EDITORIAL: Final Shutdown


By Trevor K. McNeil

Promises, Promises

Always keep your promises. This is what we teach our children from when they are very young. One pitfall to this maxim most adults don’t take into account when socializing with the little ones is that kids for the most part have an extremely literal world view.

No Matter How Cock-eyed

Yes, it is generally good to try and keep the promises one makes, particularly if one wants to cultivate a reputation for honesty and trust worthiness. It is not, however, needed that one stick entirely to the literal content of a promise no matter how blinkered, mad or cock-eyed it might be; or what unforeseen havoc it might wreak. This is why there is so often a distinction made between a threat and a promise, though in some ways, a promise can be far more frightening.

Political Promises

A relaxed attitude towards political promises is something that politicians know instinctively. In fact it is  as much a part of our system of government as gerrymandering or the Bill of Rights; something most politicians understand implicitly and are able to do as easily and unconsciously as they walk or breath. You will notice that I said “most.”

One of A Kind Is Not Always A Good Thing

There are many ways in which Donald John Trump is not like other politicians (or indeed other humans). Many of these have been commented on before and are obvious to those with the most cursory understanding of the American political system. It is not, for example, usual for a President to openly Tweet about government business, or use an unsecured cell phone, or invite Russian officials into the Oval Office. My head is still spinning.

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