God Does Not Exist- Dr. Michael Shermer

I am thankful that we are living in an era where we can question religion without being burned at the stake. Dr. Michael Shermer made this video in 2013. Shermer gives an excellent lecture on the subject of why religion makes no sense. “God Does Not Exist” is the title. It is in two parts. Be sure to listen to both. His logic is compelling.

A recent poll indicates that 26% of Americans call themselves Atheists. Thirty-six per cent of millennials reject religion. Many other Americans call themselves “spiritual” versus “religious”. Finding meaning in life is no longer tied to religion. Reason and science hopefully will clear the way for humanism. When we let go of God there are consequences. One of those consequences is that we are suddenly responsible for our actions with no gift of  “life after death” by a deathbed embrace of Christ.