By T.K. McNeil

Always With Us

Archeologists have long known that as long as there have been people there has been sex. And nearly as long as there has been human sexuality there have been representations of it.  Whatever medium was available at the time, cave wall, animal tusk, clay or papyrus pornography was available. Obviously, our forefathers understood the benefits of pornography.

Across Cultures

The early civilizations incorporated sex into their art and music

Earliest civilizations incorporated sex into art

Through sculpting, painting, and pottery the ancients depicted the benefits of pornography.  Egyptian artisans depicted the beauty of human sexuality. This goes for the written word, there being some pretty racy entries in the Bible.  The Song of Solomon being a famous example. The Romans through sculpture glorified human sexuality.  Pre-Christian Viking sagas told of great adventures; and no great adventure would be worth telling if there wasn’t plenty of sex.


The benefits of pornography have followed us through the ages; emerging today primarily in streaming videos on the internet.  Thanks to the vision of our forefathers we have reached for the stars and surpassed them.

Under the Corset

There is a misconception, particularly among the young, that “porn films” are a new phenomenon with a history dating back to the mid-1960’s. In terms of commercial availability, this is correct. Though woefully inaccurate when it comes to the history of the genre.  The allegedly stodgy and prudish Victorian Brits were one of the first societies to recognize the potential benefits of pornography.

Stag Films

Stag films flourished during Victorian era

Stag films flourished during the Victorian era

Not only did some of the earliest erotic photography come out of the Victorian era but it was a time that gave rise to “stag” films. The “stag” film is one of the earliest examples of modern film pornography. The earliest examples of the genre use many of the same story contexts and camera angles used in films today.


“Stag” films, banned under the censorship of the Motion Picture Production Code, did little to show the benefits of pornography. The censorship authority also known as the “Hays Code” was in effect from 1922 through 1968. Despite the ban, “stag” films dominated the lucrative underground black market of that time.

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