Donald Trump: A Criminal Candidate

Trump desperately holding onto power despite substantial loses at the ballot box.

Donald Trump: A Criminal Candidate

D. S. Mitchell

Looking Back

In 2004, a British tabloid asked brazenly on its front page, when announcing the news that George W. Bush was re-elected, “How can 59,054,087 people be so dumb?” By this time the world had observed the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan in 2001, and then in 2003, Iraq.  It didn’t take long to see that George W. was no George H. W. From the beginning of his administration, George W. was under the spell of the neo-cons. From day one he was led around by the nose by  VP Dick Cheney and associates. Still, Americans re-elected him. If the British tabloid’s question was rude, it was at least a legitimate question.

The Rude Question Comes Up Again

That “rude” question has resurfaced in 2020. The counties and states are still counting, but as of November 21, 2020, 73,781,603 people have voted for president Donald Trump, which amounts to 47.2 percent of the total votes so far counted. The same sources show 79,816,557 Americans voted for Joe Biden, which is approximately 51.1 percent of the total votes counted. The president-elect, Joe Biden, is kicking Trump’s butt, leading by over 6 million votes. But, those numbers go against the Trump plan. So, it is time to recount and recount and do anything possible to overturn the election or undermine the validity of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Is It That Bad?

A majority of Americans,  especially Black, Brown, Native Americans, Asians, and other marginalized communities, who are at the mercy of this country’s historic, systemic, police abuse and seemingly incurable racism, voted Donald Trump out of office. I want us to celebrate that so many Americans voted to oust his criminal ass, but there is much need for introspection and intense soul searching about those who feverishly supported him, and still support him in his fight to remain in office.

A Cup Of Coffee

I’m ready this morning to have a cup of coffee, eat an apple and reflect on why more than 73, 701,667  Americans would chose a man like Donald Trump to lead this country? His incompetence and stupidity is legendary. Some close to him have called him a “fucking moron.” These words come from those who know him best, yet these voices are ignored by his minions.

Nothing Moves His Base

For the last several days I’ve scoured old newspaper and magazine articles putting together a list of the known criminal activities of Donald Trump. Although well-known to his followers, his criminality seems to have no effect on their loyalty or their intoxicated enthusiasm. Monster flags whipping off the back of pickup trucks advertise their loyalty to Trump, not the United States. Wake up guys. Trump is a fraud and you are his biggest suckers. Get real, please, Trump and his whole crew belongs in Sing-Sing, not the Oval Office.

The Habit Of Corruption

Trump is no stranger to corruption and criminality. He has been embedded in it his entire life. As President, he’s just taken it to a new level. The Trump administration is without a doubt the most corrupt presidency in American history. No wonder he keeps screaming “fake news” when answering reporter’s questions about his scandal ridden administration. He desperately needs to undermine the legitimacy of the fourth estate.  Donald John Trump has so much to hide.  If his devout followers would listen to the information that is available everywhere, they would drop him like the proverbial a hot potato. But, for some reason they are both deaf and blind to the truth. Truth matters, and Trump couldn’t find truth with both hands. Just to refresh the reader on Trump’s criminal history:

It All Started With Daddy Trump

1.) Donald and his father blatantly participated in housing discrimination against people of color and they were sued by the Justice Department.
2.) The Mafia and Donald worked together through the construction trades in New York city.
3.) He hired undocumented Polish workers to rehab the Trump Tower and then refused to pay them.
4.) Trump was fined $750,000 for anti-trust violations during his attempt to take over a rival casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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Windsor Mann: Asking The Right Question

Windsor Mann:

Asking The Right Question

By D. S. Mitchell

Introducing Windsor Mann

If you haven’t heard of  Windsor Mann (@WindsorMann), please, let me introduce you. Windsor is a well-known opinion and commentary  writer.  If you read The Week, Politico, Huffington Post, you have probably had an introduction. I love his stuff.  In one recent piece he envisioned a time in the near future when ex-president Trump will call into Fox & Friends and no one will pick up. Prediction of a humiliating end for Trump is not the only thing Mr. Mann is writing about. Today, in The Week magazine, Windsor Mann asked a necessary question.

How Old?

Trump has  been Tweeting for six months about serving more than two terms (yeah, I know he’s already as old as Methuselah). If he wins a second term he will be 80 at the end of the legal terms of service. He already has so many symptoms of dementia I hope the younger generation steps in and says, “Hell, NO”! People have been questioning Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders age and acting as if Trump is in his right mind. What about Trump’s age and his physical and mental shortcomings? He has been crowned, in a backroom somewhere, king of the moronic sentence.

Threats And Bullying

Trump has warned of socialism, economic collapse, treason, the loss of Christianity, the 2nd Amendment, and Civil War 2 if he is not re-elected, or if he is impeached and removed from office. Hmm. Quite self-serving. Just like his proclamation that “only I can fix it”. This is narcissism at its most outrageous. Continue reading

OPINION: Trump Keeps Up The Shock Treatment

Calamity and Lucifer Can't believe what they are hearing?

Are you listening to the “National Moron”? Trump is in full meltdown. Don’t worry Lucifer, the guys in white jackets with injectable medication are on their way, I think. Careful, kitty, I’ve read he’s “pathologically dangerous”.


Trump Keeps Up The Shock Treatment

By D. S. Mitchell

“Unhinged” In Real Time

I had to get off Twitter, to write this post. I’ve watched the ‘National Moron’s’ press conference. What an embarrassment to our country. His misdirected anger, his contentious behavior, his defiance, his lies, his betrayal of our country, his vile insults against an elected congressman, his cursing, even his attempted fondling of the Finnish president’s leg. Anyone watching this horror show, can’t continue to support this very damaged man. He is as #Omarosa said, in her book about her time in the White House, “Unhinged.” In addition to the Omarosa book, I refer my readers to, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” from 2017. Available on Amazon.

“The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”

The “Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” was a compilation of 27 essays written by no less than 37 psychiatrists and a variety of mental health professionals. The book  published in 2017, came early in Trump’s administration. The book describes Donald Trump as “psychologically dangerous”.  Using the “duty to inform and protect” the co-authors lay out the dangers a Trump presidency. These mental health professionals see Trump as “a clear and present danger.”  What we saw this morning in the Oval Office was a president in mental collapse. ** (That book has been updated, though I admit, I have not yet seen it).

“Perfect Call”

Trump and the White House have totally implicated themselves. They admitted to the crime and then provided proof of that criminal activity. Now we’ve got Trump claiming the whistleblower is lying. The truth here is, that Trump has confirmed nearly everything in the whistleblower complaint. How can the president be allowed to continue his smear of the whistleblower and private citizens. It is outrageous.  This call was not “perfect”. Nor was it placed by a “perfectly stable genius”. Instead we have a glass-chewing maniac, performing as a mafia boss, extorting an underling.

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What Flag is Flying Over the White House?

By D. S. Mitchell

A Long Relished Impeachment

I went to bed, watching MSNBC’s The 11th Hour w/Brian Williams. I don’t know when I fell asleep. The station played while I slept fitfully, visions of impeachment dancing in my head.  The thoughts of the long relished impeachment of Donald J. Trump seemed to be sharing stage with another vision. Red, white, and blue, spun polyester twisted weirdly on a brisk breeze. Even in my confused sleep, I knew something was wrong.  Something was very wrong.

What Flag Flies?

I couldn’t make sense of it.  What the fuck?  Confused, I twisted my head back and forth trying to clear the distorted image. Why does the flag look so strange?  The stars; where are the stars?  OMG.  The stripes aren’t the stripes of My flag, and My country.  The flag flying over this nightmare White House is strange to me. Suddenly, in my restless dream I identified the tri-stripe red, white, and blue of Russia.

Ukrainian Special Envoy Resigns

My eyes flew open.  Joe and Mika were talking with the usual crowd at the “Morning Joe” conference table. The topic centered around Ukrainian Special Envoy, Kurt Volker’s sudden and unexpected resignation.  I shook my head. The rest of the commentary centered on Trump officials and outliers like Rudy Colludy making a sweating fool of himself on numerous cable channels over the week-end.

Rudy Colludy

“Since when does the personal attorney for a president become an arm of the U.S. State Department?” I found myself asking. It seems Rudy has mixed several roles in his Ukrainian campaign. Official, unofficial, who the hell cares, he says. I think a whole bunch of us care, Rudy. Since when does the personal attorney to a sitting president change hats from hour to hour. Rudy’s conflict of interest is blinding. The intent to interfere in an American election is screaming for attention. Rudy has gone from an admired former mayor of New York City to a social pariah. He has cemented his legacy as a treacherous colluder.  I am curious; just who is paying him?  I doubt it is Donald Trump.


I know there is a lot of political wrangling going on in the Congress. The Trump coalition is claiming another “witch-hunt”. The Dems are claiming treachery, obstruction of justice, bribery, and election tampering, for starters. Impeachment is becoming a reality. Personally, from what I can see, Trump went on national television and admitted that in his “perfect” conversations with the Ukrainian president Zelensky he tried to blackmail and coerce a foreign official to dig up dirt on a political opponent. What are the Republicans claiming? That Trump didn’t say it? Please. After a criminal admits his guilt his attorney cannot deny culpability; as long as the criminal is deemed to be sane.

Putin The Beneficiary

The conversation seems focused on Trump’s conversations with Ukrainian officials. Yes, the Ukraine is a major player, but certainly not the single most important participant in this scandal. Behind the curtain is the true manipulator of our foreign policy, Vladimir Putin. Trump has spoken to him via telephone no less than 12 times. He has met personally with the Russian president at least twice. I want to see those conversations. When we do, I’m sure we will find Putin behind Trump’s activities. Impeachment is unavoidable. Trump won’t permit anything else. He cannot be constrained by the Constitution, so it is up to the Congress to bridle this out of control dictator, while we can still claim a government.


D. S. Mitchell

30 Things To Smile About; Despite Trump

30 Things To Smile About

By D. S. Mitchell

I Underestimated His Evil

I have to admit, I underestimated The Donald. I had predicted a disastrous presidency if Trump won the 2016 election, but I had no idea how totally incompetent and evil his presidency would quickly become. Every day newspaper headlines blast his criminality, his race baiting, his sexism, his xenophobia, his mob-style behavior, yet the Jester of Crime continues to break the law and his supporters do nothing but deflect and promote his lies.

Six Blog Posts A Day

I am finding that there is enough scandal, dirt, and disgust to give  enough fodder for at least half a dozen blog posts every day. It is more and more obvious that the scurrilous and scandalous actions of Trump and his corrupt and sycophant cabinet and his prostituted DOJ needs to end. Sooner, than later.  But I thought, before I start today’s rant on the collapse of American law, dignity and civility, I should deliver something positive and uplifting.

I’ve had a bit of a problem with positivity these days, but here goes;

“30 Things To Make You Smile; Despite Trump”

(1.) Building sand castles, (2.) Coming in 1st, (3.) Kids in sunglasses, (4.) Puppies & kittens, (5.) Kite flying, (6.) A freshly painted room,  (7.) “Fish On!”, (8.) Blowing the wrapper off the straw, (9.) Pumpkin pie, (10.) Farmer’s Markets, (11.) Bar-hopping, (12.) Old jeans that fit just right, (13.) My mother’s brilliant smile, (14.) The clatter of skis being loaded, (15.) The aroma of bacon cooking, (16.) The sound of rain on the metal roof, (17.) The imagination of a six-year-old, (18.) Margaritas at midnight, (19.) Finishing the Sunday crossword (without cheating), (20.) Those really BIG M & M cookies, (21.) A shiny, new car, (22.) Roller Derby antics, ( 23.) A job well-done, (24.) A good book, (25.) Daddy’s  quiet wisdom, (26) Another, “Fish On!”, (27.) Day hikes, (28.) A good Twitter fight, (29.) Watching Elizabeth Warren work a rally crowd, (30.) A day at the lake.

How about a few more?

I could probably come up with a few more.  How about ? (31.) Autumn leaves, (32) Michelle Obama (33.) Popcorn and a movie, (34.) Family reunions, (35.) Protesting, (36.) Playing toe Tango, with you know who, (37.) Having the right answer, the first time, (38.) Old time rock-n-roll, (39.) Time alone, (40.) Quiet times, (41.) Teddy bears, (42.) Documentary films.  Ok, enough, enough.

A Sunday Morning

Just a minor distraction for a rainy Sunday morning, but it did take my mind off the continuing chaos and treachery of the Trump administration. If you got a couple of minutes respite, that’s a good thing. Have a gem of a day-D.S. Mitchell

Get Involved

Be sure to get involved politically. Start by registering to vote. Make a promise that you will never miss an election. Every single election will have a very real effect. We can’t save the country from the Don of Crime if we don’t support anti-corruption laws. We must back our investigators in the House, men like Adam Schiff, who are leading the investigation into the underbelly of Republican operatives and dark money contributions.



“Every Heartbeat Hurts”

“Every Heartbeat Hurts”

By D. S. Mitchell

“Imagine a child trying to describe how trauma physically feels and saying to you, “Every heartbeat hurts.” Our government is tearing children apart and using their pain for political purposes”. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley (Twitter 9/5/2019).

If you are ignoring the plight of the immigrant children at our border, shame on you.  The manipulation of their immigration tragedy for Trump’s political base is both alarming and  disgusting. There are many days between now and the 2020 presidential election. These kids can’t wait. Call your Senator and demand that these children be released to family members in the United States, or other suitable foster care.

I called. So should you.



Dershowitz Admits To Massages At Epstein’s Mansion

Massages At Epstein’s Mansion

By D. S. Mitchell

Dershowitz Shamelessness

In a recently uncovered taped interview from 2015, Dershowitz claimed, that he “didn’t really like massages”. REALLY? Dershowitz has been shameless in his rejection of the truth, but such statements are ridiculous.

Tidy Whities

That stated apathy to massages didn’t stop him from getting a 15-year-old girl to give him massages. He now calls the child a “prostitute”. Come on man, a 15-year-old girl cannot legally give permission to an adult male for sexual favors.  Remember folks he says he “kept (his) underwear on”.

I Doubt It

Just look at Deshowitz. He’s definitely not something a teenage prom queen is hankering for. So an ugly old white man got something he didn’t want, or requested, from sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, while he was at Epstein’s house? Was there someone holding a gun to his head? I doubt it.

Speaking For Myself

I was fifteen once. If an guy as old and creepy as Dershowitz came within 5 feet of me it would have sent me screaming into the arms of the nearest high school football player.  Only the most complicit supporters can be convinced that a 15-year-old child would be interested in Alan Dershowitz. My guess is that young girls were coerced, intimidated, or threatened to perform sexual services on rich, old, white men. Being given some cash after-the-fact by a slave master does not make you any less a slave

A Friend?

Epstein is and was an ADMITTED pedophile. That isn’t open to debate. Yet Dershowitz considers this predatory victimizer of children a “friend”. I want to know why the media isn’t asking Mr. Dershowitz why he would consider a man like Jeffrey Epstein a friend? He was supposedly a client. When did he stop being “a client” and become his “friend”? Epstein is an admitted pedophile and Dershowitz goes to his home as a FRIEND, not as his attorney?

Standards Matter

Standards matter. If I ever found out a “friend” of mine was a pedophile, I would immediately sever the relationship. Furthermore, when Dershowitz, an officer of the court, declares a 15-year-old child to be a “prostitute” he is clearly manipulating facts.  The only reason Dershowitz calls her a “prostitute” is because he wants to decrease her worth as a human being. SHAME ON YOU, ALAN DERSHOWITZ.


Trump Friend Arrested On Sex Trafficking Charges

Trump Associate Arrested

By D. S. Mitchell

Big News

The big news Saturday July 6th, 2019 was all about the Jeff Epstein arrest in New York. Epstein, a hedge fund billionaire, and registered sex offender has been the center of scandal and corruption for decades.

Head Banging

Donald Trump, our current president, has been a long-time Epstein friend and associate. I wonder if Trump has spent this week-end banging his head against the wall? Whether he is head-banging or hair-pulling, I bet Trump is throwing a mindless fit.

High Flyers

Trump told New York magazine in 2002 that Epstein was “a lot of fun to be with.” Epstein was known to entertain his high-flying friends on his private Caribbean island or at the Gatsby-like parties he threw at his luxury homes in Manhattan, New Mexico and Palm Beach, Florida.

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew, younger brother of Prince Charles was reportedly close with Epstein. Andrew was forced to step down from his prominent position as special UK representative for trade in 2011, after it was reported that Epstein had once arranged a sexual encounter for the prince with a 17-year-old girl — one of a number of under-aged girls Epstein allegedly groomed to entertain his powerful male friends.

Princes And Presidents

Andrew wasn’t the only prominent man who was caught up in the Epstein sex scandal.  It is well known that at one point, Epstein also hung out with both Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, the Washington Post reported. 

In The Old Days

Trump commented in a 2002 interview that Epstein, “likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” Trump has had at least 22 women make allegations of sexual assault against him. Furthermore, there is a very dark story about Trump at an Epstein party many years ago. The oft repeated tale, alleged by a then 13-year-old girl, is that Trump raped her. Epstein was given a very sweet deal in Florida, let’s see if his money and powerful friends will be coming to his aid in this now very public case in New York.


“Mr. Trump is a racist, a con-man and a cheat”


“Mr. Trump is a racist, a con-man and a cheat”

By D. S. Mitchell

It Was Jaw Dropping

Michael Cohen had his time in front of the American people today and it was jaw dropping. He came to Capital Hill to testify before the House Oversight Committee chaired by the Honorable Elijah Cummings. Cohen started his testimony with the provocative statement, “Mr. Trump is a racist, a con-man, and a cheat”. He went on to implicate President Donald Trump in bank fraud, election fraud, insurance fraud, tax evasion, lying, suborning perjury and more. I could hardly tear myself away from the testimony to grab a fresh cup of coffee. Cohen was captivating. For close to seven hours Mr. Cohen gave testimony that lit the hair of viewers on fire. At the end of his testimony I finally closed my mouth and uttered a hushed, “Wow”.

A Web of Lies

There were moments when I truly empathized with Mr. Cohen. He said, he like most of us, is complex. Cohen admitted he was mesmerized by the heady world of Donald Trump. He was quickly swept into the Trump web of lies and misdeeds. A world where lies are twisted and manipulated for Trump’s advantage. A world where Trump uses code to give instructions. I could see it happening. The normalizing of criminal activity, they were all wearing suits and ties. Right? Nothing they were doing was that bad, was it? Now everything looks different. Now he realizes he was under the spell of Mr. Trump and he did a variety of illegal things that benefited only Mr. Trump. In the end the normalizing of those white-collar crimes and blind loyalty to a criminal kingpin have taken Michael Cohen to a guilty plea and a three-year sentence in federal prison.

Racketeering and Corruption

I have watched the GOP sink into a swamp of corruption over the last several years. Michael Cohen accused the Republican members of the committee of having fallen into the Trump quagmire. And it does seem as if at least two of Trump’s attack dogs in Congress, Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan seem to have become entangled in the Trump web of racketeering and corruption.

White Knuckled Attacks

Otherwise, why all the red-faced screaming and white knuckled paper waving attacks against Mr. Cohen personally? It looked bad. The Republicans on the Oversight Committee did themselves no favors by their ugly display today. Despite the outrage and the effort to stop the hearing with objection after objection, Chairman Cummings steered the hearing to a mind-blowing conclusion.  At least two news commentators took noted that no congressman defended Trump, or spoke to his sterling character.

On Speaker Phone

Do I think Cohen would have had his conversion if the FBI had not raided his offices and home and seized incriminating evidence?  It wasn’t until Jesus was passed in front of his face that Cohen had his Damascus moment. My ears perked up as Michael Cohen described a call that Trump received from Roger Stone. Cohen’s disclosure described Roger Stone, on speaker phone with Trump. During the conversation Stone allegedly told Donald Trump that Wikileaks was about to release an email dump. Cohen’s testimony brings us closer to evidence that Donald Trump was aware of the upcoming email release of stolen DNC emails. Is it proof that Donald Trump was in co-ordination with their release. No, but it smells really bad for Stone and Trump.

Back In Time

After hearing the Michael Cohen testimony tying Trump and Stone to Wikileaks prior to the email release I thought should dig around the YouTube treasure chest and find some of those old Roger Stone tapes from InfoWars say, and show them again. The following is actually from a CNN segment related to Stone bragging about his insider information and his “dinner with Assange”. I’m sure it will bring back memories.  Please note that Wikileaks, Julian Assange and Roger Stone have issued precisely worded denials of Mr. Cohen’s depiction of events.


COMMENT and OPINION: It Was NOT A Crosshairs

Not A Crosshairs

By Trevor K. McNeil

Roger Gets Slammed

I saw Roger Stone was slammed by federal judge Amy Jackson today. Stone now is under a very restrictive gag order in regards to his criminal case. I saw, like the rest of the world the text and the photo Stone posted. Totally inappropriate and as usual, pushing the envelope. His post referred to the Mueller probe as a “deep state” war against president Donald J. Trump. Roger Stone obviously relishes the razor’s edge. However with that said, I am getting really f-ing sick of people in the media referring to the images behind and beside judge Amy Berman Jackson’s head in the Instagram image sent by Roger Stone as a “crosshairs”.

Wiccan Symbol

For starters the positioning of the “crosshairs” would mean the shooter would miss; but mostly because it is a Wiccan symbol [see graph: top right]. I am not speaking to the Stone case or to Stone himself or his motives, he probably thought it was a cross-hairs and was too ignorant to know the difference but the fact is that it is not. Context matters and while cross-hairs could be construed as a threat a symbol that are not cross-hairs, even if they look like them, set well aside from a potential target is not threatening in any way. CNN wants it to be a threat so they are acting like it is. Just had to say it. Trevor K. McNeil 2/21/19