Iran Treaty Problem: It Had Obama’s Signature On It

The folks at love hard work, but we also love to play. Since Trump’s election international political cartoonists have been having a hey day. Lebanese-Swiss cartoonist, Patrick Chappatte is one of the very best. While Mr. Chappatte makes us laugh, he also makes us think and cry. Here are a couple of Mr. Chappatte’s recent gems. Enjoy!-D.S. Mitchell

Trump admits the only thing wrong was Obama's signature

Civilian casualities

Iran and U.S. Beating Drums of War

The staff at love The Week magazine. They send us some of the best cartoons ever. If you don’t get their magazine, you might think about ordering it; for the cartoons if nothing else. So, today when I opened their e-mail there were at least half a dozen worth sharing. Considering the timing we decided that this cartoon was the funniest and certainly the most appropriate. Thank you Matson, love your great cartoon. Terrific insight. Thank you, The Week, for reminding us that laughter is the best medicine. Enjoy!-D.S. Mitchell

The Logical Song By Supertramp

Any regular visitor to knows I’m an oldies lover. For today I made the choice. No votes. No other input. This one is totally on my shoulders. From 1979, the English group Supertramp, brings us the “Logical Song”.

The YouTube version I have posted provides not only the song but also the lyrics, and a very nice video. The posting was not created by the Supertramp group but I think it is well done. The name on the post is Rob Turner. Thanks, Rob.

Oh, the innocence of childhood. There are many days I would give up everything for another week of childhood. If I only could….If I had only known….Enjoy! D.S. Mitchell

Concentration Camps At Border

In keeping with my article of today, “Racial Bigotry: Center Post of Trump Immigration Policy” I thought I would also run a repeat of the Chris Hayes “All In” program where he talks about concentration camps on the border. Please take five or six minutes and listen what Chris Hayes has to say on the matter.

Racial Bigotry: Center Post Of Trump Immigration Policy

Looking Bigotry In The Eye

By D. S. Mitchell

Concentration Camps

I’m watching “A.M. Joy”. The primary focus of the discussion this June 23rd, 2019 morning is the deplorable treatment of children in Trump’s concentration camps on our southern border. Where getting a bar of soap, a tube of toothpaste, a clean diaper, or a bath is not on the Border Patrol agenda, at least for the first month.

Cries In The Night

Immigrant children will suffer the scars of separation the rest of their lives

Immigrant children will suffer the effects of separation for years to come.

The cruelty and immorality of border separations and detainment should enrage us all. The images of children being ripped from their mother’s arms or the unanswered screams of, “papa” are alarming.  The trauma of these events will affect these people the rest of their lives. People are suffering. People are also dying. Six children have died over the last year while in Border Patrol custody. At least twenty-two adult immigrants have died in ICE custody over the last 24 months.

Humble, Humiliate and Dehumanize

Numerous clips of recent court hearings are outrageous to watch. This is what the United States has come to. Watching a panel of Federal judges question a DOJ attorney during a recent hearing was illuminating. The Justice Department attorney made it abundantly clear that Trump & Associates intent is not to just imprison immigrants, but rather to humble, humiliate and dehumanize them.

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TRUMP: The Human Dirt Devil

The Week magazine e-mailed me a bunch of new cartoons this morning. After taking a look at the comedy feast, we at voted on our favorite; and Steve Sack’s “Dirt Devil” won today’s honor as Calamity Politics “cartoon of the day”. Enjoy-D. S. Mitchell


Great Steve Sack Trump cartoon

Great Steve Sack’s Trump Cartoon. Thanks, Steve. Thanks, The Week.

30 Hours Too Many-According To Colbert

Trump speaks with George Stephanopoulos for 30 hours

Trump speaks with George Stephanopoulos for 30 revealing hours

This recent opening routine from The Late Show by Stephen Colbert is video pick of the day. Please take about 10 minutes, sit down relax, and laugh as Colbert dissects 30 hours of interview time with Donald Trump done by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.-D.S. Mitchell




By T.K. McNeil and D. S. Mitchell

Family Man

It is a tradition in American politics for candidates to play up their religion, their military service and their progeny. Apparently one out of three is enough considering who is currently occupying the Oval Office, at least when he isn’t golfing.  Trump recently re-enforced the Big Daddy reputation by taking the whole dang family (that he is willing to admit exists) on a state visit to the United Kingdom. The adult Trump children their spouses and their children were everywhere. You couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing them carrying notebooks and briefcases, and shooting selfies as if they were part of an ‘official’ diplomatic U.S. delegation.

Trump Children W/Spouses And The Grand Kids

Ivanka and Jared received "special presidential clearances"

Ivanka and Jared received special presidential clearances. Donald just wanted to do it.

The visit, of course, was totally legitimized by the fact that his daughter Ivanka, and son-in-law Jared Kushner hold, thanks to him, high government positions. No other administration would have hired Trump’s adult children because they are so inept and corrupt. My God, they are so unfit they needed a presidential command to get their security clearances.

Clearances Through Nepotism

At that point resignation should have been the face-saving choice for Trump’s adult children.  However, Trump Sr. chose something no other president has had the brilliance or wisdom to do, considering the “conflict of interest.”  He “cleared” them by some mysterious presidential power. Nepotism at its finest.  This creative action was inspired. It allowed the world’s tallest oompa-loompa to criticize his political opponents. Which he did right after his speech in front of acres of the valorous dead from many nations. There were so many white crosses it looked like it had snowed recently. What a truly intrepid and courageous trailblazer we have in the White House!

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“The Wall” Mistake At The Southern Border

Good morning! While I was scrounging around this morning looking for something interesting to post on I came across this Adam Ruines Everything video. I think it should be mandatory pre-Trump rally watching for all rally attendees. I know, however, the only people who will watch it already want less “wall” talk and more thoughtful policy discussion. Take a few minutes and watch Adam ‘ruins everything’ about the Trump wall delusion-D.S. Mitchell