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How To Spot Fake News


Fake News Is Everywhere

Please don’t share bad, or fake information. Be sure what you are sharing is accurate. Don’t be part of the problem. The IFLA (The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) has put together the above check list. Use it. Don’t pass on fake information.

Conspiracy Theories Fly With Epstein’s Death

By D. S. Mitchell

Twitter On Fire

There is a great deal of discussion about whether sex trafficker and pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, or was murdered. OMG, if you have been on Twitter; or watching the 24/7 cable news, over the last week, the hue and cry has been thundering.  The conspiracy theories are flying, and they aren’t flattering to many high profile men, such as Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitiz, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and strangely, AG William Barr’s father, Donald Barr.

Failure Of Explanations

I have a few times in my life knowingly and eagerly embraced a “conspiracy theory.” The reason of course, was because I could not accept the unbelievable government “explanations.”  The first and second were the murders of JFK and RFK. I just have felt that the Kennedy brothers made some very powerful enemies. Their enemies believed the Kennedy’s were dangerous to the country.

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Trump Derangement Syndrome

Trump Derangement Syndrome

D. S. Mitchell

The first place I ever saw the term ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ was in a December 2016 LA Times Op Ed, written by Justin Raimondo, the editorial director of Justin Raimondo, a Republican, is a self described “conservative-paleo-libertarian” whatever that is supposed to mean. Wikipedia calls it a philosophy that is “in opposition to social progressivism”. I give you this little tidbit to allow you to appropriately weigh his comments.

In his Op Ed, Raimondo states the Trump Derangement Syndrome disorder developes in stages. I will briefly outline those stages of development as Raimondo describes them:

In the early stages of his described ‘disease,’ the victims “lose all sense of proportion.” In Trump’s case, “every tweet arouses a firestorm” of reaction.

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Trump Pushing U.S. Toward Authoritarianism

Trump Pushing U.S. Toward Authoritarianism

D. S. Mitchell

I was having coffee with a friend the other day and I was chattering about Calamity Politics, my beloved progressive political blog, telling her about a new line of ‘Resistance’ apparel, and some great “Resist’ and ‘Persist’ jewelry created by an Astoria, Oregon artist. I was adding both the apparel and the jewelry to the Calamity Politics. com site.

Out of the blue, she reached out putting her hand on my arm, and said with a crinkled brow, “Aren’t you worried?”

“What? Worried about what?” I said sensing real concern in her voice.

“I don’t know, I’m worried that Trump or his crew might try to strong arm you, or sue you; anything to shut you up.”

“Well, I appreciate your concern,” I said with a barely concealed smirk.

“I can see that you think I’ve slipped the tracks,” she said looking into her espresso cup.

“I’m pretty sure I’m safe from lawsuit,” I said watching her face closely, “Or what? Assault? Blackmail? A Twitter attack?”

“I don’t know, I’ve read some scary stuff about Trump’s mob connections. New York construction means mob entanglements. Plus, he was in the those Atlantic City, New Jersey casinos. Mobsters and thugs love construction, trucking, drugs, prostitution and gambling.”

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X-Files, Twilight Zone At The White House

D. S. Mitchell

World Stage

I just watched Donald Trump and Angela Merkel at their joint press conference.  Merkel is  now the recognized leader of the West, according to the headlines.  While Trump, is now the recognized leader of weirdo, conspiracy theorists, and bizarro “de-construction” of the U.S. government schemes. Trump has turned the United States into a global joke. He cannot control himself.  The perennial gadfly took time to attack Obama. I saw it as an effort to elevate his phony charges of wire tapping by Obama to international levels. Trump accused UK counter intelligence of being the hands and feet of Obama’s alleged illegal tap.

Get More Sleep

Trump needs to get more sleep, and some psychiatric help.  He needs to stop watching re-runs of X-Files and Twilight Zone all night long.  If he got a decent nights sleep we might have less chaotic tweet nonsense at 6:00 am.  This is life and he needs to focus on the real, not the imagined. A conspiracy theory is the explanation of an event, or situation that suggests other motives and perpetrators, without warrant or evidence.  Generally, the event involves an illegal, or harmful act carried out by government, or other sinister men behind the curtain.  This thinking, dovetails beautifully, with Trump’s “deep state” accusations.

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