Bank Shenanigans

Bank Shenanigans

D. S. Mitchell

Editor In Chief

As Editor-in-Chief here at Calamity News and Politics, I have a lot of leeway on what I chose to write about. The story today, is again, about Donald Trump. Anybody surprised? This guy is sucking up the world oxygen supply. Scandal, corruption, bank shenanigans, money laundering and conflict of interest. There is literally, no end to it. Trump’s Administration is an alley littered with dirty, back street deals.

Tentacles Of Corruption

The world is watching the dynamics of the drama playing out on the world stage. The entanglements of Mr. Trump and his associates are like tentacles of a giant squid stretching it’s long, slimy arms around the globe. Here’s a few more tidbits on Trump that might be interesting to folks that are trying to connect the dots in the Russian collusion/conspiracy investigation.

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