Keep The Faith: Joe Biden Defeats Trump

Celebrate Biden's Victory with Fireworks

Keep the Faith: Biden Defeats Trump

By Anna Hessel


Cut Me to the Quick

Well, our nation needs a manicure after this nail-biter election but the plus-size diva has now sung.  History has been made with President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris.  The two Dems have received a record number of votes, more than any other presidential and vice-presidential candidates in American history.  We will have our first female, African-American, and South Asian Vice President.

High Above the Chimney Tops

I am shouting “President Biden!” from the rooftops – OK, I am afraid of heights, but I am shouting it in my living room and from my car window.  While we dance by our lit Biden-Harris sign, car horns honk in the background, fireworks are being shot off, celebrating the end of a four-year living hell.  I would run up and down the street hugging total strangers, but thanks to Trump’s incompetence in handling COVID-19, I can’t.

Exposing the Truth

When ‘the Donald’ first took office, a very wise friend commented that people always had feelings of racism, “but now we know who they are”.  Unfortunately, many of them we have known for a very long time, like my nephew, or the church deacon who applauded myself and my spouse when we finished RCIA (Rite of Catholic Initiation for Adults) and were formally accepted as members of our faith.  Our old friend, whose home we often visited and child we often babysat.  Being told by those blind to the truth to “open my eyes” and change my vote, something I would not do even if I could.

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The Pro-Trump Family

“The Pro-Trump Family”

Just who are the pro-Trump supporters? With the 2020 election season in full swing David Shadrick has been thinking about just who the pro-Trumpers are. After analyzing several of his friends up close he has come up with a theory about what has joined so many American’s to Trump and why.


It Is More Than Just Politics In 2020

It Is More Than Just Politics In 2020

D. S. Mitchell

The Blogosphere

Writing for Calamity News and Politics gives me a platform to discuss headline events and political policy. It also provides me a place to vent and fume. If somebody doesn’t like the drum I’m beating, they are fully able, and encouraged to move on; to a site that better satisfies their social view of the world.

My Son

“Don’t get so wound up, it’s just politics”, my son recently told me.  Well, whether I’m saying it to my son, or to a potential reader, or to a neighbor, that is the wrong attitude. In the end, politics is policy, and policy effects everything in our lives. Schools, hospitals, parks, highways, airports, waterways, international trade, health care, military defense and social justice to name just a few.  Nearly every part of our daily life is effected in someway by the policies that our elected officials enact in Washington, D.C., or our state capitols. Got it?

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OPINION: COVID-19 Threatens Populism


COVID-19 Threatens Populism

By Sonnet Gomes

Capitalist vs Communist

After the end of the Second World War, the world experienced a new political polarization. New alliances were established. Capitalist and Communist propaganda divided the entire world into two camps. This polarization also influenced the global economy. Over the last decade the world has watched as a large number of populist political leaders have ascended to power, changing dynamics in a new way.

Two Powerhouses

Despite the existence of a few non-alliance movements, the US and USSR have been the dominating military powerhouses for six decades. Economically, Russia is a third world country and has never challenged the United States in that realm. In the 1980’s through the 1990’s it was the U.S. facing off against ally Japan for economic dominance.

Challenging The U.S.

Over the last two decades it has been China that has challenged the U.S. for world economic dominance.  The world has seen a lot over the last couple years, as power shifts, both militarily and economically.  A devastating trade war between the US and China has shaken up the accepted.  With Brexit, the economic difficulties in Greece and Italy the European Union is showing signs of unraveling. There has been an ongoing shadow war among the Middle Eastern states, resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Yemen, Syria and Iran. Additionally, economic polarization is rearing its ugly head among Latin American nations.

Change On The Way

It can be easily imagined that the post-coronavirus era will be even more complicated. In fact, all the fundamental existing alliances and collaborations are likely to fade away. Eventually, a new world with modified political beliefs and economic strategies are predicted to evolve.

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By T.K. McNeil & D. S. Mitchell

Family Man

It is a tradition in American politics for candidates to play up their religion, their military service and their progeny. Apparently one out of three is enough considering who is currently occupying the Oval Office, at least when he isn’t golfing.  Trump recently re-enforced the Big Daddy reputation by taking the whole dang family (that he is willing to admit exists) on a state visit to the United Kingdom. The adult Trump children their spouses and their children were everywhere. You couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing them carrying notebooks and briefcases, and shooting selfies as if they were part of an ‘official’ diplomatic U.S. delegation.

With Spouses & Grand Kids

The visit, of course, was totally legitimized by the fact that his daughter Ivanka, and son-in-law Jared Kushner hold, thanks to him, high government positions. No other administration would have hired Trump’s adult children because they are so inept and corrupt. My God, they are so unfit they needed a presidential command to get their security clearances.

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May 5/25/2019

Dear Mr. Mueller,

We at respectfully ask that you appear before the Judiciary Committee of Congress to specifically address the factors described in your report. Mr. Mueller, our reading of your report clearly indicates Donald J.Trump, President of the United States, has participated in obstruction of justice. Your  testimony must occur in front of  television cameras. The public must know the truth, whatever it may be. Watching your face, your demeanor is essential. We believe such openness is required for the public to grasp the essentials of your report.

Mr. Mueller, impeachment by its very nature is “political”. The Founding Fathers made the president’s removal a political process.  The public is a central part of that process. The public needs to hear you say what you found. At last count nearly a thousand former prosecutors have stated the president’s crimes are indictable. In addition, Trump is an unnamed conspirator in the Michael Cohen case in the state of New York.

In this same vein, we would appreciate it if you would appear to testify whether  subpoenaed or voluntarily.  Our country is at a dangerous point in history. No matter how much pressure you receive from the White House please appear. To be honest, if you describe “no collusion” or “no obstruction of justice” committed by the President that would be great.  The public will be able to sort out the truth if you give it to them.  The public needs a spin-free Mueller interpretation of your investigation.

In two separate letters to Attorney General Barr you complained that the AG had misinformed the public about the findings. It is imperative that you appear in person and sit for a filmed under oath testimony Mr. Mueller. We truly believe any testimony you give that is then presented to the public by transcript will be a failure. You complained that Bill Barr has manipulated your original report. Your testimony will clear up any confusion.


D.S. Mitchell                                                                 


Books About Donald J. Trump and Other Literary Legacies


“A biography, is a detailed description of a person’s life. It involves more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationships, and death; it portrays a person’s experience of these life events,” Wikipedia

By Trevor K. McNeil

Write It All Down

Trump rarely reads and has been writing his memoir on his Twitter feed.

Trump rarely reads and is writing his memoir on his Twitter feed, 240 characters at a time

We live in an age of documentation. The word “biography” did not enter the English lexicon until relatively recently. We now have the ability to create personalized literature 240 characters at a time.  I’m sure a book about Donald Trump will someday be written based on his Twitter feed.  Before this age of technology however, a person had to be somewhat well-known  before anyone would think to write, or read, a book about them. One group that has almost always been in this category are U.S. presidents.

Once In The Ground

For much of American history, a president could count on being at least out of office before the ink began to fly. Some of the former leaders with the most pages dedicated to them being those who are long dead. Once in the ground, presidents become easy targets for writers and historians to delve into every aspect of their life and career from multiple angles. It’s always easier once someone is dead to dig about in their personal correspondence and investigate rumor and innuendo, and talk to people who shared time with the president.

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go! (With Nepotism)


Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

(With Nepotism)

By Ross Turner

In The Moment

Nepotism is having a moment right now.  Arguably, this moment never ended, but it has found renewed vigor in the presidency of Donald J. Trump.  Nepotism simply means favoritism towards relatives, usually expressed by their appointment to unearned positions.  The word stems from the Latin nepos, meaning nephew, which during the Middles Ages became nepotismo in Italian. Nepotismo referred to the tendency of Popes and bishops to assign relatives to positions of power.  Since they took vows of chastity and had no sons of their own, these assignments often fell to nephews.  The word may be medieval, but the practice is as old as mankind.  We are biologically hardwired to favor our kin over strangers, but this doesn’t mean that family is always fit for the job.

The Nepos Scale

History is rife with examples of nepotism that highlight its often disastrous consequences.  From the formation and collapse of the Roman Empire, to countless mad kings lording over the realms of Europe, much bloodshed and tumult has occurred as a result of incompetent kin who never should have held power in the first place. Nonetheless, families can’t seem to help themselves and keep on appointing each other to run their businesses and countries (into the ground.)  So, in the spirit of family, let us survey the Trump clan and see how far nepotism has taken them.  To assist in our appraisals, I’ve developed a highly scientific metric called the “Nepos Scale.”  Zero nepos is billing your toddler for diapers; five nepos is promoting your toddler to Director of Operations.

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Trump’s Cowardice vs McCain’s Heroism


Cowardice vs Heroism

By David L. Shadrick

Personal Bias

Please be warned of the following issues I harbor so you can remove my personal bias’ from the narrative.  I’m a Veteran living in transitional housing.  I work helping the homeless through legislation and litigation.  My focus is on the 85% of the homeless population who have a diagnosed mental illness.  I’m extremely annoyed a non-vet has the cojones to attack a vet, especially after his passing.

The Vietnam War

John McCain’s heroism during the Vietnam War is well recorded.  Simply speaking, there were four major choices young men faced when their draft number came up.  Some of the men decided to go to Vietnam and serve their country.  Others moved to Canada, leaving behind their lives in protest.  Some took their chances in court and risked going to prison.  Finally there were those that received a deferment of some kind.

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