Editorial: Government Closure

Government Closure:

Who to Blame and the Effects

By Jones William

He Wants More Money

President Donald Trump’s government technically made a partial government closure at 0000 hours on 22 December 2018 for the third time. This was after the Senate failed to  break a deadlock over the president’s call for a ridiculous amount of money to build a wall on our southern border.  Trump promised a wall and Mexico would pay for it. Well that’s not happening, so Trump is now demanding $5 billion from the American taxpayer to fund his border wall or he will bluster and roar and continue the government closure.

Working Without Pay

The government closure is only a partial shutdown. Because Congress and Trump had earlier approved funding bills of $1.3 trillion for three-quarters for the operation of federal agencies. That meant that only some agencies would be shut after December 21, when funding ran out. Even so, the essential employees in those agencies will be required to continue reporting to work, knowing they will be working without pay until the government re-opens. This new partial government closure effects nearly a million government employees, their families, their creditors.

I’ll Take The Heat

President Trump told all of America he would be the one to  blame for the government closure. He publicly declared before reporters in the Oval Office that he would be ‘proud’ to have a government shutdown.  His sentiments were even echoed by Stephen Miller, the chief strategist of the Trump anti-immigrant policy. After the closure for 16 days in 2013, a poll by Washington Post-ABC News indicated that many Americans placed the responsibility for the stalemate in 2013 on Republicans not on Barack Obama.

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