Sectarianism In Europe; Fear Of Foreigners


By T.K. McNeil

The Roots of Difference

Fear of others is a problem as old as humanity

Fear of others is a problem as old as humanity

Human beings are tribal. By definition. Whether it is literally in the context of a family, or a tribal group, or a nation, there is always an “in” group.  And as the Newtonian law of opposites tells us, there is also an “out” group. There has always been a fear of foreigners. Also known as xenophobia. Such is a biologically determined certainty.

Persecution  Of “Out” Groups

What is not certain, or even particularly static, are the qualities that separate the “in” groups and the “out” groups. There are some factors common to many situations but no single indicator that determines whether a group is accepted or rejected. Not even what is called “race” or “culture.” There being cases of persecution between groups of similar if not the same, or close cultural and racial backgrounds. On going hostilities have existed for thousands of years.

A Classic Rivalry

Nowhere is this basic fear of foreigners between similar cultures clearer than the history of war between European nations. Something that dates back over 7,000 years. Including noticeable examples such as the adversarial relationship between the city states of Athens and Sparta, which remained snippy even when both were threatened by the full might of the Persian Empire.

White As Snow

Simo Hayha was a snipper responsible for no less than 500 Russian deaths in 3 months

Simo Hayha was a Finnish sniper responsible for no less than 500 Russian deaths in 3 months in early WWII

The fear of foreigners was palpable during the Winter War. The general term for the failed attempt by the Soviet Union to invade Finland at the beginning of World War II. Famous for both its short duration, three months, and the mighty Soviets were soundly beaten despite having nearly three times the troops and equipment of the Fins. During the war,  a single Finnish sniper, Simo Hayha, nicknamed “The White Death” because he dressed in all white camouflage achieved heroic status.  Hayha earned 505 confirmed kills, some sources claim 542 confirmed kills, over the three-month period.

Neighbor Versus Neighbor

Not to mention the xenophobia-stoking door-to-door attempts of the newly liberated Serbians to take over their neighbors after the collapse of Soviet Yugoslavia in the 1990’s. What is now known as the Yugoslav Wars. The last of these being the infamous invasion of Albania in 1999. A major war crime by white Europeans against other white Europeans that saw the leader of the Serbian government, Slobodan Milosevic, ousted by his own military.

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The Trump War Against People Of Color

First Must Come Trust

“White is something, just like black is something.  Everybody born on this earth is something, and nobody, no matter what color, is better than anybody else.”  Mildred DeLois Taylor, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (1976)

The ‘Muslim ban’, ‘the wall’, ‘make America great again,” are all part of Trump and Bannon’s war against people of color.  If it’s just about terrorists getting into the country we should be screaming about that continent long border to the north.  If it is really about illegal immigration why hasn’t the president called for a sweep to pick up of all the Irish visitors who have overstayed their visa. 

Most Illegals Fly In And Overstay Visa

Statistics show that most of the illegal immigrants are here after overstaying legally obtained visas. These folks flew into the country, they didn’t walk across our southern desert.

This White House has been infiltrated by Russian sympathizers and white supremacists.  The public needs to continue a forceful push back against this rogue administration.  We are a country of laws.  We must guard civil rights, human rights  We cannot be bystanders to injustice and bigotry.  In 1939 it was the Eastern European Jews, in 1942 it was Japanese Americans, now in 2017 it is Latin Americans.

From leaked documents, it appears that Homeland Security has plans for the incarceration of as many as 20,000 immigrants for a period of time in “for profit prisons.”  Furthermore, Trump is considering a “catch and separate at the border,” whereby parents will separated from their children.  I can only imagine the horror and trauma such activities will have on these families.  I’m already crying.

How did this man get elected to the presidency? U.S. immigration policy needs to be fixed, so let’s do it. I believe we’re been talking about immigration policy for at least the last thirty years. But, I still have hope that we will protect the “dreamers” and come up with an immigration policy that takes into account all the lives his deportation operation is negatively effecting.

Fences Between Neighbors

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