Die, Die, Die

By D. S. Mitchell

My World

Calamity Politics is a political blog that presents the world as I see it. I am hard on the Republicans, but they deserve it. My political comments today center around the ACA and the Republican attempt to restore pre-Obama times.

A Healthy Citizen

Everybody in this crowd wants to go backward. What the fuck, is going on in their heads. A healthy citizenry is one of the best resources a country has at its core. Every civilized western country has health care for all. No questions, no arguments, it is a recognized right of citizenry.

The Grand Lie

Why is that concept so difficult for American politicians to embrace. This great, grand lie, that we make it on our own is some dime novelists idea of the American ideal. The fact is, we have a lot of sick people in this country that cannot pay the exorbitant cost of health care, or health insurance without government help.

Repeal And Replace

I object to the Repeal and Replace effort by the Republicans.  We are the only major country in the world that does not guarantee health care for its citizens.  We need a single payer health care system.  The American Health Care Act is being ballyhooed by Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and President Trump is an insult to every American that makes less than $250,000 a year.

You Can Read It

One of the reps said in a television interview, “go to the House of Representatives website and read it for yourself.”

I went to the House website and I was unable to make sense of their postings.  I did however, read several published reports, from the NY Times and the Washington Post that summarized the two  hundred pages of the House proposal.  It looks like is that there will be deep cuts to Medicaid, which is the primary vehicle that provides help to the poorest citizens.

Trump Care

The Republicans are gift wrapping the bill and presenting it to the American people with lots of political adjectives, such as,  guaranteed “access,” “patient centered care,” “doctor directed care,” “patient choice.”  It appears that at least fifteen million people are expected to be unable to pay for health care under the proposed Trump Care within the first two to three years.

Bernie Said It

That “access” Republicans keep talking about is just sugar-coating.  I think Bernie said it best, “I have ‘access’ to buying a Cadillac, but that doesn’t mean I can pay for it.”

20 Million And Growing

What I see is a return to the situation we had in 2008, when there were close to 20 million Americans without health care.  When those people get sick they use the local hospital Emergency Room as their primary route to health care.  Too little, too late and far too expensive. Sadly, many of the older people who voted for Trump will suffer the most under the Trump Care Health Plan.  During the election, Trump did extremely well with the 50-64 year age group.


BOHICA!! That’s Navy slang for, ‘Bend Over Here It Comes Again.” No shit folks, grab your ankles because Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are about to give you a real screwing.  In fact, you could get screwed to death.

Move Back

What a tragic step backward for our country and it’s commitment to its citizens.   The Republicans are planning on giving a $4,000 tax credit to a 50-60 year old to help offset their anticipated insurance premium.  These are people earning $20,000-$40,000 annually.  Wow.  The 50-62 year old classification is an extremely vulnerable age group, health wise.  Knowing how the government works, that health care “tax credit” will be based on 5-year-old cost statistics.  So, by the time a person gets the government tax credit it won’t help much.  Potentially that client/patient could face annual short falls of thousands of dollars. Oh, well, it’s just your life.  All the millionaires have health care.

War Against Us All

OMG.  I’m pulling my hair out.  Is there no end to the war on women, people of color, the poor, the uneducated, the immigrant, the elderly, the sick and vulnerable?  There is no heart or soul left in Washington, D.C. Empathy and compassion have left town.  Has every sense of kindness and generosity been thrown on the bonfire of profit? It appears that is the case.

Demolition Team

The ‘Triumvirate of Health Care Demolition,” (Trump, Ryan and McConnell) for some reason are unable to see the pain and chaos this bill will have on the weakest segment of our society.  Or, the negative effect it will have on rural hospitals and their client population.  The major beneficiary of Ryan’s “dream” health care plan is the mega wealthy. He thinks it is more important to kiss the ass of the 400 richest people in the country, than to reach out to the country’s neediest citizens and lift them up.

The Wealthiest Among Us

How much money do you each need?  You are all millionaires, and maybe billionaires, for all I know. Are you beyond shame? What a sad picture.  It’s worse than hit run driving.  These guys are well aware of the minor tweaks the ACA requires, but it’s easier to just lie, and lie, and lie some more.  Ryan  has his foot on the gas, and he and our demented president, don’t seem to care how many pedestrians they kill.

Progressive History

Franklin Roosevelt was wealthy, LBJ was wealthy, JFK was wealthy, in fact, most of our presidents have been wealthy men.  I focused on Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and John F. Kennedy, because they were the 20th centuries most important advocates of earned benefits, based on contribution to government programs, commonly known as entitlement programs.  Named entitled because we pay into them, creating out entitlement. Most notably, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.


FDR, JFK, LBJ (married wealth) despite their own patrician lifestyles these men were able to step into the ‘other man’s shoes.’  Instead of victimizing the poor, these men saw themselves as the caregivers of the sick and vulnerable.  Protectors of the poor and the down trodden.  Apparently, such qualities are no longer respected, or admired.

How Many Do You Need

Today, if you have huge sums of money, the only goal, it seems, is to make MORE! What the fuck?  How many houses does one person need, when so many are homeless. And a garage full of cars you can only drive one at a time, seems foolish. You can only swim in one pool at a time, and you can only sail one boat at a time.  I’m no communist, but we have a big problem when a 400 person group is in control of at least 90% of the country’s wealth and they want more.

Greedy Bastards

We are in danger of losing the middle class. In other words, those 400 pairs of feet, you know who they are, they are the, Koch brothers, and a handful of their cronies.  These greedy bastards have bought and paid for most of the “conservative” legislators.  I’m feeling the pressure of those 800 feet against my windpipe, as I’m struggling to breath.

The higher your status, the more wealthy you are, the more blessed you have been; the more obligated you are to make sure the well-being of those who cannot protect themselves. I’m talking to you, President Trump. Mitch McConnell, take that stupid grin off your face, and do something in your last years to prove you are more interested in humanity, than money.

Join the Resistance

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