Putin’s War On Humanity

Putin’s War On Humanity

The people of Ukraine are valiantly fighting to halt Russian assault.

Putin’s War On Humanity

By Anonymous


No Words

Empathy is a word that gets tossed around a lot. And yet, when we put it to use in times of tragedy, it does little to solve the matters at hand—except, perhaps, to stay that hand from causing further destruction.

I Can Imagine

Right now, I’m mother of one with another on the way. I could be one of those terrified Ukrainians running from bombs, one hand holding my child’s and the other clutching my belly. For a moment, I can place myself there: terror, frustration, and determination all coursing through my veins as I fear for my family’s wellbeing, wondering if my husband would be running with us or staying behind to defend our country and our democratic way of life.

Loud and Ugly

There is much at stake, and although it doesn’t always feel real to us, as we’re scrolling through the news on our phones and sipping our coffee, the reality of injury and death is a stark possibility for those simply living in any war torn region of the world. Now, Ukraine has become a war zone due to the madness of one man, Vladimir Putin. Putin’s ilk is nothing new. Sadly, such strongmen take over countries and strip citizens of self determination, someplace in the world on a nearly daily basis. Some countries fall quietly. Such is not the case with Ukraine, the fight there is loud and ugly, as Ukrainian civilians take up arms to fight back against the Russian invaders.

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Breaking News

D. S. Mitchell

Big News

After a day of testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee, Comey rs drops a bombshell.  The Trump campaign and the Russian government “are being investigated” for collusion during the 2016 election.  Comey flatly said there was “no basis to Trump’s claim of wire tapping by Obama”


Reuters News:  Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State has cancelled April meeting with NATO heads, and INSTEAD is planning on visiting Russia. When this news broke, Rep. Adam Schiff ranking Democrat on the House Intel Committee was on the Rachel Maddow Show.  I did not tape the show, however he basically said, “After what the Russians have done to this country, the only imaginable reason Tillerson would go to Moscow would be to return the Order of Friendship Medal that Putin gave him.”

Well, said, Rep. Schiff.

Tillerson And The Russians

My comment is, WOW!!!  Pretty fucking ballsy.  Secretary Tillerson, you are acting very strange, and your well-known affiliation with the Russian government does not help your reputation.  Your boss, the President, and his campaign are under investigation for possible collusion with the Russians.  Hmmm.  More Russians. It’s Trump and the Russians.  Sessions and the Russians. Manafort and the Russians.  And now Tillerson and the Russians. How many Russians are in this story?  Right now, it looks like way too many.

You Aren’t Exxon Mobil CEO

My first ‘effing complaint about Tillerson is his refusal to travel with the U.S. press corp. When you are Secretary of State you take the press with you when you travel, it’s that simple.  You are now employed by the people of the United States America and we want to see our officials in action.  You are not the CEO of Exxon Mobil.  Maybe Exxon Mobil thought it was okay to slink around in the shadows, but American citizens don’t like their officials behaving in that way.

Putin Over NATO

If the news of you choosing Putin over NATO is correct, I think the Congress should insist the President fire your ass.  There is absolutely no conceivable moral reason for a visit by the Secretary of State of the United States to Moscow.  To do what?  Hold court with that murdering thug, Putin. What is your intent? More colluding on abandoning sanctions? Or maybe you want to talk about opening up the Arctic oil reserves to drilling?  I can smell the corruption from here. Careful, Mr. Tillerson, you are standing on thin ice.

Calamity Response

The Editorial Desk at Calamity Politics is kept busy trying to decipher the nutty, stumbling, bumbling and incompetent statements being issued by the Trump White House. Every day a new story. Every day a new distraction. Each day there’s another lie. As a political analyst, commentator and progressive liberal organizer I want every one to be ready to agitate our Congressional representatives until they are scared shitless. Nothing shapes up an elected official as much as a potential threat to their elected position. Both Trump and Tillerson, like the Russkies way too much. Why? We need to find out. I suspect it is about fossil fuel and that equals money.


The battlefield of right, versus left, is a twisted and distorted terrain. It is hard to navigate the U.S. political scene without getting emotional. I’m Darlene, and I am here to pull my hair, and scream profanities, it is all just theater, a device to get attention and action.

Join the Resistance,