Getting Columbine Wrong For 20 Years

I found this YouTube video (Ask A Mortician) recently on how we have all been getting Columbine wrong for 20 years. This is an important discussion to have. It is important because psychologists have cited Columbine as the beginning of the current mass-shooting culture, many of the more recent shooters drawing direct influence and inspiration from it. The only part of the Columbine mythos that has solid evidence behind it is that the shooters listened to Marilyn Manson even though he wasn’t a favorite. The video points out that Columbine was “never meant to be a shooting. It was meant to be a bombing.” The attackers planted several large propane bombs, and the guns were bought as back-up. The boys fell back on the guns when the bombs failed to go off. What if the story was reported differently, meaning accurately; as a failed bombing? That in itself could have changed the future. Taking the emphasis and “glamour” out of the shooting aspect-emphasizing it was a failed bombing attack would seem much less inspiring to later lunatics. Take a few minutes and watch what the lady has to say. T.K. McNeil (*The comments from viewers, some from Columbine are also interesting to read.)

Mass Shootings, A Terrorism Problem

Mass Shootings, A Terrorism Problem

by James Moore

13 Were Killed In A Mass Shooting At The Borderline Bar, Thousand Oaks, CA

A Mass Shooting At The Borderline Bar, Thousand Oaks, CA. killed 13

A Borderline Distraction Won’t Help 

I live a few short miles away from where the Borderline mass shooting took place. Some people say it hurts more when it happens so close to home. I guess that depends who you are. For me, every mass shooting hits home.  Sandy Hook was gut wrenching.  Columbine devastating. But then so have all the others which consists of a list so long the names are becoming a blur. This is what happens when our leaders brainwash the ignorant into thinking we are under a terrorist attack from horrible things like caravans that must be stopped by building a wall. No border wall would have stopped the carnage in Thousand Oaks or any of our other mass shootings because the killers were all made in America.

Facts Are Pointless  

In the two decades since Columbine, the mass shootings have not stopped. We have all seen the statistics.  If you are of reasonable mind, they do  more than concern you; they make you demand we see changes made to decrease their likelihood in the future. If you aren’t, you think the Second Amendment  the most sacred words ever written and believe the only way to stop gun violence is by arming more good guys. 

Columbine shooters doing their murderous work

Columbine Was One Of The Most Memorable Mass Shootings In American History

Another Gun For A Good Guy

Our most recent mass shooter was a good guy. A decorated ex-marine who came home unable to cope with what he saw in battle. It’s safe to say if an NRA controlled congress can find the funds to build a border wall, they can find the funds to protect the likes of the innocent who were gunned down at the Borderline. Ah, but the GOP is not about compassion nearly as much as they are about fear and solving any problem with a show of force. No wonder mass shootings keep increasing. Our top down leadership is one that says if 300,000,000 guns are not enough to curb gun deaths, then we need to arm more people.

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