Dems Face Tough Battle in 2022 Mid-terms


Democrats Face Tough Battle In 2022 Mid-terms

High inflation may dim Democrats to hold onto congress


Democrats Face Tough Battle In 2022 Mid-terms

The U.S. mid-term  elections are less than nine months away. According to experts, painful political fallout is coming for the Democrats. Currently, the Democrats have a very small majority in the House, control the presidency, while a “fluid” position exists in the Senate. The 2022 midterm elections are crucial, because they’ll determine if  Mitch McConnell “gridlock politics’ returns or not.

By D. S. Mitchell


Poll Ratings Drop

Presidential approval ratings have dipped to dismal levels. The causes are many. The slow, painful, public  assassination of the social portion of the Build Back Better by enemy insiders, Sinema and Manchin was painful to watch on cable news. Biden’s persistent claim that he is a uniter, a consensus builder, blew up in his face when he and his team could not deliver their own caucus; a terrible embarrassment.

COVID Hysteria

The on-going COVID pandemic is driving normal people insane. You see it everywhere, in interactions between customers and clerks, between cops and citizens, between voters and officials. The anger is palpable. Besides anger; there is depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, rage-on-a-plane-madness, and of course, homicide, and suicide.

Desperate Means

I think there is growing proof that the fabric of civil society, worldwide, is coming apart. The isolation, the restrictions, mask mandates, no mask mandate,  vaccinate, don’t vax, the misinformation, the fear, the death, social media experts in white coats criminalizing their profession, have overwhelmed us all. People are ready to blame anyone for their troubles, all they need is someone with a megaphone to incite the crowd. A dangerous situation.

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Our Primary Responsibility

Our Primary Responsibility

By Wes Hessel

We Have A Choice To Make

The run up to the presidential election, this year on November 3rd is two tiered. The last pair of events in the process are the conventions of the two main political parties, where they nominate their candidates for president. Interestingly, the delegates to those conventions are chosen by a system of state primaries and caucuses.

Primarily Choosing Or, Caucus Talk-ups

To clarify the nominating process; most states hold primary elections,  a few others hold caucuses. Presidential primary elections are held by the states that have them, with primary elections for state, county or municipal offices. Caucuses however, are “private” events, run by the party whose delegates are being chosen.

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Kamala Harris, The Prosecutor

Kamala Harris: The Prosecutor

By Megan Wallin

An American Dream

She carries herself like a leader. She doesn’t isolate listeners with simplistic statements when she speaks. Her  back story is proof of the American dream. An ethusiastic 20,000 supporters came out in Oakland, Ca to hear her announce her intention to make a run for the presidency. That, and according to Lisa Lerer of The New York Times, Harris “matched Senator Bernie Sanders’s record by raising $1.5 million from 38,000 donors in the first 24 hours of her campaign”. All in all an impressive campaign roll out.  Kamala Harris’ decision to run for president is an obvious threat to other Democratic candidates.

Prepared to Change the Status Quo

As a prosecutor Harris went to crime scene

As a prosecutor Harris went to crime scenes

In an interview with Mother Jones writer Jamilah King, Kamala Harris gives more of her story, her views, and how her education and work has prepared her to change the status quo. She tells King, “This is about my training as a prosecutor. I like to go to the scene, and I do that with almost [any] project. I need to see it and I need to hear it—I need to feel it, almost, so that I can have some intuitive sense, as well as some theoretical or intellectual or academic sense, of what’s going on.”

Something Meaningful

At first glance, Kamala Harris’ background as a prosecutor doesn’t seem like the type of preparation that would lead to being not just a senator, but a social leader, maker of history, and presidential candidate. But Harris grew up watching her parents forge ahead into unknown territory, and—by her own admission—her yearning for something meaningful started at a young age.

Education and Activism

Harris’s mother Gopalan immigrated from Chennai, India, to study at the University of  California-Berkeley for her doctorate in nutrition and endocrinology. She met and fell in love with Donald Harris, a Jamaican-born economics major earning his Ph.D. Rather than returning home to marry someone of her family’s choosing, Gopalan stayed in the United States. Together Harris and Gopalan had two daughters. They raised their daughters nurtured within two combined cultures and instilled them with a respect for activism and academia.

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Beto O’Rourke 2020

Beto O’Rourke 2020

By Megan Wallin

He Could Be a Contender

An eloquent and articulate speaker with a thin frame and the pledge to run a “positive campaign” goes head to head against a well-established member of the GOP—and loses. Except for that last bit, the tale sounds rather familiar, doesn’t it?

More White Maleness

It hasn’t been that long since the phenomenon of Barack Obama’s explosive crash landing on to our political center stage, and yet the nation already seems thirsty for another new face.  This time, we have someone who would seem, by our nation’s historic standards of maleness and whiteness, to be almost too much of the good old boys.  One of the club.  One of the elite. I have heard him compared to Bobby Kennedy. I have listened to many Bobby speeches and there is a passion for the common man (woman) in the language of each man. Something that is sadly missing from today’s political hyperbole.

Privileged In All the Right Ways

His true first name is Robert. Beto is a Spanish nickname for Robert. Relating to Hispanic voters is definitely an advantage in Latino heavy Texas.  But, everyone knows he is a white guy.  People do not refuse to support him based solely on the color of his skin. He doesn’t have birthers spreading rumors about his heritage, allegiance, or religion. He didn’t run against a war hero. He didn’t even run against a popular opponent. But, he lost…to Ted Cruz.

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