COMMENT and OPINION: It Was NOT A Crosshairs

Not A Crosshairs

By Trevor K. McNeil

Roger Gets Slammed

I saw Roger Stone was slammed by federal judge Amy Jackson today. Stone now is under a very restrictive gag order in regards to his criminal case. I saw, like the rest of the world the text and the photo Stone posted. Totally inappropriate and as usual, pushing the envelope. His post referred to the Mueller probe as a “deep state” war against president Donald J. Trump. Roger Stone obviously relishes the razor’s edge. However with that said, I am getting really f-ing sick of people in the media referring to the images behind and beside judge Amy Berman Jackson’s head in the Instagram image sent by Roger Stone as a “crosshairs”.

Wiccan Symbol

For starters the positioning of the “crosshairs” would mean the shooter would miss; but mostly because it is a Wiccan symbol [see graph: top right]. I am not speaking to the Stone case or to Stone himself or his motives, he probably thought it was a cross-hairs and was too ignorant to know the difference but the fact is that it is not. Context matters and while cross-hairs could be construed as a threat a symbol that are not cross-hairs, even if they look like them, set well aside from a potential target is not threatening in any way. CNN wants it to be a threat so they are acting like it is. Just had to say it. Trevor K. McNeil 2/21/19





By Ross Turner

Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong

January 25th, 2019.  Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Pre-dawn.  Heavily armed men file out of a caravan of black SUVs.  Swarming the Mediterranean-style home, a bearded man pounds on the door: “FBI.  Open the door.”  Within moments, a grey-haired, shoeless figure emerges.  He appears briefly confused, but, given the circumstances, unfazed.  He puts his hands in the air as he turns around, submitting to his arrest with perfunctory calm.  Twenty minutes later, being led back into his home by federal agents, security footage captures the text of the suspect’s t-shirt, one that perfectly encapsulates the man in question.  It reads: “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong.”

What’s In A Shirt?

We may never know whether Stone put on that shirt deliberately for the occasion, but anybody familiar with him knows he probably would have.  It’s very existence speaks volumes of his sordid career, a winking reference to his infamous reputation.  It is, let’s say, not the fashion statement typical of an innocent man.  Robert Mueller, Special Counsel to the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, would tend to agree.  Stone has been indicted on seven criminal charges, including one count of obstruction of an official proceeding, one count of witness tampering, and five counts of false statements.  Stone himself is probably disappointed to be arraigned on such lame charges, given how many juicier bits of wrongdoing there are to choose from.

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