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Darlene S. Mitchell (Calamity)                Owner/Publisher/Editor/ Contributor

Calamity is pissed off,  hear her scream.

I am a white female. I grew up on Portland, Oregon’s SW Park Blocks. I graduated from Lincoln High School in 1964. I grew up in “near” poverty. My mother was a union member, my father was self-employed. They divorced when I was twelve.

But I was blessed. Everybody said I was “really” smart. So when I graduated from high school I headed to college. I, like many others of my generation, was the first person in my family to go to college. With the help of several great scholarships, I got my BS in Social Science/Political Science in 1972 from Portland State University. Not a particularly useful degree, in itself.


T.K. McNeil

T.K. was Raised in the wilds of the far North. He has spent many years reading widely and thinking deeply. He eventually moved to the sunny West Coast. He earned concurrent degrees in Social Psychology and Art History. His hobbies include debate, study of non-traditional religions and formulating original, modernized iterations of classic philosophy. He works to European Folk Metal and firmly believes that modern Western Yoga is really just breathing for show offs. T.K. McNeil writer and general provocateur sparks the pages of Calamity Politics with his humor and well-deserved indignation.

Megan Wallin

Well known west coast writer joins Calamity Politics.

Calamity Politics is excited to welcome Megan Wallin as a featured contributor. Megan is a writer with roots in the Pacific NW who prefers black coffee to lattes, boots to heels and thoughtful discussion to snarky political rants.  Besides writing for Calamity Politics, she has also contributed to the LA Post Examiner and reviewed Independent short films. When life gives her lemons, she eats them and makes weird faces. This well-known West Coast writer adds personality to Calamity Politics. Watch for Megan’s contributions.

James Moore

A retired teacher and self-proclaimed fitness nut, Jim is also an over thinker.  Rather than relying on headphones or ear buds to tune out during workouts, Jim prefers to think and solve.  His advice is always free which guarantees his readers will get their money’s worth. Jim always reserves the right to change his mind since he does not align himself to any political party. He believes we jumped the shark electing Trump, elect too many leaders who lack the courage or skill to follow common sense, and worries the only thing we may have to offer the world in another generation is a massive military based economy willing to be hired out by any of our smarter allies to do their dirty work. Don’t ask him what he thinks of the average voter. Jim also writes for the Los Angeles Post-Examiner as well as works multiple part time jobs.  He is married and enjoys life in Ventura County with his wife and five dogs, two cats, and home gym.

Ross Turner

Ross Turner is a writer, artist, and sustainability activist.  Born and raised in Massachusetts, Ross received a BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design before relocating to the magical land of Oregon.  Now 31, he lives in Portland with a very special cat and enjoys drawing, running, learning  languages, retro games, and of course, writing.

Jones William

Jones William

Jones, 30, grew up in Pasadena, CA. He has a BA in Arts & English and a Certificate in Editing from the University of Southern California. Jones has written professionally for the last six years. He has written copy for technical manuals, web sites, personal bios, blogs, non-fiction and fiction stories. He takes pride in being able to bring the material, no matter the topic, to life in a dynamic way. Jones lives with his wife, two great kids and a dog in Los Angeles, California, where he enjoys, reading, swimming, traveling and volunteering for environmental causes.  Jones’s first piece for Calamity Politics was “Affordable Housing.”

Brett Kondratiew

Brett was lucky enough to grow up on Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach. I so envy the beach life. Brett now 58, lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Brett obtained his BA at the University of Technology in Education; with a dual major, English and Physical Education. Brett is married and has 2 boys, ages 18 and 21.  In his time off, Brett fishes and kayaks. Mr. Kondratiew’s first article entitled, “Trust in Government In Trump’s America,” was  released 12/5/2018.

Michael Leonard Douglas

Michael Leonard Douglas is a Calamity Politics contributor

Michael grew up in Birmingham, England. Michael has an undergraduate degree in Arts, with a major in Design.  “I am a 31-year-old writer who resides in Nairobi, Kenya, with my wife, my son, and my 8-year-old dog. I have been a writer for 8 years now and completed multiple articles in a variety of topics but mostly current affairs events. I am a fitness addict and would like to venture into the business either as a writer, a trainer or both. I enjoy traveling a lot and writing is not only my hobby but my profession.” In addition to contributing to Calamity Politics, Michael manages a freelance writing company, WritersInc. Michael’s first piece for Calamity Politics was, “Animal Cruelty Linked to Human Rights.”

Amaya Oswald

David Shadrick

Quinton Reed

Darlene Mitchell, continued

My original intent had been to continue to Lewis & Clark Law School, but my full-time job, parenting, a short-term, out-of-state assignment, and physical exhaustion, halted my education for a while. Ten years later, in 1982, I returned to Clark College, Vancouver, WA and obtained an Associate Degree in Nursing. After graduation I worked for the next 33 years as a Registered Nurse in hospitals in Oregon, Washington, California and Nevada. I retired in 2014.

I have never missed voting in an election since I came of voting age. My mother called herself a “Roosevelt Democrat”. I am a passionate progressive in the vein of Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren/Eleanor Roosevelt. I believe in political activism. If you have a political agenda, which we all do, it is necessary to speak up.

It amazes me to hear people say, “I hate government” or “I hate the ‘effing government in my life”. “There are too many regulations”!

“What is it you don’t like? ,” I ask, “Good roads, mail delivery, clean water, safe medications, public transportation, air travel, bank regulators, your social security check? Because, that’s what government is, and does.”

My political activities before starting this progressive political blog were limited. I had helped a friend with his losing campaign for Mayor of Portland in 1980. I also volunteered for another friend to help him win his seat in the Oregon State Senate in 1984. In 2018 I was an activist, organizer for John Orr, in his losing run for Oregon Dist. #32 State Rep position. Other than those efforts, I have silently lived my life, and my biggest contribution to politics was to consistently and religiously donate to, and vote for progressive candidates.

So, why am I now becoming a vocal activist at 73 years of age? Why am I screaming from the roof tops? Why am I going to Town Hall Meetings to talk to my elected officials? Why am I writing and calling and emailing my elected officials? Why am I fighting with my relatives? Why have I stopped speaking to my neighbor? Why have I started writing a political blog?

If you have been watching TV, reading the newspaper, checking the internet, talking to your friends, are a living breathing human being, you know why. Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence, and their wrecking crew of Republican confederates in the Congress, most pointedly Mitch McConnell,  and until recently, Paul Ryan.

I have become so disturbed by the unfolding events I feel I must speak out. I urge everyone who feels the pain of the 2016 election, to RESIST the backward-looking, red capped, “make America great, again” crowd and turn your sights on 2020, and bring this country back on the right course, a forward-looking, PROGRESSIVE course. I have spent the last fifty years of my life working and supporting a progressive political belief system and www.calamitypolitics.com is a result of those deep held beliefs.

Now, here I am in my seventies, horrified, as I watch the slow laborious work of four generations of concerned progressives being demolished, day-after-day by a power-mad megalomaniac with a pen, and the power of the “Executive Order.” To make things worse, it seems that President Trump & Mike Pence may have been elected with the help of a foreign government. An adversarial government. The very thought of a thug like Putin having any effect on the governing of this country makes me furious.

President Trump, his lawless cabinet of billionaires, and his harem of whores in the US Congress must be stopped. How that happens will be up to us. The political bloggers, the newspaper reporters, the TV commentators, can’t do it by themselves. If you are angry and want to get control of this runaway train we need people who will speak up and speak out, we need progressive candidates, we need protesters in the street every weekend, and most importantly we need voters committed to a Progressive agenda.

So, please join me daily for my political rantings and ravings. I truly believe it is the only way I will be able to maintain my sanity.  My Mom always said, write it down, get it out, and then throw it away. I think I’ll write it down, but I’ll leave it up to my readers to decide if they want to throw it away. I’m hoping my posts will fire you up, get you off your butt. We’ve got plenty of things to fight for, and if my political blog can help ignite the fire, I’ll be here screaming about Trump and his destructive policies and activities as long as I can.

The 2018 mid-term election was an emphatic rebuke of Trump and Trump policies. Democrats, now in control of the House, can begin an effective in-depth investigation into Trump and Russia, and the Trump presidential campaign. I’ll definitely have my TV turned to those congressional hearings. I think even the 35% of the country that form Trump’s immovable base may have their belief system shaken. Whatever your level of commitment you can do one of the following; organize, vocalize, run for office, protest, resist, persist, start your own political blog or donate.

The looming 2020 election is already filling the airways. I believe it will be the most important election of our life time, I am hopeful that we as a country can emerge from this nightmare, better and stronger, and hopefully never allow such a travesty to ever occur again.

We have many talented writers contributing to www.calamitypolitics.com. Not only do we opine and commentate but we discuss current issues of social and political interest, such as vaccinations, student loan debt, Artificial Intelligence, sex trafficking, income inequality, universal health care, bitcoins and much more. Please join us as we talk about the most important issues of our time.. Come visit and stay awhile.

Thank you,
Darlene S. Mitchell (Calamity)

PS  A very nice lady asked me how I came up with the name Calamity Politics. I thought it was obvious but in case you are also  wondering about the name. The name Calamity Politics is a joke (maybe only to me). You know, every election is ‘the most important of our lifetime’, every issue will ‘decide the fate of the nation’…so, every issue is a ‘calamity’ if we can’t make it happen this time, it will never happen, OMG its a calamity! Battle stations! Pitchforks and shovels to the front of the line! Anyway, that’s the root of the name. Significantly, I believe that every election is the most important of our time, and we need pitchforks and shovels to the line every election. I also figured it worked no matter what party was in power, because with the 24 hour news cycle it’s a calamity if Kim Kardashian has a pimple on her bum. Imagine the calamitous excitement that cutting a 1.4 trillion dollars off of Medicare and Medicaid will create.–Love, DSM

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