Support the Law.  Resist any efforts to turn back the clock.

Social Security & SSI:  Maintain and strengthen. Protect benefits of 65.1 million people.

Tax Law:  Progressive taxation. Inheritance Tax on estates valued at over $3,000,000.

Veteran’s Affairs:  Support the VA and our injured and disabled soldiers.

Voter ID:  Revise social security card to make it legal identification in all 50 states and territories.

Voting Rights:  Encourage voter registration. Fight voter suppression by all states and entities.

Wall Street:  Protect the public from the flagrant banking excess of the early 21st century.       


Australia:  Maintain strong ties.

Canada:  Maintain strong ties

Europe: Maintain strong ties.

China:  One China policy.

Iran:  Monitor nuclear program. Maintain sanctions.

Israel:  Maintain secure independent state. Reduce financial aid if Israel continues its building program in the contested West Bank region. Reject plan to move US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Japan:  Maintain strong ties. Support a trade compact with Asian partners.

Mexico: Work with our southern neighbor to protect and expand trade, limit illegal immigration and stop drugs. Spend money on drones, cameras and maintain fencing currently in place. Reject a “wall”. Stop downgrading the Mexican people. Recognize Canada, Mexico and the United States are dependent on one another and together are powerful and desirable trading partners. Perhaps time to revisit NAFTA and bolster the trading agreement, not destroy it.

Russia:  Maintain sanctions. Aggressive push back against Russia’s incursions in the United States elections. No visits to Russia by either Secretary of State or President of the United States at this time in our history.

NATO:  Support NATO treaties and obligations.


Recognize globalization is the future. We should be seeking favorable trade agreements with favored trading blocks and promoting the great American products.


Finally, the devil is always in the details. I love this country with my entire being and want the best for ALL its citizens, not just a few rich guys from Goldman Sachs or Dow Chemical. With those thoughts in mind, I support the above outlined agenda and because of the highlighted issues I also support a straight party line vote for Democratic candidates, or Progressive Independents at all levels of government.  I believe, if a candidate declares Independent, but supports Democratic ideals and intends to vote with the Democratic caucus, that person would be a satisfactory substitute for a less desirable Dem candidate.

Like I said at the beginning of this Mission Statement for my political blog, CalamityPolitics.com
I believe in entitlements (that means we have made a contribution to the program-not something given to us). I believe in human rights. I believe in an equal chance for everybody. Help me shake up the political landscape a bit and have a few laughs at the same time. Join the Resistance. Thanks, we’re in this together, whether you are Democrat or Republican, what’s happening is pretty damn scary.

Darlene Mitchell

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