Books About Donald J. Trump and Other Literary Legacies


“A biography, is a detailed description of a person’s life. It involves more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationships, and death; it portrays a person’s experience of these life events,” Wikipedia

By T.K. McNeil

Write It All Down

Trump rarely reads and has been writing his memoir on his Twitter feed.

Trump rarely reads and is writing his memoir on his Twitter feed, 240 characters at a time

We live in an age of documentation. The word “biography” did not enter the English lexicon until relatively recently. We now have the ability to create personalized literature 240 characters at a time.  I’m sure a book about Donald Trump will someday be written based on his Twitter feed.  Before this age of technology however, a person had to be somewhat well-known  before anyone would think to write, or read, a book about them. One group that has almost always been in this category are U.S. presidents.

Once In The Ground

For much of American history, a president could count on being at least out of office before the ink began to fly. Some of the former leaders with the most pages dedicated to them being those who are long dead. Once in the ground, presidents become easy targets for writers and historians to delve into every aspect of their life and career from multiple angles. It’s always easier once someone is dead to dig about in their personal correspondence and investigate rumor and innuendo, and talk to people who shared time with the president.

Give It A Little Time

Before the 21st century most presidents were not written about until after death

Before the 21st century most presidents were not written about until after death

The explanation of course is due to the importance of each presidency to the history of the Republic and the politics of the time. Furthermore, once a president passes he is no longer available to explain himself and the effects of his actions are much more clear through the lens of time.

Paradigm Shift

In the early 1990’s, there was a bit of a shift in presidential biographies. The main outlets for written presidential accounts shifted from after-the-fact books and biographies to the minute-by-minute style of newspaper articles written as books at the time of their presidency. There have been many such books written about Donald J. Trump. Some writers are just trying to figure out what is going on, while others are tell-all’s by former insiders. One of the books written about Donald Trump, specifically his rise to power in 2016, actually being called, “How the Hell Did This Happen?” A bit more surprising is the fact that it was written by self-described “Republican” P. J. O’Rourke.

Actually Number One

There are so many books being written I have had to get an assistant reader

There are so many books being written about Trump I have had to get an assistant reader

For all Trump’s bluster about his achievements and profound faculties, many of them delusional, there is one area in which the current president holds the crown. There are more books about Donald Trump in the third year of his first term than any other living, let alone sitting president, in history.


Sounds crazy. Donald J. Trump can barely be bothered to read; and writes mostly in 240 word tweets, often with childish spelling errors. Amazingly there have been more books written about Donald Trump than any other living president. Which is now down to Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. None of whom are, or should be, immune from criticism.

Sheer Volumes

First let’s set some limits and define some terms. The focus is on books about Donald J.Trump specifically. More than only his presidency, but his life, his business career or even his campaign were scrutinized and written about extensively and published between when he got into office and now. There have been at least 51 books published about the Trump presidency since May 2016. At least 60% of these books about Trump books come out in 2018. Astonishingly, that’s 2.5 books about Trump per month for a total of 30 new publications in 2018.

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“Democracy Is Unquestionably The Worst Form Of Government”

Winston Churchill Questions The Value Of Democracy

More Than T-Shirt Philosophy

“Democracy is, unquestionably, the worst form of government” (ever conceived in the mind of man), “except for every other kind that has ever been tried,” Unknown (re-quoted by Churchill in House of Commons, 1947).)

Absolute Power 

Critics of democracy and its often accompanying capitalism, have a sad tendency to overlook what has happened historically when other forms replace it. Fascist Italy and Spain are but two glaring examples. Both of which reverted back to flawed but greatly preferable democratic systems at the first opportunity. While single party, and even single ruler, states might have some attraction, particularly in terms of efficiency; for any form of governance to work, given human nature if nothing else, there needs to be enforceable controls on power. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is far more than a catchy tee-shirt slogan.

Democracy Needs A Population Of The Faithful

Democracy is an ideal. Liberty of thought and action, one person, one vote. We have representative democracy in the United States. The “ideal” is always a goal. As always, real democracy is obstructed by the partisan and the powerful, but even they give the ideal endless lip service. Democracy is more about faith. Faith, and attitude of mind that personal liberty is sacrosanct and that although the majority rules, there is a respect for the minority and their rights established by law.

Political Parties In A Democracy

One of the great advantages to democracy is the, at least ostensible, ability to limit the power of leaders particularly in terms of civil crackdowns and war, as well as the ability to get rid of leaders that prove too dangerous or criminally corrupt to keep in office. At every stage of an American presidential election from the primaries to inauguration, there are particular safeguards, mostly left to the political party brass, to keep the unfit and potentially dangerous from even seeking election.

Nixon Is The Only U.S. President To Ever Resign From Office

Is Impeachment A Possibility?

When a lunatic or warmonger does happen to slip through (*cough* Nixon *cough*), there is always the possibility of impeachment. Except, really there isn’t. I do not want to  rain on anybody’s protest movement but the chance of Trump being removed from office by impeachment is inthe negative numbers.

Laws Are Fallible 

You are probably thinking, something like, “but that is what impeachments are for!”  You are correct; that is what the impeachment process was created to do. Unfortunately, rules and processes only work when applied correctly and as written. Sadly, rules are as fallible as the  mortals who create and enforce them. As such, no sitting American president has ever been successfully removed from office as the direct result of impeachment.

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Sexual Assault Is On Everyone’s Mind

How do we explain the last half of 2017? It is as if a huge segment of America’s women stood up in unison and screamed, “enough,” drawing a line in the sand. Sexual harassment will no longer be endured silently. No longer will abusers operate unrestrained.

Women Are Lining Up And Demanding That Sexual Harassment Come To A Stop

There seems to be a recent rejection of men dominating the decision making centers of business and government. Have we come to a time and place in our history where the accuser’s story will be believed and the accuser will not be re-victimized by people who pick through their lives like hyena’s in search of red meat.

In the United States the accused remains innocent until proven guilty. With that in mind, the onus seems to be shifting to those who have been accused of heinous acts, by people with nothing to gain but to bring some sense of personal retribution and public justice.

The court of public opinion has been convened. Beware of moral flattening, where years of predatory behavior requires the same punishment as a poor choice of words, or a thoroughly vetted news article is given the same weight as a Twitter comment.

The hand of public opinion is severing the heads of many people we admire for their art, athletic prowess, government policy, and leadership. But recent events are showing that rich and famous people can no longer hide their bad behavior. They are going to be made accountable.

The toppling of Harvey Weinstein has become a watershed moment in this movement toward equality. Harvey’s fall brought out a tsunami of charges against a series of powerful men including, Kevin Spacey, John Conyers, Al Franken, Louis CK, Charlie Rose, Mark Halerin, former presidents George H.W.Bush and Bill Clinton. And just this morning, Matt Lauer was fired after sexual harassment charges made against him were made public.

Powerful TV Anchor Matt Lauer Was Fired By NBC Over Sexual Allegations

Politics does seem to be at work, as we have all arrived simultaneously at the crossroads in our evolution as a society. Trump’s victory, despite his deeply problematic relationships with women, and the released ‘Access Hollywood’ tapes where the future president of the United States brags about sexual assault seems to have fed a slow burning fire. Charlotte Alter writing for Time magazine described the Trump victory this way, “the 2016 election was a referendum on what women could achieve and what men could get away with.”

But before Trump’s election, for the last couple years, beginning in the television and movie industry there has emerged a trend toward demanding recourse from powerful men. The first big show business name that comes to my mind is Bill Cosby, who’s criminal behavior began coming to light in 2014. Following Cosby came Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, both at Fox News. Fox News is currently under federal investigation for encouraging a “culture” of sexual harassment.

Megyn Kelly Was Awarded Multi-million Dollar Sex Harassment Settlement With Fox News

A majority of Americans will no longer stand by the results of that national election, and want immediate action to remedy the situation. On January 21, 2017 2.6 million concerned citizens took to the streets with the Women’s March. A new pressure, a mounting pushback seemed to be coalescing around Trump’s election.

The movement isn’t just about sexual harassment and assault. It is about a fair society in which all viewpoints are weighed and considered, and women are not held down when they resist sexual advances by bosses and clients of power.

Our houses of congress are obvious bastions of male dominance. That truth is witnessed every night on our television screens as the old white men trudge into focus. There is little semblance of equality. Women are organizing, speaking up and demanding that sexual harassment come to a halt, now.

Old, White Men Are In Control Of Policy Making In Washington DC And That Is A Major Stumbling Block For Equality

It is important that women seize this moment and demand access to the seats of power. Women must run for office. The gender break down of the current US congress is 19% women 81% men. This poor representation in Washington, DC comes at a great cost, policy wise. Women if they want equality, must take a larger role in government. Women’s issues will not be seriously addressed until women take their rightful and equal place in our government. Women should represent their gender needs in government at the same proportion as on Main Street.

Run baby, run.

Let’s make 2018 the Year of Women. Vote Blue. Stand up for your mom, your sister, your niece, your wife, your friend. Women know women’s issues. Let’s stop the abuse, let’s make our voices heard.

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Trade In The Era Of Trump

Trump Meets With Xi Jinping

Trump Left China Without Trade Deal

Trump has just returned from a trip to Asia that had been touted as an epic economic and diplomatic tour, empty-handed. His tactics of insult and bullying did not play well.

Here in the United States there is white knuckle fear that NAFTA will once again become central in Trump’s great trade experiment. Of course, there are valid points made by the administration. There is trade imbalance, but most US industries are looking for a few tweaks, not abolishment of a treaty that has produced many benefits for US industry and farmers.

NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, is a 1994 pact between Canada, US and Mexico. I’m from NW Oregon and many Mexican markets were opened to Northwest wheat growers. In fact, exports increased by 400%. At the same time many of these farmers have complaints about Canadian wheat pricing. You can’t make everybody happy, but that does not mean these folks want to tear up the historic treaty.

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