Ivanka Mismanaged Food Program

Ivanka Mismanaged Food Program

Lines at food banks were long during the height of the COVID pandemic

Did Ivanka Mismanage Food Program?

“Of course,” she did, says investigative congressional committee

Ivanka is at the center of  another scandal involving fraud, incompetence, and mismanagement

By D. S. Mitchell

Numb To Outrage

I thought I was numb to the outrageous behavior of the Trump family, and those in their orbit, but I am not. Yesterday, I was perusing the internet, instead of doing what needed to be done. Anyway. . . I came across an article on ProPublica about the mishandling of the Food to Families Program from last spring and then the same story with updates popped up again in a Palmer Report article last week.

Pulling Back The Veil

Ivanka Trump, unveiled the program in May 2020.  According to congressional investigators, Ivanka spearheaded the idea to include the letter from her father in each of the boxes.  Private contractors were told by the USDA that the letter was mandatory. Food bank operators told congressional investigators the letter concerned them because it was politically biased.

The Dig Continues

I continued digging. I discovered that last week The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis,  published their report on the debacle. Sadly, the conclusion was that that former President Donald Trump’s administration, under the leadership of his daughter Ivanka, failed miserably at delivering food to families as promised.

Furthermore, the year long congressional investigation identified problems with the deliveries themselves; including food safety issues, spoiled food, failed deliveries, and uneven food distribution. Recipient organizations complained some contractors forced them to accept more food than they could distribute or store. That’s why, under the Trump administration, the Food to Families program was created. This program was supposed to get food into the hands and mouths of needy families. “Supposed to” are the keywords. It turns out, like, with everything else Trump & Associates touched, this program fell apart.

Whistle While You Work

ProPublica reports that the Farmers to Families Food Box program gave contracts to companies that had no relevant experience, and in many cases companies that lacked the necessary licenses for the contracts they applied for. Contractor applications were not adequately screened or vetted; nor did officials follow up on red flags in bid proposals. Money was foolishly wasted, grievously mishandled, probably stolen, and most assuredly misappropriated for political campaigning.


Why is that? To start with Ivanka was involved. According to new reporting  millions of dollars were misused and squandered. And much of the money went to bogus contracts being given to unqualified and inexperienced companies. There was little screening of said applications, according to the investigators. Some of the funds were also used to promote President Trump in various ways. Who would have guessed that? Remember that letter Ivanka Trump insisted be included in the food packages? The now infamous letter bragged about what a good job Daddy Trump was doing with the pandemic response. Democrats point out that the letter appears to violate the Hatch Act. No surprise there. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so predictable and so corruptly Trump.

Mask Know How

Mask Know-How

Masks and handwashing are important components in staying healthy during COVID-19

Mask Know-How

By D. S. Mitchell

The Rights & Safety of the Community Come First

I am amazed to hear all the screaming and hollering about the rights of the individual; as if the community had no meaning, or importance. Besides vaccines the 3 most effective things we can do to protect ourselves, our family and our society, against disease is to 1) wear a mask, 2) wash your hands, and 3) give yourself some distance, at least six feet.  These behaviors save lives.

The Reasons

The reason you wear a mask is to prevent mucus and saliva from escaping your nose and mouth,  when you speak, eat, cough, sneeze and breathe. When that mask is in place it is a barrier to the spread of diseases like COVID-19 is slowed dramatically. Conversely, a mask  shields you from other people’s droplets. If your glasses fog up, make your own nosepiece to keep warm breath from escaping the top of your mask. A small piece of tape works great, and you can use tape with both the reusable and the disposable masks. Your mask should fit snugly over the whole lower half of your face and chin. When your chin’s left uncovered, germs and viruses can creep in and reach your mouth, nose, and eyes. They can also escape from your mouth and pass to others. It can also let your mask ride up on your face, which can fog your glasses or even block your vision.

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“Just Dave” 09/19/2021

“Just Dave” 09/19/2021

“Just Dave” 09/19/2021

Today, Dave is talking about the unvaccinated. The current epidemic is one of the unvaccinated. How come suddenly people would rather die on the battleground of stupidity than take an incredibly safe deterrent. Nothing is perfect, and that includes vaccines. Yet when tossing the dice the odds of surviving the vaccine far outweigh surviving COVID. How could anyone in their right mind want to take the chance of being paralyzed with drugs, have a tube shoved down their throat, a catheter shoved into your bladder, turned every hour so you don’t get bed sores? Now this isn’t going to be a two hour or two day affair. This could go on for months, until you die, or improve. If you die, most likely your last moments will be alone.  If you are lucky there may be a nurse there to hold your hand as you pass. So unnecessary.

Please, stop the silly nonsense and get vaccinated. Do it for yourself, your community, and the country.

Neanderthal’s Gone, But Not Forgotten

Neanderthal’s Gone, But Not Forgotten

Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals interbred and we still carry the genes of those ancient ancestors

A 60,000-year-old Neanderthal gene once made us resistant to viruses, but now it may make us vulnerable to it.


Neanderthal’s Gone But Not Forgotten

Sonnet Gomes

Half of Neanderthal Genome Survives

Neanderthals died out around 40,000 years ago, but traces of them still remain. In the past decade it has become clear that Neanderthals mated with the ancestors of modern humans, producing viable offspring. Studies indicate that almost half of the Neanderthal genome still survives, scattered in small quantities among most modern people’s DNA. (The exception is those with mostly African ancestors, for Neanderthals seem never to have lived in Africa.)

Two Long Chains

Such genes have been associated with everything from hairiness to fat metabolism. Many seem to be related to the immune system, and to affect the risk of developing diseases including lupus, Crohn’s and diabetes. A pair of recent papers suggest covid-19 belongs on that list as well. Two long sections of DNA, both inherited from Neanderthals, appear to confer resistance or susceptibility to severe covid-19, depending on which is present.

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45 Reasons “45” Didn’t MAGA

A look at Trump's failures


45 Reasons “45” Didn’t MAGA

By Anna Hessel

  1. America was already great before Trump was elected.
  2. He removed us from the Paris Climate Accord. Despite all the facts – he refers to global warming as a “hoax.”
  3. President Trump insulted our military service members. Insulting the very men and women who put their lives on the line for our nation. He shamefully attacked dead heroes like John McCain and Gold Star families. To top it off, Donnie Bone Spur decided to veto the bipartisan supported National Defense Authorization Act, stopping a 3% military personnel pay raise.
  4. Trump lifted the ban on trophy hunting, because Donnie Jr. wanted him to.  This has allowed the import of lion and elephant carcasses, innocent and majestic animals whose lives were taken away for “sport.”
  5. The Trump administration caged thousands of migrant children. A record number still remain in detention. He has forcibly separated kids from their parents. Over 600 of these children were ripped cruelly from their families, and now those mothers and fathers cannot be located.
  6. Nearly 400,000 people are dead due to Trump’s mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis. He knew the risk of this deadly virus but he lied to the public. The US is the epi-center of the coronavirus. The refusal of Trump and his “MAGA” followers to wear masks, avoid crowds, social distance, practice proper hand washing, and maintain increased sanitation measures has contributed to the spread of the disease. Other nations are returning to normalcy while U.S. cases continue to rise, and our mortality rate is the highest in the world. His vaccine distribution plan has also failed miserably, yet  his supporters, who originally called the inoculation unsafe, now praise him for allegedly getting us the vaccine.
  7. Trump is the only “president” to be impeached TWICE for criminal acts.
  8. The only “president” in history to be banned by social media outlets.
  9. His orange “comb over” and scowling face has been hard to tolerate and getting harder by the moment.
  10. Empty store shelves, devoid of groceries, cleaning products, and the ever popular toilet paper are directly related to Trump’s failure.
  11. The rampant racism, bigotry, and anti-Semitism he has promoted will leave a stain on our country. His bigotry has encouraged attacks on places of worship, the Muslim community, blacks, Mexicans and Asians.  White supremacy and white privilege pushed to the forefront by his brainwashed supporters.  This deeply failed man, this narcissistic, misogynistic, white supremacist, and self-proclaimed “nationalist” is a hero to his supporters. Trump’s blatant racist mentality has given license and fringe popularity to those with hate in their hearts who wish to commit atrocious and senseless acts of violence in the name of “patriotism.” Trump cannot even decide if those followers are “patriots” or an embarrassment to him.  His frightening attitude has taken our country back to times well before the fight for our civil rights.
  12. Donald J. Trump and his “fan-actics,” including figures like Franklin Graham, have committed acts of blasphemy, claiming this serial adulterer, who knows nothing about the Christian religion, boasts of grabbing women by their private parts, has multiple rape accusations against him, who holds a Bible he doesn’t read in front of a church he doesn’t attend, is “God’s chosen one,” equating Trump to the Lord Jesus Himself. His supporters falsely claim he has done more for Christianity than any other President, when actually what he has done is made a mockery of faith. His actions in no way reflect a “godly man” – they are much closer to an Antichrist.
  13. He is the only “president” or presidential candidate who has refused to release his tax returns.
  14. Donnie-Do-Nothing brought us the first “FLOTUS” seen with a staple in the area of her navel. Unfortunately that was all the coverage she had.
  15. He took credit for the economic stimulus checks, insisting his signature be on the check, as if the money was coming out of his own pocket. While he is largely responsible for the economic decline we are facing due to the coronavirus. A virus which he claimed would just disappear. He disbanded the task force formed by the Obama administration to prevent, address, and combat pandemics.
  16. Wildly unsubstantiated beliefs such as power generation windmills causing cancer.
  17. He misappropriated the words of a popular, strong female motion picture character (Elle Woods, “Legally Blonde”) as his own.
  18. Moments of total idiocy were a daily head shaker. Whether it was his inexplicable spelling mistakes or crazy statements such as saying the Revolutionary soldiers protected the “airports” at the time of the Revolutionary War.
  19. He called our beautiful, accomplished, and intelligent Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris a “nasty” woman. A term he often uses for women of strength and power.
  20. He has poked fun at pet owners – he made a comment to the effect of, “Can you see me walking a dog on the White House lawn? I don’t think so.” Dogs across America are howling a sigh of relief at this revelation, while kitty cats fear being grabbed.   The only seemingly decent thing I can ever recall Trump doing is signing the bill making animal cruelty a felony.
  21. At a rally he viciously and publicly made fun of a disabled journalist.
  22. He consistently denounces the media and journalism in general as reporting “fake news” when they do not agree with his convoluted, conflicted viewpoints.
  23. Donald Trump played golf while our nation has faced the most challenging threat to our safety in over 100 years.
  24. “Bunker boy” is a big bully and spoiled brat.
  25. Trump has attempted to cut or destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, nutrition assistance, and other social programs with no regard to the millions of senior citizens, disabled, working poor, single parents, and military families that rely on them, claiming “socialism” is Communism, when in fact he aligns himself with dictators.
  26. He shares an overwhelming proportion of “hawk”-type personality traits with Adolf Hitler.
  27. Trump and his attorneys have filed numerous frivolous and baseless lawsuits, claiming President-elect Joe Biden and his supporters “stole” the election. The lie so big that AG Bill Barr and federal judges appointed by Trump saw no merit in his accusations.  Joe Biden received  81,283,985 a record number of votes, more than any other presidential candidate in history. Trump and at least one of his attorney’s Sidney Powell is being sued for defamation by Dominion voting machines and a software firm who provided electronic voting programs.  Of course, then there was the interference by Russia in the 2016 presidential election.
  28. His racist border wall…
  29. A ban on Muslims entering the country, prevented needed health care workers from reentering the country. The ban kept an innocent woman from visiting an ill family member residing legally in the United States. The stories are many and they are heartbreaking.
  30. Donald Trump said he would date his own daughter. How sick is that?
  31. He wanted to spend large amounts of American government money on a dictator-like military parade.
  32. Churches, schools, theaters, cinemas, graduations, weddings, and sporting events closed or canceled en masse until further notice.
  33. He told the nation to inject or drink bleach as a cure for COVID-19.
  34. Trump laughingly called himself “a very stable genius”.
  35. His unnerving Twitter rants.
  36. Supporters claim that Trump is the only “president” who has ever run the country like a business. I would like to point out that Trump was a failed businessman,  who filed for bankruptcy  four to six times, depending on the source cited.
  37. Trump pardoned Blackwater contractor war criminals responsible for the massacre of innocent unarmed civilian Iraqis.
  38. He wanted to draw down all United States forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, despite the security risk. Eventually he left only 2500 troops each in both countries. These numbers still have no strategic sensibility with terrorists threats ongoing. Iraq and Afghanistan now have less American service personnel than Spain.
  39. His threat to veto COVID-19 relief forced the American people to spend the holiday season in stressed concern. Many feel they have been left to fend for themselves as we faced the very worst of this pandemic.
  40. He discussed the preposterous and frightening idea of a martial law declaration so he could get a new election in certain swing states.
  41. His ludicrous claim that, “our country is full and we cannot accept any more immigrants.”
  42. Trump said he wanted to fistfight his presidential opponent, the peaceful and physically fit Joe Biden.
  43. While stupidly and improperly walking in front of Queen Elizabeth during his visit to the United Kingdom he stopped forcing the 92-year-old monarch to step around “The Dumb Donald”.
  44. His present-tense comment about a gentleman who passed away in 1895, which still baffles our brains. “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice.”
  45. Trump is a sore loser, threatening to skip the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris, and to leave the country. It looks like he is finally going to make America great…




Trump Rally Stats:

By D. S. Mitchell



If you are tempted to stop wearing a mask, end social distancing, or frequent hand washing just check out COVID DONNIE’S statistics and rethink that stupidity. Elbow bump.



OPINION: Paying Tribute To The Dead


Paying Tribute To COVID-19 Dead

D. S. Mitchell

Trump Terror Campaign

Total COVID-19 cases in the United States surpassed 9 million on Friday, October 30, 2020. Close to 235,000 people are dead in America. Most states are experiencing spikes unseen since the pandemic peak back in July. CDC reported that today there were an astounding and record setting 98,580 new cases. The pandemic is rapidly expanding. This is a runaway train. The Trump terror campaign is in full swing. The U.S. has only 4.25% of the world’s population but we have nearly 20% of the worlds deaths from COVID-19.

Incompetent, Ineffective and Unfit

969 Americans have died needlessly since yesterday. Brothers, sisters, mothers, husbands, sons, friends and family who are no longer with us. I said these folks had died needlessly and I meant it. If Donald Trump had taken the virus seriously in January we would not be experiencing these shocking death totals. A study from Columbia University estimates that 210,000 of those American deaths could have been avoided. Donald Trump had the power to change the dynamics. If Donald Trump hadn’t been an incompetent, ineffective, and unfit president a total of  24,000 Americans would have died from COVID-19 instead of nearly 235,000.

“Operation Warp Speed”

Trump is actually out on the campaign stump claiming one of his top achievements during his first term was “ending COVID-19.” I don’t know if Donald is hallucinating, on drugs or just a pathological liar, but I’m shocked and disgusted at his claims.  The fact that his pronouncement came at a new peak of a raging pandemic should be no shock to anyone. While the pandemic gets worse in our country the toxic psychopath masquerading as a president babbles absurdities completely divorced from reality. If the pandemic is over, why is the Trump administration still desperately trying to bring out a vaccine “any day?”

It Could Be Different

Take New Zealand for example. Jacinda Ardern is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. From the beginning of the pandemic she and her government enacted a nationwide lockdown and the widest ranging and toughest border restrictions of any country in the world. Despite the strict crackdown she earned the respect of her citizens. She has shown care and compassion and her actions have saved thousands of lives. As of today less than 30 of her citizens has died from coronavirus. Adjusted for population, that is the equivalent of 1,650 Americans, which is clearly even better than the Columbia University study mentioned above.

Between Now And January 20th

Out-of-control incompetence. It is anticipated that 150,000 to 250,000 more Americans will needlessly die between now and noon on January 20th. Hopefully that is the same day that we see Joe Biden replace Donald Trump. I think the death toll could be even greater than estimated. I hope not. All we can do is wear our masks, wash our hands religiously, social distance and avoid groups. Even with that, half the population resists these simple measures.

Poor Example

The primary reason for the resistance to masks is named Donald Trump. He is the poorest example of what to do during a public health emergency.  I wonder if we will ever be able to track the deaths directly related to Trump’s rallies. The carnage of fifty more 9/11 deaths will occur between now and January and based on recent rally rhetoric it looks like Trump is going to blame “doctors and the nurses for making money on COVID deaths.”

No More Trump 

We can stop this. We can step up and vote the diseased Orange Menace out of office. I truly believe this country cannot tolerate another four years of Trump and his goons. What we need to do is vote. We must make sure Trump is  removed from the White House as soon as the Constitution provides. There are thousands of reasons why Donald Trump is unfit to be president of the United States, his response to the virus is one of his worst failures. The best tribute we can give to our lost loved ones is to Dump Trump.


Trump Pre-Hospitalization Timeline

EDITORIAL: Trump Pre-Hospitalization Timeline

By D. S. Mitchell


In The Early Morning Hours

I had gone to bed late Thursday (10/01/20) night and was sort of watching TV while sort of dozing. It was early a.m. Friday (10/02/20) on the west coast, when Kaisie Hunt, on her show “Way Too Early,”  made a dramatic announcement.  Close advisor to the president, Hope Hicks had tested positive for Coronavirus. The name of Hope Hicks caused me to sit up and take notice. Over the next couple hours information  dribbled in; and eventually we got word that Donald J. Trump, president of the United States had tested positive for COVID-19. Yikes and oh, my! I got up and made a cup of coffee. I knew I had to hit Twitter.  Where the prevailing sentiment seemed to be, “Wouldn’t it be funny if Trump died from COVID-19?” and “big surprise, he doesn’t even wear a mask or social distance.”

Prayers And Best Wishes

Okay, I have to admit I have a greater than normal share of cynicism. I nearly barfed when I heard all the TV hosts wishing the president “health and happiness” and the proverbial “thoughts and prayers.” I know, I know. Be nice.  But, really… here is a man holding super spreader rallies, Rose Garden COVID-19 parties, insulting Biden and others for mask wearing, undermining the postal service, threatening our very democracy, refused to admit he would give up power if he loses the election, has in my view at least, encouraged armed insurrection, and I am now supposed to say, “oh, poor Donnie.” To be blunt, fuck that shit! I will not.

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Creativity During COVID-19 Pandemic


The Mother of Inventions

By Trevor K. McNeil

Kick At the Darkness

There is a prevailing theory that times of turmoil lead to an increase in creativity. An idea supported by the warehouse’s worth of material created around the Nixon and George W. Bush administrations. Trump himself has countless examples of opposition in the public sphere. Despite having, so far, been in office half as long as the previous two. The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. Aside from the suicidal fools denying the very existence of the virus killing hundreds of thousands around the world, there are three basic approaches to creating in the age of COVID-19. Survive, improve and thrive.


The most high-profile examples of creativity during the pandemic are those that engender a sense of community with each other and defiance against our common enemy. These include the now famous “Patio Concerts” that were started by opera singers in Italy. An idea taken into the digital realm by bands such as Blink-182 and Chvrches. Releasing socially distanced songs and sessions with the members distanced from each other and their fans. A theme filtering into albums, such as The Lockdown Sessions by The Coral. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has changed its name to The Daily Social Distancing Show. A tactic also adopted by Full-Frontal with Samantha Bee and Conan hosted by Conan O’Brian. Though in O’Brian’s case, rather than being recorded in his home, the production has moved to an empty theater space.

Stronger Than Death

Others have taken the opportunity at self-isolation to really focus on their work. A tradition stretching back to Shakespeare who wrote King Lear under lockdown during a different outbreak and The Marquis De Sade, who worked under lockdown of a different kind. Having spent much of his life in prison or asylums. Standouts from the modern crop of self-isolated work include How I’m Feeling Now by Charli XCX and Folklore by Taylor Swift.

Lives Pulled Apart

Of the two, How I’m Feeling Now resonates most with the times. While pandemic and its effects aren’t mentioned by name, this only makes the effect all the more potent. While her work has always been urgent, songs like “Pink Diamond” have a raging, desperate, tiger-pacing-in-a-cage aspect to them. Gentler tracks like “I’ll Love You Forever” have a tinge of tragedy. Strongly implying lives pulled apart by isolation, lockdowns and death, yet still with a glimmer of hope. Love being stronger than death.

Clear Blue Sky

I’m not sure what happened to Taylor Swift while under self-isolation but I’m glad it did. Anyone familiar with my previous work won’t be surprised that I’m not the biggest fan of pop music. Particularly in terms of overproduced, corporate products. Folklore is the anti-matter of that. Released without promotion and recorded in self-isolation just months after her 30th birthday, Folklore is a huge step forward.

Wow, She’s Good

Swift having the time and focus to do her best work and sweet Thor in Asgard is it good! The raw talent only glimpsed previously, now on full show. The album is categorized as “Alternative” which, while vague, is the perfect way to describe this befuddling experience. Veering from the darkly bouncy “The Last American Dynasty” to Hozier-levels of poetic melancholy on “Exile” to the delicious word play on “The Lakes.” A bonus track which evokes the Romantic poets better than any song in recent memory.

Get Your Passes!

The pandemic also hasn’t been able to keep cultural events down. While some, like the San Diego ComicCon have been cancelled for the first time in decades, others have found new ways to exist. The Chelsea Flower Show, a major event in London often attended by The Queen, has gone online. Video tours of this year’s displays available on their event’s website. The Toronto International Film Festival, one of the oldest film festivals in North America on par with Cannes, has done something similar. Film buffs can see every film that was going to be shown in this year’s festival by buying a single digital-pass. Not only making the whole experience cheaper but a lot more accessible to those unable to get to Toronto for whatever reason.


HUMOR: Doc Trump’s Traveling Medicine Show

HUMOR: Doc Trump’s Traveling Medicine Show


By I.B. Freely


COVID-19 got you down? Worried about the long-term effects of the most toxic and contagious viral infection since Spanish Flu? Fear not citizen! Doc Trump’s Traveling Medicine Show has the cure for the most common ill of our age. And he should know, they don’t come much more common than frat-boy-in-chief.

A Spoonful of Toxin

Far beyond mere ‘science,’ this galaxy-brained very stable genius can know if a  treatment will work just by ‘feeling it.’ The pandemic will soon be a thing of the past. Even if Doc Trump has to poison half the population to reach this seemingly lofty goal, which is really no more than his god-like job’s worth. Besides which, as any Dread Pirate worth their cocaine powder knows, a little bit of poison helps build up immunity.

No, Really, Go Drink Bleach

Crowning the tippy, tippy top off Doc Trump’s list of brilliant, perfect, foolproof cures is humble bleach. It obviously kills bacteria, so it must utterly obliterate viruses, right? Viruses and bacteria are exactly the same thing, after all. Don’t let the biased infectious disease “experts” fool you. The skull and crossbones warnings jugs are really more of a guideline, than a hard and fast “truth.” It has even been promoted by a baptist preacher, a group known to have never lied or even exaggerated about anything at any point in the 6,000 year history of the earth, who was kind enough to give a demonstration on how to inject bleach up one’s nose.

Some Light On the Matter

Imbibing cleaning products not your thing? The quacks are all agreed that the use of ultraviolet light is an effective treatment for COVID-19. The only real stumbling block is that said light would have to to be used on the molecular level. The president said it on TV so it must be true. Never mind that he has been caught in upwards of 20,000 lies in the last four years. Criticizing a president for dishonesty is like chastising an assassin for a lack of empathy.

Science, I Guess

For the superstitious types who will insist on having some ‘scientific evidence’ behind their miracles, Doc Trump has you covered as well. Whole heartedly supporting a wonder drug known as Hydroxycloroquine. A real actual, malarial drug, the name of which only sounds like a fatally toxic aquarium cleaner. So read the labels carefully, as the drug in its proper form poses absolutely not health repercussions or draw-backs whatsoever. Aside from the occasional fatal massive heart-attack. Then again, the higher the death rate from heart-attack and accidental poisoning the lower the COVID infection rate will be. A result  sure to landslide the smartest man in the world right back into the Oval Office. Not that has anything to do with the price of coke in Columbia.

All Natural$

Natural remedies are also very important when it comes to battling COVID-19. Doc Trump’s Traveling Medicine Show is in full support of making the magical plant Oleandrin widely available as a health supplement. As well as pushing the FDA to officially name it a cure for COVID-19. The fact that the plant in question is so toxic that a single leaf can send a rottweiler to join the Choir Invisible is just a technicality. As no doubt stated by MyPillow.com founder Mike Lindell during the White House meeting he was granted. The fact that Lindell was fined $1,000,000 for false health health claims regarding his pillow notwithstanding. Perhaps they could suggest cyanide or night shade next.