What’s Going On With Rudy?

What’s Going On With Rudy?

Rudy Continues His Nosedive

By William Jones and D. S. Mitchell


In recent years, the image of Rudy Giuliani has sunk to lows unimaginable  two decades ago.  His legacy has been severely damaged by his connection to Donald Trump.  In his pursuit of  Trump’s approval, and every cent he could get his hands on, Rudy may have broken the law while trying to help the former president overturn the 2020 election and line his own pockets.  The FBI thinks there is evidence of crimes and they just confiscated Rudy’s personal and business devices.

Rudy’s Bio

Rudolf Giuliani was born on May 28th, 1944, in Brooklyn, New York; U.S.A. He attended Manhattan College as well as New York University. For over 50 years, Rudy Giuliani has served, city, state and national government in multiple capacities. Giuliani has also had a private law practice.

Giuliani’s entry into politics

Giuliani is a long time Republican. In 1993 he was narrowly elected Mayor of New York City.  Giuliani immediately began cracking down hard on petty criminals. He always urged police to take aggressive stances against even minor violations of the law. Giuliani was often referred to as “the Nanny of New York.” He claimed credit for reduced crime rates stating that civilization had found its way into the city.  Critics disregarded Giuliani, stating crime rates had decreased nationwide.  They also added that Giuliani was contributing to police abuse and corruption. Rudy was expected to run for the U.S. Senate in 2000, but due to some negative personal events he decided not to run.

High Point Amidst Disaster

On September 11, 2001, New York was attacked. The attack brought down the twin towers of the World Trade Center leading to the death of over 2800 people. Giuliani received praise for his handling of the situation, and the aftermath. He even was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his conduct. In 2007 he announced that he would seek the Republican Party presidential nomination in 2008. However, in late January 2008, Giuliani withdrew from the race after finishing a distant third in Florida.

Tied To Donald Trump

Rudy Giuliani was an early enthusiastic supporter of  Donald Trump in his 2016 run for president. After Trump’s election, Giuliani jostled for several cabinet positions but was overlooked. He was later chosen as an ‘unofficial adviser on cyber security.’ In 2018 Giuliani was part of the legal team that represented President Donald Trump in the Special Counsel’s (Mueller) Investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections.  After the Special Counsel declined to file charges against the then-President Trump Giuliani continued as the president’s ‘personal attorney’.

Ukrainian Mischief

In search of “dirt” on Trump’s anticipated rival in the 20220 election, Joe Biden, Giuliani became  involved in what was referred to as a backchannel between President Donald Trump and some not so kosher former Ukrainian officials. The allegations indicate that Giuliani engaged in efforts meant to pressure current Ukraine officials into launching multiple investigations into corruption by Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. The quid pro quo allegations and the firing of Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovich brought Trump and his associates, including Giuliani, under intense scrutiny.

The First Impeachment

An impeachment was launched by the House of Representatives against President Trump. Giuliani was portrayed as a key player in the scandal during the House proceedings. In December 2019, after being impeached, the door of hope opened for Trump in February 2020 when the Senate acquitted him. Time was not in his favor as Joe Biden defeated him by 7 million votes in November.

2020 Election Challenges

Following Trump’s defeat in the 2020 presidential election, Trump picked Giuliani to head his legal team  challenging the election results. Giuliani’s failure was notable, losing every case in every jurisdiction. The process was a total failure.

Giuliani’s Raided by the Feds

On Wednesday, April 28th, 2021, under the authority of a duly authorized search warrant Federal Agents raided Giuliani’s Manhattan home and office. Various gadgets were seized, including computers and cell phones.  It looks like the business dealings of Rudy Giuliani are under investigation. The Feds look serious. The FBI doesn’t execute search warrants on high profile individuals, especially lawyers, unless they are confident they will find incriminating evidence. Leaks indicate Giuliani may be under scrutiny for illegal money transfers, campaign finance fraud, and acting on the behalf of a foreign government, etc, etc, etc.  According to the prosecutors, the warrant, which required approval from the top levels of the judicial Department, and a federal judge, signifies that the government is convinced Giuliani has committed a federal crime(s).

Look Over There

Mr. Giuliani, in a statement after the seizure, denied any wrongdoing and argued that the search warrants demonstrated a “corrupt double standard” on the part of the Justice Department. Giuliani said he was being persecuted while the DOJ/FBI are ignoring  “blatant crimes” by Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and President Biden. He even stated the Feds refused to take evidence of crimes by Hunter Biden that Giuliani has in his possession.

Victoria Toensing
There was a third search warrant issued at the same time for the cell phone of  Washington lawyer Victoria Toensing.  Toensing is a former federal prosecutor and a close associate of Rudy Giuliani and former President Donald Trump. Her law firm issued a statement saying Toensing is not a target of the federal investigation.
The Evolving Situation
The full scope of the investigation is still  not clear.  On Thursday 29th April 2021, Donald Trump told Fox business that Giuliani was “the greatest mayor in the history of New York and a great patriot”. The White House press secretary said on CNN that the White House was given no heads up about the raid prior to its execution.
Orange Jumpsuits

Many of Trump’s allies have been trapped in federal investigations, and there are likely to be more on the horizon.  The big question becomes will Giuliani pull a Michael Cohen and ensnare the former president in criminal charges. Time will tell. Of course, these guys are all as old as dirt. Any could drop dead at any moment. Hopefully the AG gets them sentenced first.


Donald Trump: A Criminal Candidate

Trump desperately holding onto power despite substantial loses at the ballot box.

Donald Trump: A Criminal Candidate

D. S. Mitchell

Looking Back

In 2004, a British tabloid asked brazenly on its front page, when announcing the news that George W. Bush was re-elected, “How can 59,054,087 people be so dumb?” By this time the world had observed the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan in 2001, and then in 2003, Iraq.  It didn’t take long to see that George W. was no George H. W. From the beginning of his administration, George W. was under the spell of the neo-cons. From day one he was led around by the nose by  VP Dick Cheney and associates. Still, Americans re-elected him. If the British tabloid’s question was rude, it was at least a legitimate question.

The Rude Question Comes Up Again

That “rude” question has resurfaced in 2020. The counties and states are still counting, but as of November 21, 2020, 73,781,603 people have voted for president Donald Trump, which amounts to 47.2 percent of the total votes so far counted. The same sources show 79,816,557 Americans voted for Joe Biden, which is approximately 51.1 percent of the total votes counted. The president-elect, Joe Biden, is kicking Trump’s butt, leading by over 6 million votes. But, those numbers go against the Trump plan. So, it is time to recount and recount and do anything possible to overturn the election or undermine the validity of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Is It That Bad?

A majority of Americans,  especially Black, Brown, Native Americans, Asians, and other marginalized communities, who are at the mercy of this country’s historic, systemic, police abuse and seemingly incurable racism, voted Donald Trump out of office. I want us to celebrate that so many Americans voted to oust his criminal ass, but there is much need for introspection and intense soul searching about those who feverishly supported him, and still support him in his fight to remain in office.

A Cup Of Coffee

I’m ready this morning to have a cup of coffee, eat an apple and reflect on why more than 73, 701,667  Americans would chose a man like Donald Trump to lead this country? His incompetence and stupidity is legendary. Some close to him have called him a “fucking moron.” These words come from those who know him best, yet these voices are ignored by his minions.

Nothing Moves His Base

For the last several days I’ve scoured old newspaper and magazine articles putting together a list of the known criminal activities of Donald Trump. Although well-known to his followers, his criminality seems to have no effect on their loyalty or their intoxicated enthusiasm. Monster flags whipping off the back of pickup trucks advertise their loyalty to Trump, not the United States. Wake up guys. Trump is a fraud and you are his biggest suckers. Get real, please, Trump and his whole crew belongs in Sing-Sing, not the Oval Office.

The Habit Of Corruption

Trump is no stranger to corruption and criminality. He has been embedded in it his entire life. As President, he’s just taken it to a new level. The Trump administration is without a doubt the most corrupt presidency in American history. No wonder he keeps screaming “fake news” when answering reporter’s questions about his scandal ridden administration. He desperately needs to undermine the legitimacy of the fourth estate.  Donald John Trump has so much to hide.  If his devout followers would listen to the information that is available everywhere, they would drop him like the proverbial a hot potato. But, for some reason they are both deaf and blind to the truth. Truth matters, and Trump couldn’t find truth with both hands. Just to refresh the reader on Trump’s criminal history:

It All Started With Daddy Trump

1.) Donald and his father blatantly participated in housing discrimination against people of color and they were sued by the Justice Department.
2.) The Mafia and Donald worked together through the construction trades in New York city.
3.) He hired undocumented Polish workers to rehab the Trump Tower and then refused to pay them.
4.) Trump was fined $750,000 for anti-trust violations during his attempt to take over a rival casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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Trumpism Is Unsustainable

Calamity face

I am on a mission to make sure that Donald Trump is a one term president. Voter Blue.

Trumpism Is Unsustainable

By D. S. Mitchell

My Personal Mission

Trumpism is unsustainable. Donald Trump has been in office for two and a half years. Since November 9th, 2016 I have made it my personal mission to call out our faux president every chance I get for his scandalous and corrupt behavior. I challenge anyone, Republican or Democrat to name any president in our 200 year plus history that was worse than this guy. Trump is in fact a risk to the country, in every way imaginable.  He is a reckless and hate filled demagogue.

Temperamentally Unfit

Trump’s chaotic thinking and his emotional volatility are, in fact, a danger to the country he administers. In my most wild nightmares, I never imagined the potential of such a soulless narcissist ever being elected to any office in the country, much less the presidency. His behavior over the last week has raised both tempers and eyebrows. The local volunteer Fire Department has had to stop by my house several times to put my ‘hair fire’ out.

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Editorial: “A Matter Of Time”

A Look At Gun Control and 2nd Amendment Reform           

By Trevor K. McNeil

Still Echoing

The cycle has come back around again, and gun-control has returned to the sociopolitical forefront. Something that has occurred with increasing regularity since the beginning of the 21st century, starting with the Columbine shooting in 1999. A twenty year old tragedy that still has echos today.

Posting Memes

Both Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza and Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz posted memes related to Columbine massacre, before committing their own atrocities. The down time between mass shootings has been reduced from months, to weeks, to hours.  The two most recent shootings in Ohio and Texas occurring on the same day. Something that has never happened before on American soil. It has gotten to the point that in the United States no one is safe anywhere. Not in church, not in school, not at the mall, not at a concert, not at a restaurant.

Efficient Means Of Killing

The main reason this is happening, and will continue to happen, is a lack of political will by law makers to devise meaningful reforms. Finding that ‘will’ seems is apparently hard.  But we must find the will. We must make it more difficult for such crimes to occur by limiting access to guns. Death by gun is one of the most modern and efficient means of killing, on an personal level, ever devised. One such reform would be an extreme overhaul of unlicensed gun shows. Such unregulated gun shows are exactly how the Columbine shooters got the guns they used that fateful day, in April 1999.

Under Age

Despite that both shooters were too young to buy, or own a gun in Colorado, they were able to use a ‘straw buyer’ to get the guns at an unlicensed gun show. In December, 1998 several guns were purchased at an unlicensed gun show by the straw buyer. The buyer later sold the weapons to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, in spite of the seller knowing the boys were under the legal age. It is clear that if they had tried to buy such weapons in a licensed gun store they would have been turned away.  If they hadn’t gotten the guns a lot of people would be alive today, including the shooters.

Gun Love

The gun love is so strong in some quarters, not even Democrats dare stand against them, even in terms of reasonable measures. Conor Lamb, as such, is a self-described “Pro-Gun Democrat.” It was that distinction that was key in his victory over his Republican opponent in 2018. It is a fact that gun law reform will be necessary if America is to slow the number of gun related deaths. Currently, the United States loses 40,000 people annually to gun violence.  Many of these deaths are not mass shooting events, but rather domestic violence or suicidal actions.

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May 5/25/2019

Dear Mr. Mueller,

We at Calamitypolitics.com respectfully ask that you appear before the Judiciary Committee of Congress to specifically address the factors described in your report. Mr. Mueller, our reading of your report clearly indicates Donald J.Trump, President of the United States, has participated in obstruction of justice. Your  testimony must occur in front of  television cameras. The public must know the truth, whatever it may be. Watching your face, your demeanor is essential. We believe such openness is required for the public to grasp the essentials of your report.

Mr. Mueller, impeachment by its very nature is “political”. The Founding Fathers made the president’s removal a political process.  The public is a central part of that process. The public needs to hear you say what you found. At last count nearly a thousand former prosecutors have stated the president’s crimes are indictable. In addition, Trump is an unnamed conspirator in the Michael Cohen case in the state of New York.

In this same vein, we would appreciate it if you would appear to testify whether  subpoenaed or voluntarily.  Our country is at a dangerous point in history. No matter how much pressure you receive from the White House please appear. To be honest, if you describe “no collusion” or “no obstruction of justice” committed by the President that would be great.  The public will be able to sort out the truth if you give it to them.  The public needs a spin-free Mueller interpretation of your investigation.

In two separate letters to Attorney General Barr you complained that the AG had misinformed the public about the findings. It is imperative that you appear in person and sit for a filmed under oath testimony Mr. Mueller. We truly believe any testimony you give that is then presented to the public by transcript will be a failure. You complained that Bill Barr has manipulated your original report. Your testimony will clear up any confusion.


D.S. Mitchell                                                                           www.calamitypolitics.com


60,800 Professionals Agree: The President of the U.S. is a Crazy Ass Criminal

26000 mental health professionals signed on to a letter warning the public about Trump's mental health.

A Crazy Ass Criminal

By D. S. Mitchell

Mental Health Professionals Agree

60,000 mental health professionals have signed on to a letter warning of Donald J. Trump’s mental instability. Now 800 former prosecutors claim if Trump were not president he would have been indicted for obstruction of justice. So, that is 60,800 people who point to the president of the U.S. as a crazy ass criminal. Hmm.

800 Former Prosecutors Sign On

Recently 800 former prosecutors signed on to a letter stating that if Donald J. Trump was not President of the United States he would be indicted for obstruction of justice. Sadly, Donald J. Trump is president of the United States. This is not the first time that Donald Trump has been identified as unfit to be president of the United States.

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Too Rich For Jail: The Case of Paul Manafort

Too Rich for Jail:

Manafort Case: Sentence Disparity

By Quinton Reed

Sentence Disparity

Idiomized, you may hear the term as a “slap on the wrist”. As an adjective, a justice system might be described as “two-tiered” or “hybrid”; a lawyer may be accused of upholding “double standards”. These phrases are used to describe situations of sentencing disparity. Sentencing disparity is defined as: “a form of unequal treatment that is often of unexplained cause and is at least incongruous, unfair and disadvantaging in consequence”.

Across the Spectrum

Sentencing disparity is rampant in the US Judicial system. Discriminatory sentencing in the courtrooms occur on the basis of gender, race, immigration status, religion, sexuality, and economic status. For the sake of providing thorough commentary, this article focuses specifically on classism. Particularly how obvious it was in the most recent case of Paul Manafort. That is to say, the last sentencing on Manafort’s case–especially as compared to other, similar cases–and the attitude surrounding that ruling–is intrinsic in the discussion of sentencing disparity on basis of class.

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Trump Claims Immunity

Trump Claims Immunity

D. S. Mitchell


I’m still pounding out blog posts, between answering the Calamity Politics phone and letting the dog in and then out. It is a game Lily likes to play. But, her game is torture to me. If you have a dog you get it. If you have a cat, you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Turn It Off

I turned off the television, quieting the week-end political news shows. I am sick of hearing about North Korean military parades, and listening to the “what we will do next” scenarios. There are several old stories that don’t want to die. This Trump news story began several years ago. And as with most court cases I expect it to drag on a ridiculously long time.

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