Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

By Anna Hessel

Spring’s The Thing

Spring is officially here. We have all heard April showers bring May flowers – with the budding of those flowers comes the promise of summer abundance.  Spring means many things to many people. Some spring rituals include spring cleaning, spring planting and ‘spring break’. Spring is truly the season of renewal and regrowth.  Religious holidays such as Easter and Passover can revitalize our spirits. ‘Spring break’ for college students, can be a carefree and joyous time.

Cleaning Up Our Acts

Spring cleaning readies our homes in much the same way the spirituality of spring renews our souls.  Many of us find major house cleaning to be therapeutic. Washing down walls, scouring the oven, shampooing carpeting and furniture, beating the rugs, flipping the mattresses, vacuuming draperies, polishing the silver, making light fixtures sparkle, and washing windows to let the sun shine in. By the way, vinegar works wonders cleaning glass. The physical labor of a good house cleaning can be invigorating and uplifting.

A Rebirth

Spring is the sign of longer days and plenty of sunshine on the way. When we hose down the porch furniture we know family picnics, fun at the water park, or the beach are as predictable as ants at a picnic. In the same way we open our homes, welcoming daylight and fresh air, after a long winter’s cold confinement, we open our hearts and souls to the hope of new life once again.  As we escape winter’s doldrums, our spirits soar with the promise of spring and sunshine.  Such exhilarating rebirth does our hearts good.

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