Don & Jared

Don and Jared

D. S. Mitchell

I am a proud, progressive liberal, and I attempt to deliver intelligent comment with a lot of information thrown in. I don’t know if I succeed in that effort, but I try like hell. So, if you are a political junkie, please join me for a dose of cold water reality, otherwise known as politics.  I took a couple of days off to clean up the Archives Section, here at Calamity Politics. I updated some posts, and deleted some others. If as a reader, you have a particular interest in something happening on the U.S. political scene, just drop me a note via the contact form or email me:  I will check it out, and see what information I can give you. I’m always trying to post something new and interesting. So, if you have something on your mind, share it with me.

Not Ready For Prime Time

The President of the United States has pushed his son-in-law, husband of his older daughter Ivanka, into one of the most visible positions on the world stage. From the looks of it, Jared Kushner, may not be ready for prime time. His foreign policy experience and diplomatic education is thin, to say the least. Jared Kushner, is the son of wealthy New Jersey real estate mogul and felon, Charles Kushner. The elder Kushner, served 2 years of a 5 year sentence, after pleading guilty to 18 felony counts, including tax fraud, election violations, and witness tampering. He, in fact, tried to blackmail his own brother-in-law in a scheme to prevent him from testifying against him in his criminal case.

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