“Mourning In Michigan”


The Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project is seriously trying to have defeat Donald Trump.  Trump is floundering and The Lincoln Project is part of the reason. The founders of The Lincoln Project are all former Republican strategists. The ads they are putting together are drawing blood. I intend to share their ads whenever I see them.

Trump is a rude, spoiled tyrant that was born wealthy. He has squandered his fortune and now owes dubious characters around the world. Trump needs to go. We cannot do four more years of his incompetence and cruelty. He’s no populist. He is a con man grifter that fooled us once, but we won’t let him fool us twice. We can do that on November 3rd. Don’t let anything deter you, this is the most important election of our lifetimes.

Thanks to all the folks who are working so hard on The Lincoln Project.

D. S. Mitchell

Demi Lovato “Commander in Chief”

The Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project Ad 

Demi Lovato sings “Commander in Chief”

The Lincoln Project gives us another great ad. This one features singer Demi Lovato singing her powerful song, “Commander In Chief.” Please vote. This is the most important election of our times.

Trump’s Tax Cut Failure


Nothing Has Trickled Down

Robert Reich is one of the most respected economists in the United States. Robert is an American economic advisor, teacher, author, and political commentator. He served in the administrations of Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton. He was Secretary of Labor from 1993 to 1997.  Reich has a lot to say about the stupidity of the Trump Tax Cuts and why those tax cuts are damaging the United States financial well-being. Time to get real about taxes and how they effect the economy.


Impeachment Witness Speaks Out

Impeachment Witness Speaks Out in Election Ad

Lt Col Alexander Vindman served honorably in the United States Army. Donald Trump has ended his military career. He and his twin brother have been treated despicably. Vindman’s testimony in the House Impeachment Inquiry was riveting. He and the folks at The Lincoln Project and VoteVets put together this great  anti-Trump campaign ad.



Our friends over at The Lincoln Project keep knocking the proverbial ball out of the park.  With less than 3 weeks until the 2020 Election the folks at The Lincoln Project are shooting deadly arrow after arrow at the heart of the Donald Trump re-election campaign.  The one I’m sharing today is amazing. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed an ad campaign as much as I have the ads from The Lincoln Project-D.S.M.

COVITA: The Lincoln Project

COVITA: The Lincoln Project

Here is another anti-Trump ad from The Lincoln Project group. Please share. We here at Calamity News and Politics want to give a shout out to the former Republicans who are co-founders of the group. Thank you, Rick Wilson, George Conway, Steve Schmidt, Jennifer Horn, John Weaver, Ron Steslow, Reed Galen, Mike Madrid. It will take all of us that want to keep this a democratic country to come out this election and vote Joe Biden-Kamala Harris.

The Lincoln Project: #Trump Is NOT WELL

#TrumpIsNotWell: by the Lincoln Project

The Lincoln Project is the creator of my favorite 2020 election ad videos. The crew at the Lincoln Project are former Republicans. The never Trumper crowd and thank Zeus for them. There seems to be a ruthlessness in the Republican soul that the Democrats can’t match. Eric Trump was on FoxNews and he questioned Joe Biden’s mental capacity. The folks at Lincoln got busy and put a montage of Trump photo clips together, showing Trump as sadly incapacitated. #SaveAmericaVoteBlue. #Vote Joe.