Murder And Intrigue: The Life of Kim Jong-Un


** North Korea is the most isolated, secretive and repressive regime in the world. There is no reliable biography on Kim Jong-un.  Dr. Van Jackson, a professor at Asia-Pacific Center said, “It is hard to verify most information coming out of North Korea. In the absence of a reliable official biography, the information publicly available about Kim Jong-un reflects a ‘broad consensus understanding from experts keeping a close eye on the regime.” Calamity Politics has depended on the accuracy of many articles printed in the United States and the UK to compile this article.-Darlene

The women of North Korea love the Supreme Commander

The women of North Korea love the Supreme Commander. The Supreme Leader is famous for his womanizing ways.

Murder and Intrigue: The Life of Kim Jong Un

By D. S. Mitchell

Childhood picture of Kim Jong-il with his son, Kim Jong-un wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

Childhood picture of Kim Jong-il with his son, Kim Jong-un wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

Who is Kim Jong-Un?

Recent meetings between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have fueled questions about the most isolated and secretive country in the world. People in the west are curious about the “Hermit Kingdom” of North Korea and its brutal leader, Kim Jong-un. We do know he was the third, and youngest son of Kim Jong-il and Ko Yong-hui. Kim Jong-il was the absolute ruler of North Korea from 1994 until his death in 2011. His grandfather, Kim Il-Sung became the first leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in 1948 and ruled the country with an iron hand until his death in 1994. “Kim Jong-un is the third head of state from his family’s dictatorial dynasty, one of the last absolute inherited monarchies on earth (KSRO).”

Early Life

Kim Jong-un in early picture

Kim Jong-un in early picture

Kim Jong Un (also spelled Kim Jong-Eun) is believed to have been born January 8, 1983 (or possibly 1984). Much of his early life is shrouded in mystery, or downright confusion. Several conflicting and contradictory stories about him while he lived in Switzerland have emerged. Many experts believe Jong-un was confused with his older brother Jong-chul on several occasions. Jong-chul also lived in Switzerland at the  same time, but attended a different school.

School Years

Kim Jong-un attended the Liebefeld Steinholzli state school in Koniz, near Bern. Kim Jong-un’s identity has been proven by anthropological forensic studies of images from official school photos of the boy.  The  Liebefeld archives study was done by the University of Lyon, France using facial recognition . Kim Jong-un used the alias “Pak-un” or “Un-pak” and posed as the son of a North Korean embassy official. His mother Ko Yong-hui is known to have been at least a part-time Swiss resident during the years between 1991 and 2000, living in Geneva.

Does Kim Jong-un Speak English?

Dennis Rodman former NBA basketball star meets with Kim Jong-un

Dennis Rodman former NBA basketball star has met with Kim Jong-un at least twice.

“Pak-un” (Jong-un) is remembered as shy and quiet. He studied French, English and German. He loved American basketball, Michael Jordan and computer games. He was reportedly a mediocre student. It is believed he speaks decent French and German.  It is not clear whether he actually has a command of the English language. Dennis Rodman after a visit to North Korea said that they used an interpreter, but he also indicated that Kim made several remarks to him in English. After many years isolated from English, French or German it is unlikely he has a true command of any of the languages.

Kim Jong-nam

In 2001 Kim Jong-nam the half-brother of Kim Jong-un was arrested trying to visit Tokyo Disneyland on a false passport

In 2001 Kim Jong-nam the half brother of Kim Jong-un was arrested trying to visit Tokyo Disneyland on a false passport

Kim Jong-nam was Jong-un’s elder half-brother. His mother was a Kim Jong-il’s consort, the beautiful North Korean actress, Song Hye-rim. Kim Jong-nam was born in May 1971. He was for many years the favorite to succeed his father. In 2001 Jong-nam embarrassed North Korea by being caught trying to enter Japan illegally on a fake passport allegedly to visit the Tokyo Disneyland. The incident caused a great deal of publicity and his father was enraged over the international embarrassment that the incident caused. At the time Kim Jong-nam was the closest thing North Korea had to an international playboy.

More Than Mouse Ears

Kim Jong-nam was North Korea's international playboy

Kim Jong-nam was North Korea’s international playboy. He had been targeted for death multiple times because of his reform politics.

Out of favor Kim Jong-nam was exiled from North Korea. Until that time Jong-nam had appeared to be the chosen successor to Kim Jong-il. His hereditary position was now in jeopardy. In the first interview ever given by a member of the Kim family to media outside of North Korea he denied the disastrous Disneyland trip was the issue dividing him and his father. Kim Jong-nam told a Japanese journalist from the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper that his alienation from his father was related to his western ideas.  Kim said his education in Switzerland had changed his views and that he had become an advocate for government reform. He said he was deeply concerned for the average North Korean citizen.

Time After Time

Kim Jong-nam claimed he lost favor with his father over reform issues

Kim Jong-nam claimed he lost favor with his father over reform issues and his wish to improve the lives of ordinary North Koreans

When discussing these issues with his father, Kim Jong-nam said his father accused him of being a “capitalist”.  The void between the two grew with the passage of time. Reports show that Kim Jong-nam escaped multiple assassination attempts, in 2006, 2007, 2010, 2012. A desperate Jong-nam is known to have written to Kim Jong-un pleading for his life. However, after that appeal, Jong-nam agreed to an interview with Yogi Gomi a Japanese journalist in which he said, he “expected Kim Jong-un would fail, citing that “he was too inexperienced and young. Without reform North Korea will collapse and when such changes take place the regime will collapse.”  Drum roll….

Murder Played and Replayed

Jong-nam, Kim Jong-il’s capitalist son was murdered 2/13/2017 in a bizarre on-camera attack at the Kuala Lumpur, airport by two women. The moment of the attack was replayed on western television for over a week. Jong-nam was 45 years old. One woman splashed liquid in his face and the second woman used a rag to smear the liquid around his face.  He was dead from VX nerve gas poisoning within 10 minutes of the attack. A Vietnamese woman, Doan Thi Huong, and an Indonesian woman, Siti Aisyah, were arrested after the attack. Both women confessed to the attack but testified they believed they were playing a prank for a TV reality show.  Siti Aisyah was released in March 2019 after charges were dropped. Doan Thi Huong pleaded guilty on a reduced charge and is scheduled for release in April 2019 for time served. Most intelligence services believe Kim Jong-un ordered his half brothers killing.

Another Brother

Kim Jong-chul. Jong-chul is Kim Jong-uns older brother and was considered effeminate by his father.

Kim Jong-chul. Jong-chul is Kim Jong-un’s older brother and was considered effeminate by his father and was passed over to lead country.

Kim Jong-un has another older brother, Kim Jong-chul. Kim Jong-chul was born in 1981. He was not favored by his father. Jong-chul was considered to be “effeminate”.  Kim Jong-chul has no interest in politics it is said. Thae Yong-ho a former deputy ambassador who defected to South Korea has said, “Kim Jong-chul leads a quiet life in Pyongyang where he plays guitar in a band.” I close my eyes and try to imagine this son of the dead “Supreme Leader” playing in a head-banging band hammering out tunes in a smoke-filled North Korean bar.

The Chef Tells His Story

On the other hand, Kim Jong-un was very much favored by his father. “He is a big drinker and never admits defeat” said Kenji Fujimoto Kim Jong-il’s personal chef.  Fujimoto continued describing Kim Jong-un saying, “He smokes Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes, loves Johnnie Walker whiskey. He is a chip off the old block, a spitting image of his father in terms of face, body shape and personality.” By 2009 it was confirmed that Jong-un was being groomed to succeed his father. It is agreed by most experts that Kim Jong-un attended and graduated from Kim Il-sung University. His attendance was from 2002-2007. The University is a leading officer-training school in Pyongyang. In 2010 Jong-un was given the rank of a four star general. This despite Jong-un never having had any military experience.


King Jong-un showed great emotion at his father's funeral

Kim Jong-un showed great emotion at his father’s funeral, crying openly.

In December 2011 Kim Jong-Un was placed at the head of the party, the state and the army within weeks of his father’s death. During the same time Kim Jong-un was declared the country’s “Supreme Leader”. Since that time he has been honored with many other official titles: First Secretary of the ruling Korean Worker’s Party, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and National Defense Commission. A man of  limitless strength and abilities. In fact, the United States also has such a man. A man known as Jared Kushner. A man who is able to carry out nothing. But, who keeps getting more and more responsibility.

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Net Neutrality Is A Very Good Thing

Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak

Saturday in the middle of the night the GOP Senate passed a tax reform bill, Trump went psycho on Twitter,  an agitated North Korea fired another missile, Kushner was tied to Flynn and Russian Ambassador Kislyak, and a platoon of powerful men were being brought down for sexual harassment.

Hard to imagine, but amidst all these issues, I believe the end of net neutrality in the United States will become the most important, historically. The internet has been the bulwark of much of the country’s economic growth over the last twenty years, in fact, the internet has produced some of the most powerful and richest companies on the planet. Exemplified by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon.

The Mega Companies Will Be More Powerful

It has to be admitted that the economic muscle created by the new online giants came at the cost of the brick-and-mortars, the analogs and the manufacturers.  This country’s economic fortunes have been dependent on the enormous growth of these internet entrepreneurs and startup companies, which have changed our world, in some ways for the better, and in some ways for the worse.

The internet, the last great libertarian frontier of entrepreneurship, free from government intervention and the constraints of the physical world, is at serious risk. Net Neutrality is about to be cancelled by the FCC, led by Republican chairman Ajit Pai.

Federal Communication Commission

Imagine it this way, you now access the internet to view a website, or stream video at pretty much the same speed as everyone else in the United States. The companies that built the internet must treat all traffic exactly the same, no matter where it is headed, or how it got there.

Service providers claim net neutrality is an unfair burden that limits their ability to recoup their development costs. These ISP’s (Internet Service Provider’s) have made significant investments in the online infrastructure, and they want to be allowed to monetize their investment into more revenue and higher dividends for their shareholders.

Ajit Pai Calls For End To Net Neutrality

The FCC Commission is under Republican control, holding  3 of the 5 seats on the panel. If the FCC moves forward, as it keeps signaling it will, the net neutrality rule will be eliminated. If allowed to do so, ISP’s can soon sell a faster connection to certain destinations, for certain customers. For example, Twitter might benefit from that situation. A customer could load their site faster and at a lower cost than you could another site, a site which does not have the financial ability to pay Spectrum or Comcast, or any other ISP for that matter, to give faster (preferred) service to their site.

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29 Things To Make You Smile

Sunday morning and Trump has slammed Senator Bob Corker and Corker slammed back. Tillerson is still denying he called the President of the United States an “‘effing moron”. Vice President Pence leaves Colt’s Game in Protest of the Protesters. Nate brings high water to Biloxi, MS. North Korean bomb test shakes China city. Movie producer Harvey Weinstein has sexually harassed women for 4 decades.

I could go on, but before I get any more irritated it is time to think of all the things that make me smile. Join me for a moment to reflect on the sweet and simple things in life.

  • Beach grass whipped by the wind
  • The crackle of Autumn leaves beneath my feet
  • The feel of cotton against my skin
  • Electric BBQ’s
  • Donating blood
  • A dash of Irish Cream in my morning Cappuccino
  •  Soldiers in their dress uniforms
  •  Children’s handmade cards
  •  Ed Sheeran’s “The Shape Of You”
  •  The shape of water
  •  Looking through freshly cleaned windows
  •  Montana’s endless skies
  •  Roller skating at Oaks Park, Portland, Oregon
  •  Paddle wheel river boats
  •  Finding that lost earring
  •  Homemade Clam Chowder and Cheese Bread
  •  Letters to the Editor
  •  Antique car shows
  •  A freshly cleaned garage
  •  NetFlix
  •  Cashmere and tweed
  •  Halloween’s “Haunted House”
  •  The thinnest, crispiest french fries
  •  A new supply of business cards
  •  Lunch with Mom
  •  A February 29th birthday
  •  Dancing cheek to cheek
  •  Random acts of kindness
  •  Circular driveways
  • That’s it. Hope you took a minute from the insanity of the 24 hour news cycle, put up your feet and smiled at a few simple things in life.

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    Civil De-construction, One Tweet At A Time

    Trump Is Addicted To Twitter

    On July 26, 2017 President Trump tweeted: “After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States government will not accept or allow……”
    That was the president of the United States starting his morning with an ominous tweet. Then for the next nine minutes there was no follow-up tweet. His audience (the world) was left to wonder what would follow those six dots. The reporters at Buzzfeed confirmed that Pentagon staffers and officials alike believed Trump was about to announce a strike against North Korea or another Afghan military strike.

    After a mind bending nine minute wait, the president finally continued his tweet, “transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgenders in the military would entail.”

    Looks Like Bannon Working Behind The Scenes

    My first thoughts, 1) the tweet is both too organized and clearly written to have been originally authored by Trump, and instead, I suspect was the work of Steve Bannon or Stephen Miller. 2)  the writer acts as if transgender military service was not already a fact of life.  If this thoughtless tweeted policy is implemented, which I assume they will attempt, it will negatively affect an estimated 15,000 service personnel who openly identify as transgender.

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    Heated Words Intensify North Korea Situation

    Trump Arrives At Bedminster, NJ Golf Club For 17 Day “Working Vacation”.

    At his Bedminster N.J. golf club, on a scheduled “working vacation” Trump was questioned by reporters. Trump seemed willing to talk and answered questions freely in an unscheduled “press conference.”  Trump’s first and last solo press conference was on February 16, 2017.

    Facing growing nuclear threat from North Korea the president was quick to warn the Kim Jong-Un regime against any further provocations, “North Korea best not make any more threats to the U.S.  They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen before.”

    His inflammatory words rattled the international community.   Trump’s words came after the Washington Post released a story detailing the assertion of at least one U.S. intelligence agency that North Korea has successfully miniaturized a nuclear warhead that can be attached to missiles, expanding the range and power of the North Korean military.

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    My Twitter Adversary Weighs In On NoKo

    I love Twitter and I can understand why the President seems to be addicted to the platform.  Whenever I leave a tweet I get both “likes” and “incoming missiles” but I love the conversation, as long as it is real, authentic, and honest. I hate hearing the same words from 10 different people.  Think for yourself, I say, at least change the words. LOL.

    Twitter gives us an opportunity to open up our hearts and minds to different people and different ideas.  An opportunity to join hands with millions of people around the world some thinking similar thoughts while others from polar opposite philosophical spheres.

    I know that sometimes I am guilty of throwing red meat into the arena, just to get things stirred up, but for the most part I try to present rational thought with a tinge of humor. Because in the end we all need to be able to laugh at ourselves AND our beliefs.

    Sometimes the 140 character format is too limiting. What is happening in North Korea as an example. So I use my blog to vent and fume, stomp my feet and throw hand grenades at the Trump administration.

    One of my “Twitter adversaries” is Melanie Gambill @magambill,  Sometimes she hits me and my left-wing philosophy pretty hard.  But, I can take it and she takes the punches I throw at her, because we know we are both just too super great people with some differing opinions. I love her spirit, if not always her adjectives.

    Yesterday morning as the North Korea sword rattling was reaching new heights I asked my twitter friend, in a “back channel” message, for her as a Trump supporter to share her off the cuff thoughts on the escalating situation in NoKo. Her response was honest and forthright and I believe in her sincerity and so I am posting it for folks to read, and think about.

    I am taking advantage of her a bit by this post. She didn’t know she was writing for publication. I made no changes to her message. Love U Melanie. So follow us both on Twitter and chirp in anytime.

    From Melanie: Noko!! We have a huge problem!! It does not serve us to blame !! We are here now what do we do? My thoughts!! This guy is a wacko!! China should be doing what trump is!! But that is not happening!! Talks !! we are trying real hard.. sanctions ok takes time for that to kick in. And that is going to piss the little ass off. Ppl will suffer more, not him!! If he was not shooting the rockets off in everyone’s face it w/ not be so bad.. he warned us he was going to hit us.. so I think if he wanted to , as crazy as the little BOY is he w/ have just done it! Problem is soko Japan china.. he know he has everyone by the balls!! Many many ppl will die!! Humanity!! But he could just do it anyway.. he is a child with no restrictions and a lot of boom 💥!! If he shoot rockets at Guam!! Even if it is national waters. That is an act of war.. anything to come at our country.. Close or not.. the beast will be unleashed!! Trump is not playing., but this is the very last thing he wants to do. Or he w/ have done it too!! But he is ready and in place!! He has to do this.. Kennedy did, but he did not have to deal with a child!! That is the problem!!

    melanie gambill

    How do i get to your blog. I do not know much about this internet stuff.. I am interested in the conversation!! I don’t curse too much, w/ not do that!! If i get puff!! I w/ leave!! Let me know!! Busy dog day! I have pick ups , new dogs coming in. Grand child to watch. Whew. And possible war!! The 15th is when he will let us know his plan!! I think!! Right? Noko?


    Ethics, No Worries

    It was 10:00 in the morning before the rain stopped.  Lily, my dog, had become quite irritated with me because I refused to endure a downpour to take her for her ritual 7 am walk.  My God, sometimes I feel  she is running the show around here, and I’m just here for her convenience.   These are the kind of things that start slowly, and before you know it, she thinks I’m the one on the end of the leash.  I should probably resume reruns of The Dog Whisperer. Hmmm.

    Both U.S. political news and world news are sharing a lot of  media space today.  Please, humor me dear reader, as I write a couple paragraphs for the Calamity Politics blog site per each breaking story, rather than focus on a specific topic of political investigation and analysis.

    1.)  Bill O’Reilly: FoxNews says goodbye to its biggest star.  After hiding sexual harassment allegations with secret pay-off settlements totaling at least $13,000,000 the Murdock family has at last severed ties with Bill O’Reilly.  A Murdock spokesman announced that The O’Reilly Factor, it’s most popular show, has removed Bill O’Reilly as host.  His services have been cancelled effective immediately.  The discovered settlements paid over a decade were hidden from the public, the FCC, and their shareholders, with some fancy bookkeeping trickery.

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    The dog has been walked. My Dinner is the remainder of my Cobb Salad, from lunch. I’m waiting for The Rachel Maddow Show to end. Dan Rather is giving an interesting interview, or I would just turn it off.

    Watch Rachel On MSNBC For Her Nightly News Program

    I worked on a long Calamity Politics blog post earlier today. The article focused primarily on the similarities between Donald Trump and Jared Kushner. What I want to do now, is drink an Irish Coffee, and get into the hot tub, and zone out.

    But, I spend 23 hours a day wound up, thinking about the wild, turbulent, U.S. political daily may lay, and have trouble unwinding. Like right now, I cannot forget that 59 Tomahawk missiles were launched at a Syrian airbase on April 7th, 2017 by United States naval forces, for a yet, undefined purpose. Each one of those Tomahawk missiles cost a million dollars.

    Less than a week later, the American military dropped the “mother of all bombs,” or, a MOAB, on a set of ISIS tunnels and linked caves, in Afghanistan. So, back to the previous question. What is the purpose? Is there a thought out strategy? We killed 36 terrorists. How much did that bomb cost? I think I read that bitch cost 314 million dollars. That is about $85 million dollars per ISIS fighter.

    On top of that, the Carl Vinson and its Pacific Command strike force are headed toward the Korean Peninsula. Where apparently, the 30 year old dictator of North Korea, is having a party to celebrate his Grand dad’s birthday, and possibly detonate a nuclear weapon.

    Mike Pence Heading To South Korea For Visit During High Tensions With North Korea

    The U.S. Vice President, Mike Pence, is headed to South Korea as the first stop on his Asian tour. Is that reassuring, or not? I mean, Pence being there. If there is going to be a conflagration, wouldn’t he want to stay away? Or, maybe they know that no one is going to push the button and start a war, so it’s okay for him to go, right?

    What am I gonna do? I can’t just ignore this stuff. It’s my job to report on the political news. I think I’ll have that Irish Coffee, to start with. Good night.

    Join the Resistance


    Sunday Morning

    I’m making my family’s favorite Molasses Cookies. It takes awhile, mostly because the dough has to sit in the frig for 3 hours. I Don’t know why, that’s just what Mom’s recipe says I’m supposed to do. But, it does give me a chance to reflect on the political landscape, and make my first entries in the Calamity Politics, blog.

    Random Thoughts:

    Two Of The World’s Most Heartless Killers Together

    I am upset about the chemical attack on Syrian citizens and the killing of babies, apparently by the Assad government. Barbaric. Inhuman. After saying that, I don’t like all the praise President Trump is getting from both sides of the Congressional aisle. If it was another president, I might be showing support for the action, but in the case of Donald Trump I reserve my praise. Why? For one thing, Trump showed no heart when those same babies, in their mother’s arms, stood crying on our doorstep. Secondly, we all know that Donald Trump is a narcissistic sociopath. So, now what? Let’s go bomb, North Korea, because he thinks his poll numbers might go up! Thirdly, nice distraction. You’ve tried a bunch of stuff, but now you really turned their heads from the 2016 Russian election collaboration investigation. Fourthly, who is actually running the government, is it Trump, Bannon or Kushner? I know Don is the figurehead, but who is actually setting policy? If there is a policy.

    US Navy Being Directed By Who?

    President Trump is now moving ships of the U.S. Pacific Command toward the Korean Peninsula. This is real fire power. Seoul, South Korea, our ally, and home to 26 million people is in the cross hairs, caught between madmen. I hope we have a true strategy, and are ready to accept all possible consequences, before we start lobbing missiles all over the place.

    The Result:Trump Blew A Big Hole In Afganistan

    What are our goals? Who are we aligned with? What is our strategy? How many war fronts are we prepared to fight on? Our military sent 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase, we have blown up half of Afghanistan with MOAB (Mother of all bombs) and we have a naval strike force headed to the Korean peninsula. Wow, in one week, we have taken several major steps toward world destabilization.

    Is this part of Trump’s “secret plan” to destroy ISIS? I guess I’ll just hide under my desk and wait for the all clear whistle.

    Join the Resistance