“Fox News” and Shameless Bias

“Fox News” and Shameless Bias

“FOX NEWS” and Shameless Bias

“You see, the truth is Murdoch has become a cancer – an arrogant cancer – on our democracy,” K. Rudd,  former Australian PM


“Fox News” and Shameless Bias

D. S. Mitchell

“An Arrogant Cancer”

A democracy is dependent of diverse, reliable, independent, and accurate information. Kevin Rudd a former Australian prime minister has described Rupert Murdoch’s monopoly of Australia’s media as a “cancer on democracy,” that effectively serves “to chill free speech and undermine debate.” Mr. Rudd continued, “Murdoch has become a cancer – an arrogant cancer – on our democracy,” adding that over the past decade Murdoch has “viciously” campaigned against democracy in support of right wing, white  nationalism.

Politically Polarized and Manipulated News

The effect of Murdoch’s philosophy and his powerful media presence is not only effecting Australia, the UK but also the good ol USA, where media ownership has become increasingly concentrated in the hands of the few. The end result has been that Murdoch has deliberately encouraged politically polarized rhetoric and manipulated news for his own agenda.

Enemies In the Crosshairs
Rupert Murdoch through his company News Corp uses its power as a media Goliath to routinely attack his enemies whether it be in business or politics.  Murdoch uses his billions in wealth and power derived from that wealth as a media cudgel to “attack opponents in business and politics by blending editorial opinion with news reporting,” alleging that, as a result, those “who hold contrary views have felt intimidated into silence.”
Typical Strategy
This is very similar to what we see in the United States with Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and the Tuck.  According to Rudd, Murdoch with the strength of his cable viewing audience seeks “to maximize his political power in. . . defense of his ideological interests; one being climate change denial.”

James Murdoch, one of the 90 year old mogul’s sons  revealed recently he had quit his position on the board of New Corp because of “disagreements over certain editorial content … and certain other strategic decisions.”  Most particularly he pointed to the company’s coverage of Donald Trump’s presidency. He continued, “I reached the conclusion that you can venerate a contest of ideas, if you will, and we all do, and that’s important. But it shouldn’t be in a way that hides agendas,” James Murdoch said in a New York Times interview. It should be noted that James and his wife give millions to liberal causes and democratic candidates in direct opposition to his father’s espoused philosophy.

James Murdoch Should Know

Stoking Fear and Anger
Fox has stoked the belief among white people that there is an anti-white bias in the United States and it is a serious problem.  Tucker Carlson has gone full board nutty with the full embrace of white supremacist “replacement theory” and his now endless 24/7 campaign against the vilified “critical race theory” and its fabricated impact on school children. More than anything Fox News has spent three decades undermining trust in government.
I Ask 
I ask how can so many people believe Trump and his allies when they claim  election fraud? How could they want to dump democracy in favor of an orange demagogue? After a bit of thought on the matter I can pretty much deliver the answer.  It is all about Rupert Murdoch and his death star, Fox News.
Give Credit Where Due
You can thank Faux News for the low level of confidence expressed by Republicans in our government. Fox News has made the divide clear.  The right wing conservative now claims a moral imperative to, in league with white Evangelicals, save democracy. Their kind of democracy. Theirs is not democracy for all, but democracy for those that can’t turn the channel from Rupert Murdoch’s hate machine.
White Wash January 6, 2021
Forget the insurrection on January 6th. Those folks according to Fox were the real patriots. A rewriting of history that Republicans appear comfortable with.  The Fox mantra is pretty straight forward.  Fox hammers out the constant message of outrage among its viewers. It highlights narratives of white resentment and threats to Christianity. This then forces Republican politicians to fall in behind the rhetoric. It then becomes a race to the bottom, with no braking system. The poison has already irretrievably radicalized the conservative base. To such an extent that most Republicans believe they are the saviors of democracy. In fact, to save Democracy  they must take extreme action.
John Boehner Speaks Out

Former Speaker of the House, John Boehner said about the current crop of Republican legislators, “it’s all about appealing to Fox News and fending off primary challenges.” According to Boehner,  being raised on Fox News the new Republicans have no interest in policy creation but rather are interested in sharpening wedge issues, conspiracy theories and Christian crusades. He closes with, “all they think about is how to fundraise off the latest controversy and outrage or how to get on Hannity.”


Fox News is a sewer of white grievance, manufactured mistrust of deep-state government, and a belief that liberals (Democrats) are Satan’s spawn trying to destroy the country out of sheer malice. Facebook and several social media sites have joined the fray making it worse, but Fox News is the mother load of hatred.


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