OPINION: Joe Manchin Shows His Political Ass

OPINION: Joe Manchin Shows His Political Ass

OPINION: Joe Manchin Show His Political Ass

I think it is time to remove the obstructionists from the Democratic Party

D. S. Mitchell

Joe’s Talking on Fox

12/19/2021. Joe Manchin (D.W.V.) is on FoxNews (sic) telling Bret Baier he “cannot vote” for the Build Back Better bill. Finally after months of dancing about, throwing up one road block after another Manchin, playing with the press and his colleagues has finally come clean and said it out loud. He, the lone Democrat,  was now going to squash the bill, that would have given assistance to 70% of his constituents.

Out of Touch

I am dumbfounded. How could this rich, fat, white, yacht sunning, coal mine owning, entitled man be so cruel, and corrupt? How can he shut his eyes to the basic needs of the most vulnerable people in his state? West Virginia is one of the poorest states in this country, it seems Joe wants to keep it that way. By standing against the BBB act Manchin is not only denying West Virginians food on the table, affordable prescriptions for life saving medicines, and dentures in their mouths, but every other person in the country. Without remorse, apparently.  Enraged, I switched to CNN where Jake Tapper was interviewing Bernie Sanders (I.Vt).

Unrestrained Passion

Bernie Sanders went after the failed senator from West Virginia with unrestrained passion. Bernie called Manchin a “coward” for not standing up to the lobbyists and special interest groups (which Manchin is part of). Bernie, is also a wealthy man, just like Joe Manchin. But, Bernie seems to have a deep well of human empathy, decency, and compassion, which apparently, Manchin cannot understand or emulate. Is Manchin capable of embarrassment?  Being the only Democratic senator that is willing to let kids go hungry, not only in West Virginia, but across the nation, should make him red faced with shame and embarrassment.

Purge the Party 

It is time to purge the Democratic party of obstructionists, like Manchin, that are willing to stop a president and his policies by their single vote. Joe Manchin you were not elected president of the United States. Get in line and support President Biden and the Democratic platform. Support voting rights. If you are a Republican, Mr. Manchin, run as one, don’t pretend to be a Democrat. Be brave. Be courageous. As I see it Mr. Manchin, is intent on his legacy being nothing more than the dark smear left by a wet fart.

Quotes on Courage

Here’s a brief collection of some pretty smart comments by some pretty smart people on the topic of courage in life and politics.

1.) “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen,” Winston Churchill

3.) “Courage conquers all things,”  Ovid

4.) “The strongest, most generous and proudest of all virtues is courage,” Michel De Montaigne


It is time to fight the obstructionists in the Democratic party. Joe Manchin cannot be allowed to stand in the way of progress much longer. He has ‘shown his ass.’ as they say in Texas, and a few other places; time for Mr. Manchin to vote with his party or leave the party.

Why I Love Organized Labor

Why I Love Organized Labor

Why I Love Organized Labor

By D. S. Mitchell

A Little Love

I don’t normally talk about my personal experiences on this website, but today as we celebrate Labor Day I thought it might be a good time to talk about what labor unions have done for me personally, and why I love them.


I was born in 1946, which makes me geriatric. However, the era I grew up in was an era of powerful unions. My first job was at a large department store, where there was no union. I made .86 cents an hour. Thank God, this was only a summer job between high school and college.

Shifting Gears

I was going to college and near graduation when my boyfriend and I got pregnant. Oops. That caused some gear shifting. This was 1966, and pregnancy was a common incentive to speed up the wedding ceremony.  No worries, life goes on. So after the birth of our gorgeous son I thought I should get a job and finish up the university degree part time. Well, in 1966 the minimum wage was somewhere around $1.25 per hour. Do some math. I’ll give you a minute. That is about $50 bucks a week or $2,500 a year; that’s before taxes and other  withholdings.

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Cori Bush: The Face of Perseverance

Cori Bush: The Face of Perseverance

Tenacity, Perseverance and Determination, all in one woman, Cori Bush

On Friday 7/30/2021  First term Congresswoman Cori Bush sat down on the steps of the U.S. House of Representatives with a camping chair, a sleeping bag, and a commitment to stop the potential eviction of millions of Americans from their homes.

By William Jones and D. S. Mitchell

Those At Risk

When it became clear that neither Congress nor the White House was going to act to stop a pandemic-era federal eviction moratorium from expiring, leaving hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of low-income Americans at risk for eviction from their homes Cori Bush stepped up.  Ms. Bush — now 45 and a first-term Democratic congresswoman from St. Louis — felt a familiar flood of anxiety and a flash of purpose in the face of the pending crisis.

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OPINION: Retire Justice Breyer

Supreme Court needs term limits

OPINION: Retire Justice Breyer

By William Jones

Consistent Defender

Stephen Breyer was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Bill Clinton in 1994.  Breyer has been a consistent defender of liberal priorities in cases involving abortion, marriage equality, voting rights, and other issues. There’s growing urgency on the left to see Justice Breyer step down from the court to be replaced by a younger liberal justice. This is only possible while Democrats are the majority party in Washington.

A Billboard Truck

In early April, the progressive group Demand Justice ordered a billboard truck to be driven around the Supreme Court building featuring the words “Breyer, retire.” The message was directed at Breyer, one of three remaining Democratic appointees on a court that has become increasingly dominated by conservative justices in recent years.  Much of that anxiety is informed by recent history. Liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not retire when Democrats controlled the Senate during the Obama administration. Ruth Bader Ginsburg died from cancer at age 87, shortly before the 2020 presidential race. Republicans moved swiftly to fill her seat with Amy Coney Barrett. This cemented a 6-3 conservative majority on the court that legal experts say may soon undo many rulings that defined Ginsburg’s judicial career.

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Bernie And His Political Agenda

Bernie And His Political Agenda

By Jones William

**This article was written and published on March 14, 2020. A lot has happened since then. Senator Sanders has since endorsed Joe Biden.

Doing The Math

Bernie Sanders has committed to remaining in the presidential race, despite big losses to Joe Biden. I have not heard him say that staying in the race means going all the way to the convention. I strongly believe that he will stay in the race long enough to carry out two goals. First, he will want to reach the point at which there is no obvious way forward in the eyes of 80–90% of his supporters. Once they can see for themselves that the math does not support staying in the race, I believe they will be more amenable to Sanders’ endorsing Biden.

Unity Building

Secondly, any endorsement will be contingent upon Joe Biden publicly committing to incorporate Bernie’s pet progressive planks into the Democratic party platform. To me, that seems reasonable, for a man with millions of supporters.  By cutting it short somewhere in the near future, and not dragging the fight all the way to the convention, Joe Biden can then focus on building party unity. By embracing the Sander’s progressive faction in some measurable way, before the primary contests are over both Bernie  and Biden get something they want.

Goal Directed

With these goals in mind, Sanders will take part in Sunday’s one-on-one debate with Biden in Washington, DC. I think he’ll ask for everyone who supports any part of his movement’s agenda in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, and Arizona to turn out in a big way. A showing so large that the movement’s goals cannot be ignored. If polling in these states is as close to true as it turned out to be in Michigan, Biden will improve on his current delegate lead. This will allow Sanders to turn his supporters to Biden and party unity, even as he leverages the incorporation of the movement’s goals into Biden’s platform.

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Progressivism: A Slow March


By Trevor K. McNeil

An Odd Sense Of History

The younger generation has an odd sense of history. A recent example of this phenomenon is the apparent assumption among today’s young progressives that Progressivism in media emerged about five years ago. Many pointed to the 2018’s Black Panther as the first movie based on a comic book that featured a black lead character.  This flies in the face of Blade (1998) starring Wesley Snipes. Or, identifying 2019’s Captain Marvel the first female superhero movie when there were several before it, most notably 2017’s Wonder Woman. More than this, Progressivism and Feminism in media predates the 21st century and indeed film itself.

Like A Club

One of the most famous cases of Progressivism in media, even if it is constantly misunderstood,  is Mark Twain‘s Huckleberry Finn (1884).  Huckleberry Finn is full of racial slurs that would put people into conniptions today. I believe as many others, that Twain was using such words, with unbridled repetition, in order to literally beat people over the head with their vulgarity. Using the words, which Twain knew even then were wrong, like a club to make people see the error of their ways.

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Assault On The Environment

D. S. Mitchell

Iron Eyes Cody

The first time I can remember, actually thinking about pollution, I was watching a ‘Keep America Beautiful’ campaign, in which Iron Eyes Cody, had a bag of garbage thrown from a car, land at his feet. Iron Eyes, in full American Indian regalia, looks into the camera, and I watched as a tear rolled down his cheek. That was probably 1968 or 1970. Very powerful.

A Drawer Of Bags

The Iron Eyes Cody series of commercials made a big impact on me, and I made sure I never threw garbage out the window of my car, again. I also, discovered recycling, something my Mother had done for years. My Mom lived thru two World Wars, and a near country collapsing economic Great Depression. She had a drawer for the perfectly folded paper bags. There was a another drawer where she stored a ball of rubber bands, a giant ball of string, and sheets of aluminum foil layed flat. She had learned to recycle out of necessity, rather than as an environmentally beneficial behavior. Although her purpose was different from mine, the results of her actions were good. The thought of garbage on the roadside, toxic waste in rivers, polluted air, brings a tear to my eye.

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Die, Die, Die

By D. S. Mitchell

My World

Calamity Politics is a political blog that presents the world as I see it. I am hard on the Republicans, but they deserve it. My political comments today center around the ACA and the Republican attempt to restore pre-Obama times.

A Healthy Citizen

Everybody in this crowd wants to go backward. What the fuck, is going on in their heads. A healthy citizenry is one of the best resources a country has at its core. Every civilized western country has health care for all. No questions, no arguments, it is a recognized right of citizenry.

The Grand Lie

Why is that concept so difficult for American politicians to embrace. This great, grand lie, that we make it on our own is some dime novelists idea of the American ideal. The fact is, we have a lot of sick people in this country that cannot pay the exorbitant cost of health care, or health insurance without government help.

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