The Eternity of Now: Beto 20XX


Eternity of Now: Beto 20xx

By Ross Turner

The Eternity of Now: Beto 20xx

Only three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and Beto O’Rourke’s commitment to eventually make a decision about whether to run for President.  The three-time House Representative has been touring through the Southwest like a tumbleweed and has displayed an equally impressive sense of direction.  Will he run?  Won’t he?  Only one man knows.  He has yet to be found.

Political  Rock Star

Today, the winds of chance have carried the political rock star to another dusty, nameless pueblo in the heart of Texas.  Arriving on his unicycle with a small but zealous flock of supporters and reporters, O’Rourke stopped to speak with Calamity Politics.

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Beto O’Rourke 2020

Beto O’Rourke 2020

By Megan Wallin

He Could Be a Contender

An eloquent and articulate speaker with a thin frame and the pledge to run a “positive campaign” goes head to head against a well-established member of the GOP—and loses. Except for that last bit, the tale sounds rather familiar, doesn’t it?

More White Maleness

It hasn’t been that long since the phenomenon of Barack Obama’s explosive crash landing on to our political center stage, and yet the nation already seems thirsty for another new face.  This time, we have someone who would seem, by our nation’s historic standards of maleness and whiteness, to be almost too much of the good old boys.  One of the club.  One of the elite. I have heard him compared to Bobby Kennedy. I have listened to many Bobby speeches and there is a passion for the common man (woman) in the language of each man. Something that is sadly missing from today’s political hyperbole.

Privileged In All the Right Ways

His true first name is Robert. Beto is a Spanish nickname for Robert. Relating to Hispanic voters is definitely an advantage in Latino heavy Texas.  But, everyone knows he is a white guy.  People do not refuse to support him based solely on the color of his skin. He doesn’t have birthers spreading rumors about his heritage, allegiance, or religion. He didn’t run against a war hero. He didn’t even run against a popular opponent. But, he lost…to Ted Cruz.

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