8 Donald Trump Mind Benders

8 Donald Trump Mind Benders

By D. S. Mitchell

Face Slamming

For me, staying on track, with so many political news stories slamming me in the face, seemingly every minute, is a bit hard. My primary intention with Calamity News and Politics/Calamity Politics, is to be a voice for the progressive political agenda. I believe everything is political, so you will see articles on health care, housing, homelessness, suicide, struggling families, criminal ‘injustice’, and the overall inequality of our existing system. I hope to do that through sensible reporting, comment, opinion and conversation.


Although, my agenda is progressive, I want to stay as objective as the facts allow me to be. I attempt to use a minimum of two sources for each story. I know my personality, so I expect I am likely to drop a commentary bomb somewhere in almost every post. However, my goal is to give you news. When writing an Editorial, however, I am more likely to go on a screaming tirade.


I will do my best to restrain those outbursts when posting my regular posts.  If you want to watch me eviscerate the powerful, look for posts labeled Editorial.  If I deviate from that set goal, I give my readers permission to remind me of my shortcomings. My central goal is to empower the powerless, encourage the weak and motivate the involvement of the many. When you read Calamity News and Politics it is the same as reading Calamity Politics, you just got to the site using a different URL. I am on Twitter, but find I do not have the energy it requires to be as visible as I would like.  I hate Facebook. Because of that bias I am there only by social media arm twisting. Lastly, you can find CP posts on Pinterest.

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What Was the Value of Your 2016 Vote?

The Value Of Your 2016 Vote

D. S. Mitchell

On High Heat

My head just keeps spinning. In case no one has noticed the political discussion in the United States has become so heated between opposing factions that I am hearing of divorces and office fights over the 2016 election results. Really? So, just for fun, I played with some numbers and I thought I might light a political fire under my readers. It’s seat of the pants mathematics but, it seems that more than one person is operating by the seat of their pants. American politics at its most outrageous.

Upside Down

How much was your vote worth in 2016. You probably already figured out, not much; if you voted, for Hillary Clinton. Hillary WON the popular vote by 2,865,075.  Everyone knows that, right? Trump WON the Electoral College with 304 electoral votes.  That’s old news, right? Looking behind those numbers we discover that:  112,155 votes, cast in three states (Michigan 13,104, Wisconsin 27,257, and Pennsylvania 71,794) turned my world, and maybe yours, upside down.

Electoral College Math

WHEN IS 112,155 EQUAL TO 2,865,075?They are equal if you are using Electoral College math.  Every single one of those 112,155 “rust belt” votes, equaled 25.55 votes, cast elsewhere.   In other words, 1 vote in Pennsylvania is equal to 25.55 votes in Oregon.  In my opinion, absolute insanity.

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14 Emerging Trump Scandals

14 Emerging Trump Scandals

By D.S. Mitchell

Calamity Politics is a progressive political blog. Our intention here at Calamity Politics is to shed light on the events of the day. We will look at the U.S. political hot button issues, and see if our behind the scenes investigations can offer insight, relevance and engaging conversation.

I was planning on talking about media overload today.  I have been wondering if the American public would tire of having the orange gorilla in their living room every single minute of every single day.  As of this morning, I am convinced that I need not worry about such an event.

Instead, I believe we are going to see a growing crowd assemble.  You know how it is, the train is approaching the collapsed bridge, and you just can’t take your eyes away.  Some of us will be cheering and some will be crying.  That’s politics for you.  I’m just praying, the Republic can survive.

The Scandals

    1. Resignation of retired General Mike Flynn, as National Security Advisor due to his association with Russian government.
    2. Trump’s link to election interventions by Russia.
    3. Resignation of Manafort and his Russian association.
    4. Trump’s bungled Executive Order: “Muslim” Travel Ban.
    5. Kellyanne Conway selling/promoting Ivanka’s fashion line on TV from the White House Briefing Room.
    6. Trump’s refusal to divulge his income taxes.
    7. Trump’s illegal use of his foundation.
    8. Melania Trump’s immigration file.  Possible, felonies and misdemeanors.  Some people are saying she was a call girl?
    9. Trump is an “Unreviewable” President, states White House counselor, Stephen Miller.
    10. Lawsuits against Trump University continue in several states.
    11. President Trump’s lease/contract on the Washington, D.C. Trump hotel.
    12. Trump loading the White House Cabinet with billionaires.
    13. FBI Director Comey and New York FBI office associates of Rudi Giuliani and the  revelation of Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner’s PC.
    14. President Trump’s refusal to divest himself of his worldwide business interests.

So, there you are folks, the down and dirty on the boiling scandals miring this new administration. So, because of Trump’s ridiculous conspiracy theories and his outright lies regarding 3,000,000 illegal voters swinging the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, along with preposterous statements as to the size of his Inaugural crowd size, his vicious and near constant attacks on the press, have convinced me, that we are in for a very bumpy ride. Journalists, bloggers, media outlets I believe President Trump he will do, and say anything, because he knows that the 24/7 news cycle is amenable to short term attention by the audience. So, here we go on the political ride of our lives. I think it will get damn dirty.

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