Break Up Big Tech

The Big Tech Companies Need To Be Broken Up
“Monopolies are not good for anyone but the monopolists,” Robert Reich says. Robert Reich is one of favorite guys. In this short video Mr. Reich explains why it is essential that Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon be broken up. As it is now, these companies have a stranglehold on our economy. Senator Elizabeth Warren is in total agreement with Mr. Reich and is also calling for the breakup of the Big Five.

Iran Treaty Problem: It Had Obama’s Signature On It

The folks at love hard work, but we also love to play. Since Trump’s election international political cartoonists have been having a hey day. Lebanese-Swiss cartoonist, Patrick Chappatte is one of the very best. While Mr. Chappatte makes us laugh, he also makes us think and cry. Here are a couple of Mr. Chappatte’s recent gems. Enjoy!-D.S. Mitchell

Trump admits the only thing wrong was Obama's signature

Civilian casualities

Iran and U.S. Beating Drums of War

The staff at love The Week magazine. They send us some of the best cartoons ever. If you don’t get their magazine, you might think about ordering it; for the cartoons if nothing else. So, today when I opened their e-mail there were at least half a dozen worth sharing. Considering the timing we decided that this cartoon was the funniest and certainly the most appropriate. Thank you Matson, love your great cartoon. Terrific insight. Thank you, The Week, for reminding us that laughter is the best medicine. Enjoy!-D.S. Mitchell

The Logical Song By Supertramp

Any regular visitor to knows I’m an oldies lover. For today I made the choice. No votes. No other input. This one is totally on my shoulders. From 1979, the English group Supertramp, brings us the “Logical Song”.

The YouTube version I have posted provides not only the song but also the lyrics, and a very nice video. The posting was not created by the Supertramp group but I think it is well done. The name on the post is Rob Turner. Thanks, Rob.

Oh, the innocence of childhood. There are many days I would give up everything for another week of childhood. If I only could….If I had only known….Enjoy! D.S. Mitchell

Concentration Camps At Border

In keeping with my article of today, “Racial Bigotry: Center Post of Trump Immigration Policy” I thought I would also run a repeat of the Chris Hayes “All In” program where he talks about concentration camps on the border. Please take five or six minutes and listen what Chris Hayes has to say on the matter.

Racial Bigotry: Center Post Of Trump Immigration Policy

Looking Bigotry In The Eye

By D. S. Mitchell

Concentration Camps

I’m watching “A.M. Joy”. The primary focus of the discussion this June 23rd, 2019 morning is the deplorable treatment of children in Trump’s concentration camps on our southern border. Where getting a bar of soap, a tube of toothpaste, a clean diaper, or a bath is not on the Border Patrol agenda, at least for the first month.

Cries In The Night

Immigrant children will suffer the scars of separation the rest of their lives

Immigrant children will suffer the effects of separation for years to come.

The cruelty and immorality of border separations and detainment should enrage us all. The images of children being ripped from their mother’s arms or the unanswered screams of, “papa” are alarming.  The trauma of these events will affect these people the rest of their lives. People are suffering. People are also dying. Six children have died over the last year while in Border Patrol custody. At least twenty-two adult immigrants have died in ICE custody over the last 24 months.

Humble, Humiliate and Dehumanize

Numerous clips of recent court hearings are outrageous to watch. This is what the United States has come to. Watching a panel of Federal judges question a DOJ attorney during a recent hearing was illuminating. The Justice Department attorney made it abundantly clear that Trump & Associates intent is not to just imprison immigrants, but rather to humble, humiliate and dehumanize them.

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Trump, A Dictionary, And An Idea

I know it is nearly July but it is another rainy day at the mountain, so I’ve got time to play some games. All I need to do, to get a break at Calamity Politics, is take it.  I’m not in the mood to be serious today. I had thought I was going to write an in-depth, thought-provoking, political post about the Iranian threat. However, I’ve changed my mind, for the moment anyway.

I'm going to use a dictionary as a prop for my new game

I opened the dictionary to a random page

As I opened the dictionary laying on the table, I got an idea for a new game. Wow. I just invented a new game. At least I think it’s a new idea. I believe I can write a spontaneous, weird and crazy story, using a well-known politician and his family as the centerpieces of that silliness. The idea is that I will use all the words on whatever dictionary page falls open, in the order the words appear on the two open pages.

So, here we go. My source is the “Everyday America English Dictionary”, Edited by Richard A. Spears, et al.  NTC (National Textbook Company) 1987.  Pages 130-131.

Daddy Knows Best

Donald Trump dropped the fountain pen on the desk, and asked, “What’s for dinner tonight?”

“Some form of fowl that Donald Jr, bagged when he was on safari in Texas,” Ivanka answered.

“You are a fox,” Big Daddy Trump gushed, leering suggestively.

“Stop it, Daddy.”

“Do you know what fraction of the federal budget is being spent on Jr.’s security detail?  Some reporter asked, and I had no idea.  Do you know?”

“Oh, Daddy, don’t worry about such stuff.  Just stamp it TOP SECRET,  and if that ‘fake news’ lady asks again, you just tell her it’s, classified.”

“Of course, of course. You’re right, sweetie.  I have more power in my twitter finger than ANYONE in the world!  Especially some ‘fake news’ reporter.”

“We should have that finger insured.  What if there’s a fracture?  It would be a disaster,” she said shaking her head in self-confirmation.

“Careful, Daddy, that glassware is very old and very, very fragile.  Michelle Obama called that glassware historic.”

“Historic?” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

Daddy, please, stop juggling the glassware.”

“Damn!  I don’t know why there’s no carpet in here?  You’d think, the designer would have figured out that somebody might drop something once in a while.  Bad design.  Bad.  Bad.”

“Daddy there’s a piece missing.  Do you see the last fragment somewhere?  Maybe we can get Melania to glue them back together.”

He bent down, picked up a large chunk of the broken glassware, and handed it to Ivanka.

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25 Tidbits Of Useless Information

Iran and U.S. Exchange Threats

I am well aware that there is breaking news. As if Thursday June 20th, 2019 would be any different from yesterday, or any day last week.  Yesterday, the Iranians shot down a 130 million dollar American drone and Hope Hicks refused to talk to the House Judiciary Committee. Today as I wait for Trump to let us know what he is going to do about the drone attack I see a poll result from Gallop, or somebody, cross the television screen. Without surprise I see  that 57% of Americans believe we need a new president.  I hope Trump doesn’t think war will get his poll numbers up.

In this age of craziness I think the world needs a bit of distraction. I love useless information and thought I would share some useless information with my readers today, instead of writing something topical and newsworthy. So, here goes.

25 tidbits of useless information:

1.) Did you know a cockroach can live for up to nine days without a head, until it starves to death? Who knew.

2.) An Ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain. While we are on the subject of the Ostrich, did you know that Ostrich’s have only two toes on each foot?

An Ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain

An Ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain

3.) Marilyn Monroe, the 1950-1960 sex goddess, had 6 toes on one of her feet. See. None of us are perfect.

4.) Women blink twice as often as men do.

5.) No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, or purple.

6.) Leonardo Da Vinci invented scissors. Thank God! Man and woman lived on this planet for 200,000 years before someone invented scissors. They seem so basic, so necessary. How did people live without scissors? Amazing, on so many levels.

7.) Our noses and ears never stop growing, while our eyes remain the same size for life.

8.) A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds.

9.) Some species of piranhas are vegetarians, while all butterflies are carnivores.

10.) The most shoplifted book in America is the Bible. I wonder what that says about us as a society?

11.) Rats can tread water for three days without stopping.

12.) All the clocks in the movie Pulp Fiction were stuck on 4:20.  I know what 420 means to me. I wonder if it means the same to Tarantino? Probably. Sit back, light up.

All the clocks are set at 4:20 in the movie Pulp Fiction

All clocks are set at 4:20 in “Pulp Fiction”.

13.) Mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue.

14.) There are 13 witches in a coven.

15.) Abraham Lincoln’s first choice to lead the Union Army was Robert E. Lee.

16,) “E” is the most used letter in the English alphabet. “Q” is the least used letter.

17.) Fingernails grow 4 times faster than toenails.

18.) November 15th is National Clean Your Refrigerator Day

19.) Cleopatra was Greek (Ptolemy), not Egyptian

20.) The colder your bedroom the higher the chance of having a nightmare.

21.)  Cornelius Vanderbilt was born a farmer’s son who left school at age 11 and despite his lack of                education went on to become the richest man of 19th century America.

22.) Oprah Winfrey, a black woman raised by her grandmother, sent to juvenile detention at 13, an unwed mother at 14 (to a child who died). Oprah went on to TV stardom and stratospheric wealth in the 20th century.

Oprah Winfrey has known tough times. She went on to become a billionaire

Oprah Winfrey has known tough times. She went on to become a billionaire

23.) The most common spoken word around the world is “O.K., ok, okay, or, k”  It can be heard from New York City to the tiniest rain forest village.

24.) “Jiffy” is an actual unit of time. So when Mom says she’ll be there in a “jiffy” she really mean 1/100th of a second.

25.) It takes six months to build a Rolls Royce……and 13 hours to build a Toyota.

Okay, there you go. 25 Tidbits of Useless Information. Use it as you will.