“Just Dave” 09/19/2021

“Just Dave” 09/19/2021

“Just Dave” 09/19/2021

Today, Dave is talking about the unvaccinated. The current epidemic is one of the unvaccinated. How come suddenly people would rather die on the battleground of stupidity than take an incredibly safe deterrent. Nothing is perfect, and that includes vaccines. Yet when tossing the dice the odds of surviving the vaccine far outweigh surviving COVID. How could anyone in their right mind want to take the chance of being paralyzed with drugs, have a tube shoved down their throat, a catheter shoved into your bladder, turned every hour so you don’t get bed sores? Now this isn’t going to be a two hour or two day affair. This could go on for months, until you die, or improve. If you die, most likely your last moments will be alone.  If you are lucky there may be a nurse there to hold your hand as you pass. So unnecessary.

Please, stop the silly nonsense and get vaccinated. Do it for yourself, your community, and the country.

David Shadrick “Let’s Get Vaccinated”

David Shadrick “Let’s Get Vaccinated”

David Shadrick “Let’s Get Vaccinated”

Since Joe Biden’s inauguration the federal government has put 100,000,000 COVID-19 vaccines in arms of Americans.  Some people don’t want to get it because Trump has been publicly “anti-vaccer.” But now even this last week the fat orange one told his people to go get the vaccine, after it came out that Melania and Donald got their vaccines, a couple months ago in secret. Well as usual Donald is a day late and a dollar short. Let’s stay focused folks, let’s don’t break ranks now, we are so close to having this Pandemic behind us. Do the patriot thing, wear a mask and get vaccinated, it’s the American thing to do!


Thomas Benjamin Wild “Well, This Is Shit”

Thomas Benjamin Wild “Well, This Is Shit”

Thomas Benjamin Wild “Well This Is Shit”

I’m not sure how you feel, but everyone here at Calamity Politics pretty much shares the same sentiment as Thomas Benjamin Wild, Esq. Some of us show it in unexpected rages, others by isolation, others by denial, others by thoughts of self-harm.  Hopefully, if Joe is right we should be able to celebrate the 4th of July with friends and family, until then, “Well This Is Shit.” This is a serious matter. If you are feeling suicidal call for help.  The National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255.

The “Real” Twelve Days of Christmas

The “Real” Twelve Days of Christmas

The “Real” Twelve Days of Christmas

By Anna Hessel

I figured we could all use some humor this holiday season; this Christmas will be a bit different.  We had to rearrange our living room to accommodate the tree and social distancing.  Sort of a pandemic feng-shui, you might say.

The First Day

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree…  A most unusual gift but I do love fruit and the little birdie is pretty cute, too; I am logging onto the Food Network Kitchen site for a tasty pear tart recipe.  Perhaps birdseed included in the lovely present would have made sense…

The Second Day

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…two turtle doves and another partridge in a pear tree.  Perhaps my dear true love did not realize that turtle doves and partridges don’t get along, who knew?  And still I have received no birdseed from my dear one.  The partridges pecked at my fingers when I decided to choose a pear for lunch – maybe they are possessive of the pears because they lack birdseed.

The Third Day

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…three French hens, two more turtle doves, and yet another partridge in a pear tree…  Apparently, my dearest true love is most fond of fowl.  Still no damn birdseed, and apparently French hens do not care for pears…

The Fourth Day

On the fourth day of Christmas, my “true” love gave to me…four rather noisy calling birds, another three of those blasted French hens, two more turtle doves, and still another of those ridiculous fruit-bearing trees containing another partridge; my apartment resembles the aviary house at the zoo.  Birdseed, where the hell is the birdseed?

The Fifth Day

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true “love” finally bought some damn jewelry, five lovely golden rings, none of which even remotely resembles an engagement ring in any way, all five of which turned my fingers green; of course, included with the cheap mass merchandiser rings, my alleged true love included another pear tree with of course an additional partridge, another couple of the turtle doves, thrice more of the ill-mannered hens and, of course, four of the calling birds, who make me want to call the local bird refuge.  I injured my ankle ducking the flying menagerie when I returned home from Walmart, where I exchanged the five rings for birdseed…

The Sixth Day

On the sixth day of Christmas, my true like gave to me…even more freaking birds, six geese a-laying eggs in every square inch of my living room; I would love to give my true “love” a goose egg.  As if I don’t have enough of them, four more calling birds, three more French hens, two more turtle doves, and even another big tall, gangly a$$, pear tree with, yep, you guessed it, a partridge.  I have invited the local bird watchers society to tea – perhaps they would like to each choose a bird to take home, gratis….

The Seventh Day

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true “friend” gave to me…what else, more feathered friends, not a lovely gift basket containing a bath bomb and fragranced lotion, like the ones mocking me as I stand in line buying more birdseed at Walmart; nope this time, in addition to another blasted tree, more hens, calling birds, doves, and one more partridge, I am the “blessed” recipient of seven swans that are a-swimming in my bathtub – perhaps this is why I have yet to receive a moisturizing bath bomb.  Certainly an extra-strength lavender air freshener, or even a pumpkin spice room spray, would be most welcome in here…

The Eighth Day

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true acquaintance gave to me…the entire gaggle of birds, another tree, and eight much needed maids to clean the bird droppings and smashed pears from my carpet.  But noooo, these alleged maids came to milk the eight adorable goats eating up my lawn; has my true “love” never heard of Hickory Farms?  A mini summer sausage and a cheddar cheese wheel would be lovely with all these pears and did I mention, goose is on the menu this Christmas?  I wonder, can French hens be served with a pear stuffing and creme fraiche glaze?

The Ninth Day

On the ninth day of Christmas, that guy gave to me…on top of the nine ladies disco dancing in my kitchen, eight more useless maids, more golden rings to exchange for birdseed, more assorted birds, and another freaking tree…..perhaps I shall break up with my true “love”…

The Tenth Day

On the tenth day of Christmas, my frenemy gave to me…yep, you guessed it, another flock of birds, more maids that don’t clean a thing, additional dancehall divas, the requisite fruit tree, and now there are ten men in tights jumping all over my home – one of them has a turtle dove on his head and another knocked over two pear trees and a lamp.  Maybe a membership at the local zoo would have been more conducive?

The Eleventh Day

On the eleventh day of Christmas, that idiot gave to me…the entire lot of birds, maids, more divas of the dance, leaping lords, another tree, and if it wasn’t noisy enough in here, we now have eleven pipers piping – perhaps a subscription to an online dating service would have been a much more welcome gift…

The Twelfth Day

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true enemy gave to me…yet another pear tree, the entire collection of flying friends, more useless maids, and other plethora of pitiful pipers, dancing divas, and lords a-leaping.  Thus far these clumsy oafs have broken another lamp, a vase, and the one pear tree that I had strung with Christmas lights.  Included in this final round of the worst assemblage of Christmas gifts in the history of holiday giving, I now have twelve drummers drumming adding to the deafening racket in here.  My couch is covered in bird droppings and green fruit.

And More..

My cat has a suspicious hen feather in her mouth.  I have received a citation from the city for an excessive animal population.  My landlord has served me an additional pet deposit demand.  The leaping lords have run off with the milk maids, leaving me with a yard of goats, one of which is chasing my Chihuahua, and another just ate my porch furniture.  Along with a squawking array of birds are rotting fruit trees and a migraine the size of Texas.  I am considering a holiday restraining order.  Next time my “true” love had better go to Jared.


OPINION: Paying Tribute To The Dead


Paying Tribute To COVID-19 Dead

D. S. Mitchell

Trump Terror Campaign

Total COVID-19 cases in the United States surpassed 9 million on Friday, October 30, 2020. Close to 235,000 people are dead in America. Most states are experiencing spikes unseen since the pandemic peak back in July. CDC reported that today there were an astounding and record setting 98,580 new cases. The pandemic is rapidly expanding. This is a runaway train. The Trump terror campaign is in full swing. The U.S. has only 4.25% of the world’s population but we have nearly 20% of the worlds deaths from COVID-19.

Incompetent, Ineffective and Unfit

969 Americans have died needlessly since yesterday. Brothers, sisters, mothers, husbands, sons, friends and family who are no longer with us. I said these folks had died needlessly and I meant it. If Donald Trump had taken the virus seriously in January we would not be experiencing these shocking death totals. A study from Columbia University estimates that 210,000 of those American deaths could have been avoided. Donald Trump had the power to change the dynamics. If Donald Trump hadn’t been an incompetent, ineffective, and unfit president a total of  24,000 Americans would have died from COVID-19 instead of nearly 235,000.

“Operation Warp Speed”

Trump is actually out on the campaign stump claiming one of his top achievements during his first term was “ending COVID-19.” I don’t know if Donald is hallucinating, on drugs or just a pathological liar, but I’m shocked and disgusted at his claims.  The fact that his pronouncement came at a new peak of a raging pandemic should be no shock to anyone. While the pandemic gets worse in our country the toxic psychopath masquerading as a president babbles absurdities completely divorced from reality. If the pandemic is over, why is the Trump administration still desperately trying to bring out a vaccine “any day?”

It Could Be Different

Take New Zealand for example. Jacinda Ardern is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. From the beginning of the pandemic she and her government enacted a nationwide lockdown and the widest ranging and toughest border restrictions of any country in the world. Despite the strict crackdown she earned the respect of her citizens. She has shown care and compassion and her actions have saved thousands of lives. As of today less than 30 of her citizens has died from coronavirus. Adjusted for population, that is the equivalent of 1,650 Americans, which is clearly even better than the Columbia University study mentioned above.

Between Now And January 20th

Out-of-control incompetence. It is anticipated that 150,000 to 250,000 more Americans will needlessly die between now and noon on January 20th. Hopefully that is the same day that we see Joe Biden replace Donald Trump. I think the death toll could be even greater than estimated. I hope not. All we can do is wear our masks, wash our hands religiously, social distance and avoid groups. Even with that, half the population resists these simple measures.

Poor Example

The primary reason for the resistance to masks is named Donald Trump. He is the poorest example of what to do during a public health emergency.  I wonder if we will ever be able to track the deaths directly related to Trump’s rallies. The carnage of fifty more 9/11 deaths will occur between now and January and based on recent rally rhetoric it looks like Trump is going to blame “doctors and the nurses for making money on COVID deaths.”

No More Trump 

We can stop this. We can step up and vote the diseased Orange Menace out of office. I truly believe this country cannot tolerate another four years of Trump and his goons. What we need to do is vote. We must make sure Trump is  removed from the White House as soon as the Constitution provides. There are thousands of reasons why Donald Trump is unfit to be president of the United States, his response to the virus is one of his worst failures. The best tribute we can give to our lost loved ones is to Dump Trump.


OPINION: Look, Here’s The Thing…

OPINION: Look, Here’s The Thing…

By Anna Hessel


A Sick Joke

 When I first heard that Donald Trump was running for the presidency, I knew of course it had to be a joke.  Who in the world would vote for a egotistical bigot with multiple bankruptcies to run our nation?  My friends and spouse all had a good laugh at the very idea of Trump as a presidential candidate.

A Woman’s Nightmare

I have been heavily involved in pageantry.  I knew from witnesses “The Donald” thought nothing of walking in a dressing room during a Miss Teen USA pageant, while underage young ladies were in varying stages of undress.  His obnoxious and racist conduct was viewed by me first  hand at the Miss USA pageants for a two-year period in the nineties in Gary, Indiana.  I knew it was impossible for such a man to be taken seriously, his moral code being so corrupt.  His raunchy locker room talk of, “grab ‘em by the pussy”, was an unbelievably disgraceful comment.  He would never get the nomination.  His claim that he would “Make America Great Again”, was a preposterous campaign slogan.

The Great America We Had

America was great with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at the helm.  We had the Affordable Care Act, finally.  Our military had taken out Osama Bin Laden.  The auto industry and the banks had been saved.  The LGBTQ community finally had equal love and marriage, and our President was a decent caring man that cried for gun victims.  He led our nation with dignity, “with God’s grace”; and never even a breath of scandal.

Actual First Families

Barak loved his beautiful wife and his daughters. The Obama’s have been married for 28 years.   They brought an adorable Portuguese Water Dog to the White House and we watched the president play in the snow with his girls. Michelle created a garden. This was a First Family that you could not help but love.  Our first Black President was stellar.  His VP, Joe Biden has known tragedy. He had been a single-parent widower, who put his children first. He found love again and has been married to his second wife ‘Dr. Jill’ for 43 years.  He has never been unfaithful to either of his wives.  Of course this great team was re-elected, and the Democratic party was making strides at keeping America great through inclusion and acceptance.

Breaking The Glass Ceiling

We had Hillary Clinton ready to break the glass ceiling as the first female President of the United States.  Instead of that glass ceiling breaking, our hearts broke.  Donald Trump received the Republican nomination for president.  My mouth dropped nearly to my neck from shock.  Surely, there was no way he could be elected.  Hillary was by far the clear, experienced choice and Trump’s low-down, ridiculous tactics about her emails would not be taken seriously, or would they?   Why, some of her emails were just simplistic messages about her daughter’s shower.  Hillary had nothing to hide in her emails in the least, whereas Mr. Trump continues to hide his debt and blatantly refuses to show his tax returns.  All other United States presidents and candidates had released their tax returns.  Surely, the American people were not foolish enough to fall for this man’s malarkey.

You’ve Got To Be Kidding

I sat on election night at a colleague’s restaurant, wearing my “I voted” sticker with my husband, awaiting Hillary’s brilliant acceptance speech, when the unthinkable happened.  I watched in horror, losing my appetite, as a smug and smirking Donald Trump descended a staircase with his family to make a victory speech.  Our nation had just descended into hell.  Tears streaming down my face, my husband escorted me to our car.  I was literally in a state of shock; I cried for three days.  Hillary wrote a beautiful email to all of her supporters; I used a half of a box of tissue while reading it.

God Help Us

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa were bittersweet because we knew what was to come.  I prayed, I cried, I hoped and I feared; emotions ran high during the holidays.  Anger simmered below the surface at my husband’s Trump-voting brother-in-law’s house.  New Year’s Eve brought tension, not celebration.  Never had a bigger deal been made of a President leaving office.  President and First Lady Obama would be much missed.  I could not watch ”The Donald” take the oath of office.  News photos of Barack and Michelle kindly escorted Melania to her seat, while her husband ignored her completely.  I vowed to never call Donald Trump ‘president’ and I could not bring myself to refer to a woman who has been seen naked in magazines by half the world,  ‘first lady.’  The nightmare had begun.

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Creativity During COVID-19 Pandemic


The Mother of Inventions

By Trevor K. McNeil

Kick At the Darkness

There is a prevailing theory that times of turmoil lead to an increase in creativity. An idea supported by the warehouse’s worth of material created around the Nixon and George W. Bush administrations. Trump himself has countless examples of opposition in the public sphere. Despite having, so far, been in office half as long as the previous two. The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. Aside from the suicidal fools denying the very existence of the virus killing hundreds of thousands around the world, there are three basic approaches to creating in the age of COVID-19. Survive, improve and thrive.


The most high-profile examples of creativity during the pandemic are those that engender a sense of community with each other and defiance against our common enemy. These include the now famous “Patio Concerts” that were started by opera singers in Italy. An idea taken into the digital realm by bands such as Blink-182 and Chvrches. Releasing socially distanced songs and sessions with the members distanced from each other and their fans. A theme filtering into albums, such as The Lockdown Sessions by The Coral. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has changed its name to The Daily Social Distancing Show. A tactic also adopted by Full-Frontal with Samantha Bee and Conan hosted by Conan O’Brian. Though in O’Brian’s case, rather than being recorded in his home, the production has moved to an empty theater space.

Stronger Than Death

Others have taken the opportunity at self-isolation to really focus on their work. A tradition stretching back to Shakespeare who wrote King Lear under lockdown during a different outbreak and The Marquis De Sade, who worked under lockdown of a different kind. Having spent much of his life in prison or asylums. Standouts from the modern crop of self-isolated work include How I’m Feeling Now by Charli XCX and Folklore by Taylor Swift.

Lives Pulled Apart

Of the two, How I’m Feeling Now resonates most with the times. While pandemic and its effects aren’t mentioned by name, this only makes the effect all the more potent. While her work has always been urgent, songs like “Pink Diamond” have a raging, desperate, tiger-pacing-in-a-cage aspect to them. Gentler tracks like “I’ll Love You Forever” have a tinge of tragedy. Strongly implying lives pulled apart by isolation, lockdowns and death, yet still with a glimmer of hope. Love being stronger than death.

Clear Blue Sky

I’m not sure what happened to Taylor Swift while under self-isolation but I’m glad it did. Anyone familiar with my previous work won’t be surprised that I’m not the biggest fan of pop music. Particularly in terms of overproduced, corporate products. Folklore is the anti-matter of that. Released without promotion and recorded in self-isolation just months after her 30th birthday, Folklore is a huge step forward.

Wow, She’s Good

Swift having the time and focus to do her best work and sweet Thor in Asgard is it good! The raw talent only glimpsed previously, now on full show. The album is categorized as “Alternative” which, while vague, is the perfect way to describe this befuddling experience. Veering from the darkly bouncy “The Last American Dynasty” to Hozier-levels of poetic melancholy on “Exile” to the delicious word play on “The Lakes.” A bonus track which evokes the Romantic poets better than any song in recent memory.

Get Your Passes!

The pandemic also hasn’t been able to keep cultural events down. While some, like the San Diego ComicCon have been cancelled for the first time in decades, others have found new ways to exist. The Chelsea Flower Show, a major event in London often attended by The Queen, has gone online. Video tours of this year’s displays available on their event’s website. The Toronto International Film Festival, one of the oldest film festivals in North America on par with Cannes, has done something similar. Film buffs can see every film that was going to be shown in this year’s festival by buying a single digital-pass. Not only making the whole experience cheaper but a lot more accessible to those unable to get to Toronto for whatever reason.


In Vietnam Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

An expats experience in Vietnam

In Vietnam:

During The COVID-19 Pandemic

By: Megan Rees

An Expat in Vietnam During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Back To Normal?

The clamoring sounds of drums and squawking horns filled the street, outside my window. I know what it means: a funeral.  I can see the family members and friends of the deceased all wearing white, parading behind this tragic tune.  It was a symbol to me, a sign that life in Hanoi, Vietnam, was starting to return to normal, or so I thought.

Lunar Festival

Tết, is the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. It is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture.  During the New Year festival it is normal to see Hanoi go from a busy, polluted city to a ghost town.  It is the time when the Vietnamese  pay respects to their ancestors, as well as welcoming the lunar New Year with family members. I love the city at this time of year.  Hanoi is vibrant and colorful, every space is decked out in multi-colored lights. People are happy. There are elaborate floral decorations with signs everywhere proclaiming, “Chúc mùng năm mới!” (Happy New Year).  Hanoi becomes festive and that warm holiday feeling fills the air.

A Slow Down

Then, the town gets quiet. Everything slows down. The typical commotion is muted. City streets are noticeably subdued and traffic is light.  It is a nice break from the usual hustle and bustle sounds of a rapidly developing metropolis.  The holiday itself was relaxing.  It is typical for families to come together over big meals to welcome the New Year. I had dinner on New Year’s Day with my adopted Vietnamese family; it was great for the world to stop for a while. It was exactly what I needed. But, there was an urgency, I needed to start working again.

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OPINION: Hope in the Era of COVID-19


Hope In The Era of COVID-19

COVID-19 is the scariest health risk most living humans have ever seen.

COVID-19 virus is the worst pandemic the majority of humanity has ever seen.

By Anna Hessel

Disaster In Progress

The COVID-19 virus is the worst pandemic the majority of humanity has ever seen. Public panic is on a level with the Yellow Fever epidemic which broke out in Philadelphia, PA, in 1793.  Over that spring and summer more than 4,000 people died. Paranoia of the “black vomit of death” had people covering their mouths and noses with vinegar-soaked cloths.  The death toll included the first husband of then-future First Lady Dolley Madison and their baby boy.  Some are saying this pandemic is similar to a resurgence of tuberculosis or polio.  We are a nation living in fear, not faith, because of the gravity of the COVID-19 crisis.  Feeling helpless, anxious and abandoned, we yearn for a return to normalcy.

Those Most At Risk

Even well-known celebrities and the wealthy are coming down with coronavirus. The most vulnerable in our society are being the hardest hit. The elderly, disabled, immunocompromised, and lower-income people are more likely to contract the virus than the wealthy. Blacks and Latinos are suffering the most deaths. The most vulnerable are less likely to recover, due to lack of health care benefits. They are suffering in other ways during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well.

The Most Fragile

Hunger is a real danger in the time of COVID-19.

Hunger is a new reality for many more Americans.

These fragile people are the ones most in need of government help. Crowded Human Service offices are being shut down.  Food pantries typically have small waiting areas and limited shelf stock. Many food banks can now only offer a couple of bags of food in a drive-through environment. Folks without access to a vehicle who rely on public transportation or their own two feet and need food assistance may not receive the needed help. These life-line organizations are running low on provisions and in fact are likely to run out of food. Recent cuts to food stamps are an extra threat to food security. Furthermore, those dependent on apartment laundry rooms or commercial laundromats, face an increased risk of exposure to COVID-19, because of the communal areas.

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Trump, Sick To Death

Trump, Sick To Death

D. S. Mitchell

House Bound

I’m stuck home, recovering from extensive foot surgery. I have watched all the NetFlix offerings that interest me.  I am now resorting to live streaming on Hulu. I switch back and forth between CNN, FoxNews and MSNBC like an agitated Adderall addict. One thing I have noticed over the last several weeks is that Trump appears to be in poor health.

Unannounced Visit

On November 17, 2019 Trump made an unannounced and seemingly unplanned trip to Walter Reed Medical Center. Trump decided on a motorcade instead of his standard helicopter ride. The visit did not seem to be planned despite White House denials of any emergent situation.  A source familiar with the events  described Trump’s visit as “abnormal,” but added that Trump, 73, did not seem to be in any physical distress later that evening.

Squelched Questions

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, attempted to tamper down the questions, saying “he’s in good health and it was a routine checkup as part of his annual physical.” Grisham furthered her explanation saying, “Trump decided to get parts of his physical done early because he had a “free weekend” in Washington. Grisham did not respond to questions about why Trump did not get his full physical exam — which typically takes 4 hours or less — done over that open weekend. When pressed by reporters, Grisham vehemently denied Trump had any undisclosed health issues.

Not Routine

According to Grisham Trump underwent a “quick exam and labs.” Several experts familiar with White House medical procedures said that Trump could have gotten ‘routine’ lab work done at the White House’s on-site clinic, seeming to support the theory that Trump needed tests that couldn’t be done there.

Sunday Morning

On that November 2019 Sunday morning Trump took to Twitter telling the nation he planned to finish the ‘second part of his annual physical’ sometime in early 2020. Trump’s February 2019 full physical exam revealed he had increased his daily dose of Rosuvastatin, a medication used to treat high cholesterol. Additionally, Trump’s 2019 physical used a coronary calcium CT scan score of 133 to diagnose heart disease.

Fast Forward

As I said, I am watching a lot of streaming TV. One thing has become increasingly obvious, Trump looks worse by the day. He appears to be in poor health. I am speaking of all aspects of his health, his physical, mental, and cognitive health.  During recent public appearances he has looked ill. I of course, keep wondering if it has anything to do with that unscheduled November visit to Walter Reed Medical Center. I really want to know what sent Trump to the hospital that day back in November, I doubt if it was as routine as the White House would like us to think.

Declining Health

During the last couple weeks Trump has looked worse than usual. He has become more heavy-handed with the orange makeup, that is obvious. During a major speech in India and later at a press conference after the speech, Trump fell into rambling incoherence; slurring and mispronouncing common words. On that trip he was described as wobbly and sweating profusely. At a Saturday night rally in South Carolina amid the primary vote he again looked bad, causing viewers like myself to question his health.


Rumors have persisted for years that Trump is an Adderall addict. Trump does in fact show evidence of stimulant abuse. Photos have captured the enlarged pupils.  And anyone listening to a Trump speech is familiar with the snorting and sniffing between sentences. The nasal dysfunction is most likely related to sniffing Adderall. People surrounding the president report manic screaming fits, and sleeplessness.  In a recent interview acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney confirmed, “He (Trump) never sleeps.”

Another Collapse

It’s obvious why Donald Trump is unraveling. We are on the verge of a pandemic that has killed its first victim in the United States.  Despite Trump’s bluster, his incompetent, cobbled together administration is incapable of dealing with an emergency within our borders. And he knows it. News that he can’t suppress or manipulate is terrifying to him. Last week the stock market dropped 3,500 points. There were two days of declines of more than 1,000 points. One of those days, posting a loss of 1,192 points making it the biggest one day loss in stock market history. All together the stock market is off 15% in one week. For a man who has basked in the glory of a raging bull market, and good economic numbers, such losses would be terrifying and certainly threaten his re-election chances.

Potential Blow Back

As a malignant narcissist Trump is incapable of empathy. He can act concerned when he anticipates a negative impact on Donald J. Trump.  As Bill Palmer noted in a recent on-line article, “He feels bad for his fellow aging white male criminals when they get harsh sentences, because he fears the same thing will happen to him if he loses the election”.  But there is nothing to suggest that he cares if people will die from the coronavirus. Nor does he seem care if the average Joe will face economic hardship. At a hastily called press conference, looking bleary eyed and edgy he down played the chaos and uncertainty of the economic markets and indicated the coronavirus was being hyped by the Democrats as a partisan tool to defeat him in November.

Inside The Trump Brain

Trump is a known ‘germaphobe’. He may even be worried that he’s going to catch the coronavirus and end the campaign rallies for a few weeks.  For all the obvious reasons, and many not so obvious he is terrified. His fear is palpable. Despite a campaign war chest approaching a billion dollars and promised help from the Russians Trump’s paranoia is on full display. He knows a failed response to an epidemic and a sinking economy will threaten his 2020 prospects. Joe Biden, a man Trump fears so much, he got himself impeached trying to discredit him – dominated the primary contest in South Carolina.  Make no mistake about it, Trump is disintegrating before our eyes.