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From The Heart

More and more people are expressing their deep feelings of shock and concern. This page will feature ordinary Americans venting.


Musings on President Trump

From Facebook posts by Sallie Bertram Ewing Lester

March 18, 2017 …my musings on Trump this morning. We simply cannot stand by as he brings the house down…with his lies, his menacing and hateful behavior, his sound-bite-tweet accusations on which NO ONE, Congress in particular, holds him to account, his way-out-of-control spending on someone else’s dime (that would be the American people), his dangerous military posturing… Seriously, how much more abuse will he be allowed to level before we the people and those we elected, say: NO MORE! Trump must be removed from office.

March 19, 2017 — Day 2

Ok, we get that he’s nuts, right? Well, if not certifiable, which he might be, he definitely lacks a sane level of maturity. He seems seriously unstable and I now question his ability to comprehend the gravity of his own actions.

He is not a “grown up” as we’ve come to think of our presidents. His word is not gold. It doesn’t verify and test out. We can’t rely on his word. Does he tell lies? No more mincing on this one: yes, he tells lies. Repeatedly. People are actually keeping track…the list is lengthy. He seems to have no integrity about honesty. In our personal lives, we choose to not associate with known liars, don’t we? So what do we do with a known liar who has the reins on our country? We’re taking a “wait & see” approach. What?!

We expect the objective truth from our president. Yes. Pure and simple. It’s what we must have. A president, who cannot or will not own up to a mis-deed or mis-take, is seriously bad news for all of us. He will not (or cannot) say he did wrong—maybe because each time it’s deliberate! We must all of us stop dodging this issue. Here’s a saying that comes to mind: when someone shows you who they are, believe him!

How long will our elected officials let this insanity go on? Is there no collective shame? We get that they don’t want to deal with the problem of Trump. But hello, it’s their JOB! They are sworn elected officials and they are the ONLY ones who can put this matter to rights, the only ones who can end this bizarrely careening joy ride that President Trump is taking us on. He’s taking us for a ride, folks! We must see that.

He has all the menace of a cyclone. All force and no wisdom. And as such, has no shame, no remorse or seeming awareness for the harm he does. It’s becoming a nightmare which our Congress is sleep-walking right on through. Wake up!! He is not someone we can endure and outlive! Congress must act without delay. There is so much at stake. So much to lose. People say: give him time. I say: tick, tock.

March 20, 2017 — Day 3

I woke up thinking I must address the “woman thing” that stands out in stark relief around Trump. What is this unique brand of chauvinism that is Trump?

When the word misogyny first began appearing in connection with Trump, I had to look it up to be sure I had the correct definition in mind. I didn’t even know how to spell it– it is so alien to my world and the men who populate it. So to save you the step, here’s a definition:

Noun. dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. “She felt she was struggling against thinly disguised misogyny”

I’m willing to take a wild guess that we’ve never had a president who displays openly, with such wanton abandon, his dislike of strong women. In fact, is it abandon or is it an inability to control his disdain of women who do not meet his “type”?

There seems to be a pattern and the tolerance band is narrow: is she soft spoken and does she yield to his prerogative? Would this person be called a sycophant, I wonder?

If we recognize that there are very few women around him, could it be that this type is hard to match? I think he has low tolerance of women in general –regardless of what they bring to the table. He seems to disapprove of strong, out-spoken women, who bring their own point of view in an unabashed way (remember the horrific scene with Angela Merkel, not to mention ALL the scenes with Hillary…).

All of this leads me to this point of view: he will not be looking out for us. He is not on our side girls. Oh, contraire. Women are more than 50% of the population of the United States (and we’re the third most populous country in the world!). I would venture to say that the number of women he approves of, would go to bat for, and causes he would champion are, well, as small as hens’ teeth…And, whilst I’m at it, the situation could actually get worse if he decides on an offensive. With Bannon whispering in his ear, that could happen. Unstable patriarchal societies the world round share this common thread: women are not held in high regard. The instability that a president of the United States with low regard for women could bring on our society is a serious matter and cannot be taken lightly.

So we had better be looking out for ourselves, friends and neighbors. First, know absolutely that we have mad qualities and qualifications!! Some of the brightest and best educated and trained, respected and freedom-loving women in the world live in the U.S.A. Know that!

So, how do we look out for ourselves in the face of what is happening under this new administration? I think it’s already underway. And each of us can join in as we choose. LOOK for opportunities. Speak on issues you value. Seek what is right and just and be not thwarted by efforts to silence you—with fear or shame. What he calls us and how he treats us will not define us.

March 22, 2017 — Day 4

What do we make of Trump’s lavish lifestyle? Well, he is a billionaire after all…but then, so is Warren Buffet. What a study in contrasts that would make…

But here we have a lavish lifestyle at taxpayers’ expense. Shouldn’t we rightfully and legally expect him to conduct himself and his households with a conscience because he represents so many in our nation who live a minimalist existence? These are not feudal days; he is not a king to tax his subjects and then use that money for his personal gain.

He came careening in on a promise that he would hold dear, protect and champion the “little guy”—the people in our country who have either lost jobs or work two jobs and still cannot get above the poverty level to make a living wage. Those who have lost jobs because corporations are taking manufacturing elsewhere are in a hard spot. So what are we to make of this president who isn’t upholding his promise? And seems to live his lavish lifestyle with impunity and, in fact, flagrant lifestyle. ((of something considered wrong or immoral) conspicuously or obviously offensive. “his flagrant bad taste” synonyms: blatant, glaring, obvious, overt, conspicuous, barefaced, shameless, brazen, undisguised, unconcealed…))

For instance, the cost to operate Airforce One (he calls it T-Bird), taking him and his massive entourage, friends and family to Palm Beach for a single weekend is estimated to be roughly $3Million-PER-TRIP.

“By one sketchy estimate, Trump and his family, in their security and travel demands, have already rung up as much in accounts payable by taxpayers as the Obama and Biden families did in eight years, a figure elsewhere calculated, by the Washington DC-based Judicial Watch, as topping $97m…. all at the expense of taxpayers…” The Guardian “Judicial Watch, a conservative group that regularly requested travel expenses from the Obama administration, puts the former president’s eight-year total for travel at nearly $97 million. That’s about $12 million per year.” Anna Staver , KUSA February 24, 2017

Trump will exceed the previous 8 year total in less than 8 months. Imagine what this bizarre spending looks like from the point of view of the minimum wage earner?

So am I vilifying Trump for taking these repeated trips at enormous expense—expense most of us can’t fathom? Where did the promise to do good things for others and improve lives—to make America great again—where did that campaign promise go? Not only has the promise evaporated, but he’s taken several steps already in the opposite direction.

Here’s what’s wrong, I think. Trump doesn’t admit he’s wrong—ever. Why? He would first have to admit that he did wrong.

A special thank you to those of you who spoke up in previous Musings posts. I appreciate hearing your points of view, truly. It helps me see the world in all its diversity. Our future depends on it.

March 30, 2017 — Day 5

What do you make of this “Russia” thing? Many names flying around this “meta-story“ so, just to start off someplace, I will go with Congressman Devin Nunes. He’s leading a House intelligence panel given the task to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election. Now there was an inherent conflict from the outset. It’s very important to question, I think, why Nunes, who was in the Trump campaign team and one of Trump’s surrogates and then on the transition team, would be trusted with this investigation? The answer strongly suggests that this was not a “for real” investigation. There is no way he could park his bias at the door on this one.

As it subsequently played out, he didn’t! A skull & dagger farce ensued that sounds comical in the retelling. But to the meat of it, Sally Yates, former acting Attorney General, was fired by Trump when she took information to Trump about discoveries made about Flynn. She was scheduled to give testimony this week and, Nunes, after secretive meetings at the Whitehouse, cancelled the investigation committee meeting. Could it be that the Trump administration is trying to keep a lid on having to explain the 3 weeks period of time when he was told of Flynn’s involvement by Sally Yates and when he finally acknowledged the information and fired Flynn? It gets murkier and murkier.

The connections of a growing list of Russians to Trump and his inner circle and his administration during the election and since is startling.

At the moment, only 3 entities have objective powers to investigate: FBI, Congressional Intelligence Committee and the Senate. It looks hopeful that the Senate investigation, led by Senators Warner (D-VA) and Burr (R-NC), is going to get some traction in a serious way.

The question not getting answered is this: does he have ties to Russia? There are too many links to form a coincidence. And, he’s not divested of his multi-national companies as he said he had. Does he have business involvements with the Russians, too? Tax returns will have to be subpoenaed eventually (and it will have to be a requirement for anyone who runs for President in the future to voluntarily submit them). Mike Allen, Axios executive editor, said this on the news the other night: “My mother was right: if you have nothing to hide, don’t hide it!” Ultimately, this outrageous circus of characters and events may yet require an independent investigation.

A new book has just been released. John Farrell’s biography of Richard Nixon, who we’re learning is a hero of Trump. Already comparisons are being made: striking similarities in public speaking and almost word-for-word lines in speeches. In an interview on MSNBC last night, Farrell commented that Nixon’s massive insecurities brought him down. Could that be Trump’s Achilles’ heel?

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