OPINION: COVID-19 Threatens Populism


COVID-19 Threatens Populism

By Sonnet Gomes

Capitalist vs Communist

After the end of the Second World War, the world experienced a new political polarization. New alliances were established. Capitalist and Communist propaganda divided the entire world into two camps. This polarization also influenced the global economy. Over the last decade the world has watched as a large number of populist political leaders have ascended to power, changing dynamics in a new way.

Two Powerhouses

Despite the existence of a few non-alliance movements, the US and USSR have been the dominating military powerhouses for six decades. Economically, Russia is a third world country and has never challenged the United States in that realm. In the 1980’s through the 1990’s it was the U.S. facing off against ally Japan for economic dominance.

Challenging The U.S.

Over the last two decades it has been China that has challenged the U.S. for world economic dominance.  The world has seen a lot over the last couple years, as power shifts, both militarily and economically.  A devastating trade war between the US and China has shaken up the accepted.  With Brexit, the economic difficulties in Greece and Italy the European Union is showing signs of unraveling. There has been an ongoing shadow war among the Middle Eastern states, resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Yemen, Syria and Iran. Additionally, economic polarization is rearing its ugly head among Latin American nations.

Change On The Way

It can be easily imagined that the post-coronavirus era will be even more complicated. In fact, all the fundamental existing alliances and collaborations are likely to fade away. Eventually, a new world with modified political beliefs and economic strategies are predicted to evolve.

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“I’m A Smart Guy”

I’m A Really Smart Guy

By D. S. Mitchell

Behind My Desk

Calamity Politics is a political news blog reacting to the world around us through analysis, and commentary. The topics change, but my passion for the news and political policy remains hot. I hope that never changes. The activities in Washington, D. C. affect our lives in a wide range of ways. When those results are harmful to the citizenry emotions run hot. Information is important to keep us informed and involved. If you do nothing else, stay tuned in and participate.

Donald Says

Donald Trump claims, “I’m a really smart guy”. Self evaluation by a diagnosed Narcissistic Personality Disordered person must be measured by the facts, not his bellicose statements.

Grow Into The Job

Today, I want to talk about Donald Trump’s “growth.”  A widespread pundit theory has it that Donald Trump is “learning and growing” into the job. Apparently, some people feel comfortable watching Trump learn on the job. I do not. He is the president of the United States, not an apprentice grocery checker.


On the campaign stump, Trump often said running the country was, “so  easy, folks.” The fast talking New York con artist told audiences that Washington wasn’t working because, all those people are “too stupid” and “too corrupt,” to make it work. Finishing with, “I can make it work”. Big claims for a guy who was a historic failure at most everything. He went through bankruptcy six times, married three times and avoided military service with doubtful claims of “bone spurs”. Even more important, he never served in government, and was never elected to office, not even in high school or college.

Lots Of Drama

Trump’s simplistic claims resonated with a lot of people. The speeches ginned up and excited the attendees. “Lock her up.” “Drain the swamp.” Heated rhetoric spun by a know-nothing television celebrity drew big crowds across the country. The violent overtones of the rallies were palpable. Drama, lots of drama. It never seemed real. But, it was. And Trump is now president. The hell with government policy. The hell with experience and knowledge.  Who cares that people are suffering  around this country.  These are vulnerable people who depend on good government to help them with housing, health care, education and food security.

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