The Vanishing Amazon Rainforest

The Vanishing Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is in peril. Experts predict there will be no rainforest in 30 years.

The Vanishing Amazon Rainforest 

The clock is ticking. The emergency real. Experts believe that in 30 years the Amazon rainforest will likely be, just a memory. . .

By Megan Wallin 

Ongoing Threat

The Amazon rainforest has been under threat for decades. Despite its indisputable ecological value and unspeakable beauty we are at risk of losing this incredible natural resource.  Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, has vowed to protect the forest and reduce harmful emissions. His words don’t match his actions. Unparalleled development continues, transforming forest into farmland or deforested deserts. The entire ecosystem has been disrupted, all for the price of temporary, but immediate profit.

A Ravaged Landscape

According to Reuters, Brazil’s ecological losses have increased 1.8 percent just during 2020, losing roughly 1,062 square kilometers of forest to greed and corruption. But logging isn’t the only issue to blame in this scenario. Farmland conversion, wildfires, droughts and pollution have ravaged the land. More than one billion acres of rainforest have been transformed into public, government or miscellaneous use since the year 1990.

Losing Value

The worth of an intact and thriving Amazon rainforest amounts to approximately a whopping $8.2 billion , but the forest is losing its value both economically and environmentally.  This world wonder spreads across Brazil, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. The Amazon rainforest extends over millions of miles, and provides a safe habitat for thousands of tropical animals. Furthermore, it is home to at least 500 tribal communities.

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Last Chance To Save Amazon Rain Forest


By Trevor McNeil

Fashionable Worries

The American journalist and satirist P.J. O’Rourke long ago identified what he termed, ‘fashionable worries.’ Ones which he laid out in detail in his 1994  book, All The Trouble In the World. It is doubtful that O’Rourke really meant to dismiss the listed issues as not being issues. I liken it to how people will take on new styles in clothing because they think they should. He seems a rather reasonable sort; and among his list of ‘fashionable worries’ is over population, and other such crises, that not even a Republican – which O’Rourke really isn’t – would argue are not really issues.

On Balance

What is far more likely, on balance of evidence, is that O’Rourke was being honest when he explained himself and why he wrote the book.  He emphasized he was not making fun of the issues, but rather those who adopt them with no real idea of what those issues are really about, or any of the other major issues going on, for that matter. One of those identified was the depletion of the Amazon rain forest. An eco-system few understand; in a part of the world few Americans have ever visited.

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