A Killer’s Mother Speaks Out

I was doing research for www.calamitypolitics.com when I came across this video. Please watch this amazing docu-video. Thank you, Sue Klebold for telling us about Dylan. His story could save lives. Mental illness is treatable. Learn how to recognize the danger signs-Thanks for watching-Darlene

RESPONSE to “IN MY OPINION: Clean and Sober”

RESPONSE to “IN MY OPINION: Clean and Sober”

By David Shadrick


Street Level Resources works with the homeless

Street Level Resources works with the homeless

Hello, my name is Reverend David Shadrick but I’d appreciate it if you would just call me Dave. I run a small non-profit called Street Level Resources. I would like to respond to Jennifer’s Troy’s two recent articles; “Homeless Helping Homeless” and her follow-up article, “Clean and Sober.”

Education is my goal, not conflict. Most people understand that a large part of the homeless population are mentally ill, or are alcoholics or drug addicts, or all three. The reality of homelessness is that 85% of the chronically homeless are mentally ill.  “Chronically homeless” is a category that describes people who are homeless in excess of one year.

Who Are We Talking About?

Homeless housing is popping up at locations across the country

Homeless housing is popping up all over

I’m not sure how the homeless participants for the Kenton Women’s Village were selected.  Did the project contain only handpicked people who complied with certain prerequisites?  Were they required to be clean and sober? Were they on prescribed anti-psychotic medications? The reason I ask is because Jennifer’s results are very good when the demographic for the homeless is applied. One to two participants out of such a group of 14 is good.


As I mentioned a full 85% of the homeless have a diagnosed mental illness.  If that statistic is applied this project’s attendance was amazing.  The Kenton Women’s Village had 14 homeless shelter participants and if 85% of them were mentally ill then statistically only two of them would be able to work in the NewSolutions workshop, or produce a quality product consistently.

Mass Eviction

Reagan sending the mentally ill on to the streets is one of the worst presidential decisions of all time

Reagan sent the mentally ill on to the streets. It was one of the worst presidential decisions of all time

Mass eviction. That’s what I said. I hope that fact doesn’t surprise you but I’m afraid it will be a revelation to many. Ronald Reagan’s decision to repeal President Carter’s Mental Health System’s Act has proven to be one of the most disastrous decisions by any modern-day president. The repeal was accomplished by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981. With a wish to cut the federal budget and little thought to the long-term effects on the mentally ill, Reagan cut federal funding to mental health and in effect de-institutionalized mentally ill patients nationwide. The effects were disastrous to the  patients, their communities, social service agencies, hospitals and police departments that have been left to deal with the devastating results forty years later.

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In My Opinion, Trump Is Delusional

After two days of watching Trump Turds fly this way and that from his personal Twitter account, I believe that someone; his physician, a family member, the Senate Majority leader, SOMEBODY needs to step in and get this man a psych evaluation.

I believe his deteriorating mental condition has been obvious since the inauguration. Trump’s behavior over the past 130 plus days reveals a man who is in uncertain control of his mental faculties.

With Donald’s Recent Craziness I Think He Needs To See An MD

It has been pretty much agreed upon that Trump suffers from a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The chaos and confusion of the move to Washington, the incredible responsibility of the Office of the Presidency, the separation from the familiar, his isolation and incredible unpopularity are challenging his grasp on reality.I believe he is telling us through his aberrant behavior that he is losing contact with reality. It seems to have become more and more difficult for him, to separate delusion from reality.

The Trump craziness has been on full display for the whole world to see for at least the last 48 hours. His behavior is becoming increasingly dangerous, in my opinion. This is an appeal for someone in power to investigate the president’s capacity to head our government.

I think we have entered unchartered waters with this president. I know I have heard that phrase before, but I’m taking it very seriously. Our existence as a country could be in the hands of a madman and it is imperative that men of stature and patriotism intervene, while they are still able.

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