Sad And Stupid

Sad And Stupid

D. S. Mitchell

Really Stupid

On Tuesday, comedienne Kathy Griffin posted a video of herself holding up a catsup covered fake head. The fake head represented Donald J. Trump, president of the United States. Why Ms Griffin thought that such a stunt would be funny is beyond me, but, she did. Satisfied with her work, she sent the video  out to the world. An angry Trump world slapped back. The slap back included job loss. She was fired from her regular New Year’s Eve gig with Anderson Cooper. There may have been some other show cancellations that I didn’t hear about.

Don’t Worry Kathy

My first reaction was to tell Kathy not to worry. I think she will be fine, these things blow over. For God sakes, Melania Trump is laying naked with other women in photo layouts spread all over the internet. Donald is on tape saying he grabs women by their pussy. Jared Kushner is meeting with Russian bankers and Russian government officials secretly. Steve Bannon wants to de-construct the government. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Kathy’s severed head stunt was ugly, dumb, stupid, and inappropriate. However, I believe Kathy, who apparently is socially clueless, is still entitled to her right of free speech. And, I would like to remind everyone that Kathy Griffin apologized. Which she should have done.

Keep Showing It

Keep in mind, Trump glorifies in his refusal to apologize, and his followers don’t apologize. Does that mean Kathy is being held to a different or unrealistic standard? I don’t know. I’m just talking, like a lot of us do. Quite honestly, I think it is amazing to watch the GOP scream about the horrible picture of Kathy Griffin holding Trump’s severed head, while choosing to show it repeatedly in a quickly assembled campaign ad directed against Democrat Jon Osloff. Osloff is in a tight special election race against Republican Karen Handel for Georgia’s vacant sixth district seat.

Tea Party Comedienne

Donald Trump is a bully who NEVER apologizes and thinks its ok to insult people, whole countries, and religions. So, why is it such a big deal to make fun of this bathtub bully? It doesn’t seem much different from what I saw after President Obama won election in 2008. Those Tea Party crazies had their freedom of speech. I thought their antics were horrendous and appalling, but I heard no apologies. Those rude, loud and offensive folks paraded all over the country with effigies of President Obama. I remember vividly seeing folks walking around with effigies of President Obama that had a lynch man’s rope wrapped around Mr. Obama’s neck. There were pictures on the internet showing President Obama hanging by his neck from a rope and being lighted on fire by some ‘comedienne’.

Recent History

The lynching of a black man in America is a very recent part of our history, and those Tea Party protest scenes, to me, were absolutely appalling. It would have been less offensive if they had held up a fake severed head of Barack Obama. The reference to lynching of a black man in America is about as ugly as it gets. So, what am I saying? I don’t know, exactly. Maybe that the Tea Party activities numbed my senses. Why should the sight Donald Trump’s severed head be any worse than the image of a lynched Barack Obama?

My Mission

My mission is to connect with the angry and the outraged liberals of our country who are fucking sick of the Republicans and their war on every vulnerable element of our society.

Join the Resistance


Trump Shell Game

By D. S. Mitchell

Putin Land

Calamity News and Politics doesn’t want you to grab the pitchforks and torches yet, but that could become a necessity. The noise around the Trump White House and it’s growing descent into Putin Land is quite alarming. Just because I’m a liberal. I’ve noticed red-necks are always quick to label me a “red” or a “commie.” Strange considering I’ve never even met a Russian. Since Trump began his campaign, the United States political scene has been dominated with Russians. Unheard of in American political history.

A Long Time Here

I’ve been around the U.S. political scene for a long time. I was born in 1946, I was small, but I remember Truman as president. The campaigns of Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Carter, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama and now Trump are still vivid. Not once, did I ever hear any of these men, until Trump, espouse a Russian dictator as a great leader. Putin is a criminal who is known to kill his political enemies. And Trump thinks Putin is  “an amazing leader”. Peculiar to say the least.

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