Class Warfare, GOP Style

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Author Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman Wants To Get The Truth Out

The NY Times on 11/16/17 published a great opinion piece written by Paul Krugman. If you didn’t see it, I will try to summarize the article as best I can, because the core of the message is worth repeating.

Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan have been lying when they said the GOP tax plan would not raise taxes on any middle class families.The Congressional score keeper, the Joint Committee on Taxation, reported that approximately 38 million middle-class families would see higher taxes under the Senate Republican proposal.

Both Senate and House bill will offer huge tax giveaways to international corporations and the billionaire class. The Republicans have tried to limit the impacts of these tax cuts on the budget deficit by eliminating tax credits and exemptions that mainly benefit the middle class. As such many in the lower and middle class will see their taxes go up.

“But focusing on how many would face tax increases gets at only a small part of what’s going on here,” Krugman said. Continuing, he pointed out, “It is top-down class warfare, coupled with the false claims that they are  cutting taxes on the middle class, which has been standard GOP operating procedure for a long time.”

Krugman points out that the tactics of the current GOP leaders is not just a replay of the Bush playbook from 2001 and 2003, although there are similarities. Similarities between then and now are: 1.) Tax breaks that phase in and out. 2.) Misleading examples and calculations to give the false impression of a tax cut for the middle class 3.) Asserting that the tax cuts come free, blurring the fact that the cuts will be offset by cuts to popular programs such as Medicaid and Medicare 4.) Continuing to pretend eliminating the “death” tax is about helping the small family farm, or business.

Krugman asserts that there is an ugly twist to the latest GOP robbery scam. In the 2017 money grab, the goal seems to be to favor wealth, especially inherited wealth, over labor. In the new tax bill he notes multiple measures that make it harder for the children of the middle class to work up the golden ladder.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Has Been Spinning The GOP Tax Lie

The prime example is the GOP plan to eliminate, or sharply reduce taxes on inherited wealth, which currently apply to only a tiny number of huge estates. The inheritance tax has been morphed by the GOP into a multitude of family farms being sold off to pay estate taxes. Definitely not true. Best estimates indicate only about 80–eighty, businesses or farms pay any estate tax each year. “The GOP tax bill is about making wealthy heirs even wealthier,” Krugman asserts.

A new proposed tax loophole would benefit large business owners–but only as long as they don’t have hands control. So that definitely lets out the little guy. The House bill, according to Krugman, “doesn’t just raise taxes on many middle-class families: It selectively raises taxes on families with children. In fact, half–half!–of families with children will see a tax hike once the bill is fully phased in.”

Krugman offered several examples in his piece, including this one: Suppose a child from a working class family decides, despite financial hardship to attend college. To attend university the student will need a loan to help pay tuition, books and housing. Under the proposed tax House bill, the interest on that student loan would no longer be deductible.  In effect, such action would raise the cost of college. It would obviously narrow future opportunity for young people of limited financial means. In some instances an employer will contribute toward an employee’s educational expenses. The House plan would consider that employer contribution taxable income.

Additionally, when a parent works for a university their children are given reduced tuition. That tuition break will become taxable income. Also, tuition breaks for grad students who work as teaching or research assistants will become taxable.

The pattern becomes obvious, this is a means to “close off opportunities for children who weren’t clever enough to choose wealthy parents,” Krugman snaps.

Funding for CHIPS (Children’s Health Insurance Program) which covers more than 8 million children, expired nearly sixty days ago and the Republicans have made no attempt to restore it. Krugman sees it as “the shape of things to come;”  if tax cuts pass, and the deficit explodes which it is expected to do, the GOP will suddenly decide that deficits must be slashed and at that time the GOP will attack the social safety net and will demand cuts in social programs, many of which benefit lower-income children, disabled vets, and nursing home residents.

This attack isn’t just ordinary class warfare. This legislation appears to be aimed at perpetuating inequality into multiple future generations. Taken together, the House and the Senate bills amount to a more or less systematic attempt to provide benefits to the children of extreme wealth, while making it more difficult for less fortunate young people to achieve upward social/economic mobility.

The tax legislation the GOP is forcing through Congress with unimaginable speed, without hearings or time for any kind of serious study, is not just an attempt to reinforce plutocracy, “but to entrench a hereditary plutocracy.”

Trump and the Trump family, and nearly every one in his cabinet members will see big benefits from this fast moving legislation. Please call, email or tweet Republican senators. We must stop this bill. In addition to Krugman’s comments I suggest the near $2 trillion up front cuts to Medicaid and Medicare will devastate programs for disabled vets, critically ill children and vulnerable seniors. This is wrong.

Giving trillions of dollars to international companies is unconscionable. Make these creeps accountable. They are not invulnerable. The 2018 elections are fast approaching. We must create a Blue Tsunami to take back the halls of government for the 99%, #NotOnePenny for the 1%. Vote Democratic. Stop the GOP tax bill.

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**Thanks again to the Paul Krugman for his insight**


That Stench You Smell Is The GOP Tax Plan

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Mitch McConnell

Senate Unveils Their Version Of GOP Tax Bill

The GOP plan is to raise taxes on at least 38 million middle class families, destroy health insurance  coverage for millions so as to give massive breaks to international companies and the wealthiest among us. A last-minute add-on in the Senate bill is a provision that would repeal the ACA (Obama health care law) that mandates all Americans get insurance coverage.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has projected that dismantling the requirement would mean 4 million more uninsured people by 2019 and 13 million uninsured by 2027. Worries about an increasing population of uninsured was one of the causes of the GOP failure last summer to repeal ObamaCare. The repeal action failed amidst protests in the streets and the halls of congress.

In another last-minute move the Senate bill was altered to end personal tax reductions in 2025. Corporate tax cuts however, will be permanent. This includes dropping the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20%. The corporate handouts are permanent, the family breaks are not,” said Oregon Senator Ron Wyden. Wyden is my senator, and he is great. Here’s what else he had to say, “To pay for these handouts to multinational corporations, millions of Americans are going to lose their health care, millions will see their premiums skyrocket, and millions will get hit with a tax hike.”

Ron Wyden Against GOP Tax Bill

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden (D) Speaks Out Against GOP Tax Bill

The Republicans have been promising jobs through “trickle down” economics.  Trickle down is a proven failure. Don’t be taken in. It’s all a shell game. A bunch of nonsense.

The GOP tax bill will 1.) Repeal pro middle class personal exemptions 2.) Will eliminate medical expense deduction for approximately 10 million people 3.) Will gut the state and local tax deduction 4.) Companies that outsource US jobs will get tax breaks 5.) Gutting 1.5 trillion dollars from Medicaid & Medicare will devastate services for disabled veterans, seniors and critically ill children 6.) Eliminate the ACA mandate.

The GOP tax cuts will add 1.5 trillion dollars to the deficit. This is disgusting. The 1% do not need any tax cuts. Secondly, the elimination of the estate tax only effects people who are worth more than 5 million dollars, and if you have a good CPA he is smart enough to adjust those numbers for the beneficiaries of an estate worth over 5 million. The estate tax, or the “death tax” effects the most wealthy, and by eliminating the estate tax the GOP will be perpetuating the wealth of the 1% into perpetuity.

Now is the time. Call and tweet Republican Senators and tell them No to their tax fraud. The idea that Republicans are so desperate to pass anything is a sad state of their governing. A bad bill is a bill that helps the few, and harms the many. That’s what we have here. Bad legislation based on donor needs, not the needs of the 99%.

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Trade In The Era Of Trump

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Trump Meets With Xi Jinping

Trump Left China Without Trade Deal

Trump has just returned from a trip to Asia that had been touted as an epic economic and diplomatic tour, empty-handed. His tactics of insult and bullying did not play well.

Here in the United States there is white knuckle fear that NAFTA will once again become central in Trump’s great trade experiment. Of course, there are valid points made by the administration. There is trade imbalance, but most US industries are looking for a few tweaks, not abolishment of a treaty that has produced many benefits for US industry and farmers.

NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, is a 1994 pact between Canada, US and Mexico. I’m from NW Oregon and many Mexican markets were opened to Northwest wheat growers. In fact, exports increased by 400%. At the same time many of these farmers have complaints about Canadian wheat pricing. You can’t make everybody happy, but that does not mean these folks want to tear up the historic treaty.

Clinton Stumps For NAFTA

Bill Clinton Stumps For NAFTA In 1994

Everybody wants to keep what works and fix what doesn’t. Anytime you start re-negotiating you are at risk that the other country’s desired fixes will cause major problems. That’s what negotiations are about, however Trump does not conduct normal negotiations. Trump’s threatening the outright cancellation of NAFTA  puts political theatrics and rhetoric ahead of effective negotiating tactics.

In October, dozens of agricultural trade groups warned the Trump Commerce Department that withdrawal from NAFTA would cause “immediate, substantial harm to American food and agriculture industries and to the US economy as a whole.” The threat of abrupt turnaround in US trade policy has our trading partners looking around for options for sales and purchases elsewhere. China, for example.

If Trump withdraws from NAFTA most agree it would create problems for the United States, particularly in Trump’s staunchest support base, the American heartland. Treaties take years of behind the scenes negotiating before they are unveiled for public perusal. Tearing up agreements is not good trade policy.

In 1987, Trump, with the help of Tony Schwartz, wrote the “Art Of The Deal”. Schwartz has since declared Trump to be “delusional”.  In the book, there is an 11 point formula for negotiating. Step 5 is “use your leverage”. In other words, be ready to walk away, if you can’t get what you want. My view here, is that if you have no working trade partnerships, you have no leverage.

Art Of The Deal

1987 Trump & Schwartz Wrote “Art Of The Deal”

According to Trump in 1987, “The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it. That makes the other guy smell blood, and then you are dead,” Sounds like a theory that may or may not work in real estate but is fault based in the in the 2017 globalized economy.

The threat of Trump abandoning trade treaties to gain leverage, or he will walk away in the hope of making it better at some future time in the future, makes no sense. Trump tearing up  treaties or threatening to tear up treaties is a clear danger to US trade.

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Trump Moves Quickly To Reshape Appeals Courts

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Sounds pretty boring, talking about the US judicial system. But here goes, because what Trump is doing could change court decisions in this country for the next two plus generations.

There are 179 judgeships on the US courts of appeals as authorized. The judges are all nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate. These positions have lifetime terms.

The US courts of appeals (Appellate Courts) are considered among the most powerful and influential courts in the country. It isn’t as glamorous as the Supreme Court, but these courts have the ability to set legal precedent that will affect millions of Americans. The courts of appeals have a significant influence on US law, because these courts review at least 60,000 cases annually and in most cases are the final arbiter on federal cases. The Supreme Court chooses to review less than 2% of the more than 7,000 cases that are filed annually with that court.

Important example of the Appellate Court is the 9th Circuit which is especially influential because its decisions cover 20% of the US population and an immense geographical area. The 9th circuit includes, AL, OR, WA, CA, ID, NV, MT, AZ, HI, GU and MP, (pink on the map).

The Republicans have a secret battle plan to fill the federal appeals courts with young and very conservative judges. The intent is to reshape the judiciary into an intensely conservative body. Trump has already appointed eight appellate judges.

There are many positions open due to an aging judiciary and positions that Republicans forced to be held open during the last two years of the Obama administration. Of the first 18 nominees, 15 are men, and 16 are white. Republicans are systematically filling judgeships with particularly conservative judges, mostly white men. These appointments to not reflect the face of America.  We need to worry about the potential effect this packing of the court system will have on the future legal face of America.

Trump is said to have instructed McGahn to “prioritize appointing conservative judges who would be strong and could resist tremendous political and social pressure.” Social pressure is the key. Because the last 70 years of US law has been headed in a more inclusive, progressive direction. The Millenials and X’ers will soon out number the stodgy old white men now manipulating power in Washington DC, and they are scared to death, and will do anything necessary to stave off the future.

Trump said recently, “We will set records in terms of the number of judges.” He continued saying that there were “many more nominees in the pipeline.”

Most of the nominees are being recommended by two conservative groups, The Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation and then delivered to White House counsel, Donald McGahn II. According to the NY Times 11/12/2017, “many of the nominees are “extremists”–hostile to the rights of women, minority groups and workers, and unduly favorable to the wealthy.”

The Republican Party sees these nominees as “rock stars” who will interpret the Constitution according to conservative interests. The conservative legal movement began in the 1980’s as a backlash  “in reaction to decades of liberal rulings on issues like the rights of criminal suspects and abortion.”

The appointment of a large number of new judges to the appeals court for life-time terms will reshape the legal interpretation of our everyday lives. I believe this issue is of great importance and I am even more motivated to encourage impeachment of Trump and Pence. The damage being done by Trump is immeasurable. We don’t have as much time as I originally thought. I believe, I am just one of the many, who feel an increasing urgency to overturn Trumpism before the United States slides into a dictatorship.

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**Special thanks to the NY Times Sunday 11-12-2017 for quotes noted in this article.**


I’m Back, And I’m Optimistic

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The last post written by me specifically directed at Donald Trump was written on October 14, 2017. Since that date, I have mostly been writing about environmental issues, domestic problems and the American health scene. The reason quite honestly, is that after completing my 7 part series, Trump: Behind The Curtain, I was so disgusted and repelled by the revelations that I felt I needed to step back, and take those proverbial deep breaths. But, I am back now, and I am feeling hopeful.

The elections across the country on Tuesday November 7, 2017, the one year anniversary of the election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States, brought out a lot of  people who are madder than hell at the direction that Trump and the GOP are taking this country. Women, people of color, immigrants, the college educated, suburbanites, the LGBT community, came together to vote for decency and inclusion.

Our history is imperfect, but our direction toward inclusiveness and decency has been ongoing and progressive.  The results of Tuesday’s elections make it clear that the American people want to continue on the road forward and not turn backwards to a time when a person was defined by their race, their sex, their wealth; not their intelligence, their creativity, their courage and their moral character.

If you are part of the Resistance, you can be proud and happy for Tuesday’s victories, but I believe that very success will lead to greater efforts by the 1% donors, Russian meddlers and old line Republicans to suppress the vote, demoralize and discourage participation by Democrats and Independents.

Turn out is the key. Voting for what you believe in and not staying home because you feel powerless. Your vote is America’s future. It is easy to leave it up to someone else to make those decisions, but if you are committed to progress then you must take responsibility for your actions.  If you want change, if you want progress, you must speak up, you must speak out. No bystanders allowed.

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27 Things To Make You Smile

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I love week ends. On Fall and Winter days I hang out with the dog, drink Irish coffees and watch old movies.  On Sundays I try to think of things that make me smile. Here are my 27 things to make you smile.

1.) Plan to do something good  2.) A yellow convertible VW bug           3.) Burning up 100 calories per hour, by just existing  4.) Hot baked potato skins covered with melted cheese  5.) The sound of the last load of laundry tumbling in the dryer  6.) Spa towels big enough for two  7.) Spinning spaghetti on a fork  8.) Crescent rolls leafy and hot, dripping in butter  9.) Emerald cut diamonds 10.) The giant Harvest moon of Autumn  11.) Baby’s first tooth  12.) Men in topcoat and hat  13.) Lights of Las Vegas   14.) A day on the boat  15.) Men in uniform  16.) Standing at the fridge, door open, wondering why you are standing there  17.) The soft creaking of wood floors  18.) Getting the chance to brag a bit.  19.) Ceramic mugs of steaming coffee   20.) A well-worn pair of jeans that fit just right 21.)  A bonfire on the beach  22.) Old friends and a Ouija board  23.) “No problem” instead of “Thank you.”  24.)  An Amaryllis blooming on the dining room table  25.) Reserving that special corner table  26.) Midnight snowmobile rides  27.) Knee deep in fallen leaves

That’s it. Thanks for joining me for a few smiles. is an on-line political news magazine pointing a pissed off finger at the actions of the American government.  Call you senator and representative and demand the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

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Are You Thinking About Getting A Dog?

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Dogs save lives in more ways than one. But sometimes we, or the family, are not in the right place, time-wise, geographically, or emotionally to bring a new friend laden with responsibilities into our lives. With the holidays fast approaching, many of us think, “wouldn’t a puppy make a perfect Christmas gift for Johnny, or Jenny Jr?”

Maybe, maybe not.

The time commitment required for a new puppy is often ignored. Before you start looking for that new pup, make sure that you have the time and the energy required to daily commit to your new best buddy. Puppies will need to go out every hour until they are house trained. You or your children will need to be ready to commit no less than two hours daily for play, exercise, socialization and stimulation. Additionally, puppies because they are rapidly growing, need to be fed and watered three times a day.

Activity level of the animal is probably one of the most important considerations when deciding on a new pet. Make sure the new animal will fit into the way you and your family live your lives. If you are a couch potato a three-month old greyhound pup may not be your best choice. Describe your lifestyle to the folks at the shelter and they will be able to offer some great options.

Before you make the commitment, observe your kids with a dog. Offer to pet sit for a friend, or foster an animal. Fostering offers your family an opportunity to experience owning a pet without the trauma of making a bad choice. Fostering can last for a few days, or a few months.

Puppies are so adorable, but they are demanding, and require a lot of attention. Maybe an adult dog would be a better fit? The mature dog will need all the things a puppy needs, but on a smaller less demanding scale. Adult dogs have more impulse control and they are better able to understand and fit into established family routines. They need less stimulation, exercise and patience than puppies, but they still need each of these things.

Can you afford a pet? Estimates show that on adoption day, if you go thru your local shelter, you may spend anywhere from $50 to $300. During the first year you can expect to spend $1,000 or more for your new dog. Some Humane Society shelters spay and neuter all animals, others do not. So remember, to ask about spaying and neutering before you decide on an animal.

Your new pet may come without a health history.  Even if they have a health history record,  you will still need to schedule an appointment with a vet as soon as possible, so the pet can be examined, vaccinated, checked for parasites and neutered or spayed if it has not been done. Untreated  parasites can be transferred from dogs to humans so be sure to do this immediately.

New pets need things. Such as; crate, collar, leash, waste bags, bed, bowls for water and food, cleaning supplies, food and treats, doorway gate, grooming tools, ID tag, license and toys. If the shelter has given the dog bedding or a favorite toy ask if you can take it home for the pet. Something familiar is good.  It is important to make the transition from home to shelter as easy as possible for all concerned. Pick up the pet when you are sure you will have a few days at home and let the animal settle in without lots of visitors and the stress of a school and workday.

It is recommended that the pet should be restricted to one room or a small area for the first day or two, gradually expanding the area where the pet is allowed. Don’t forget this can be an overwhelming time with new faces, voices and open spaces.

Picking a name. Many dogs have already been given a name. If you like the name keep it. But, don’t feel that you can’t change the pet’s name. Dogs adapt quickly. Make it a game to find the best name for your new family member. A one or two-syllable name is  easier for both the animal and the kids.  Remember, there will be times when you will want to call the dog.  Holler out the name, does it make you feel stupid? Then that probably is not the best choice. “Honey Bunny” sounds great in the house, but calling out “Honey Bunny” as you search the neighborhood might cause some personal humiliation.

Share the responsibilities. Make sure everyone pitches in. Some chores are appropriate for kids depending on their age of course, such as providing fresh water, feeding, playing, walking and grooming. Initially, all chores should be supervised by an adult. I saw one article on pet adoption that suggested an interactive chore wheel. But, whatever the method you choose, please divvy up the duties. Make it clear that if someone can’t fulfill their chores they need to let someone else take over for them. That pet depends on its owners for food, water, shelter, activity and love. Make sure that those duties are fulfilled everyday.

If you choose to bring a four-legged friend into your home they will give you more love than you ever imagined, make sure that you are in the right place to return their love and dedication. is an on-line political news magazine highlighting the headlines of the day with often caustic humor, and deprecating analysis. Join us as we put the Washington, DC under the microscope. Join the Resistance.



The Color Of My Hand

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Random Question: If you were blind and wandering confused in an unfamiliar landscape, would you care the color of the offered hand?

Join The Resistance is a progressive on-line news magazine working for a future that will benefit everyone, and not just the few. Speak up, speak out, sometimes you only have one chance to make your voice heard. Make it Blue in ’18.


10 Tips On Dealing With Collection Agencies

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Collection Calls Can Be Disturbing. Here Are A Few Tips On How To Handle Such Calls

Economic times have improved around most parts of the country, and the future is now optimistic. However, many people over the last several years experienced some very hard financial times. Many of those delinquencies remain unpaid and there are collection agencies who are still pursuing payment on those accounts. If you are in such circumstances the collection calls continue. It is important to remember, every citizen has legal rights when dealing with collection agencies. After a conversation with my long time friend Ed McKee, owner and senior broker of EME Funding services, Portland, OR he offered the following tips to pass on to my readers. Here are Ed’s 10 tips to help keep you from getting ripped off.


1.) Realize that collection agents usually work on commission. So, obviously, the more money they get you to pay, the larger their paycheck.
2.) Please do not argue with the agent. Such behavior will not help. Stay calm and state your case clearly and succinctly. 3.) Don’t ask to speak to the agent’s supervisor. The supervisor got his or her job because they were good at collecting the most money. 4.) Never give information over the telephone. If it is an authentic collection agency they already have all the information they need. 5.) Use Money Orders or Certified funds to make all agreed payments. 6.) Keep records of everything. Make sure that anything you send through the mail has a return receipt. 7.) Make sure that you get written confirmation of any negotiated pay offs. 8.) Never accept the collection agent’s first offer. They will always call back with a better offer. Remember, nobody at the collection agency gets paid until you send in the money. 9.) Use strong sentences, “This is all I can afford to pay.” “This is all I will pay.” 10.) You will eventually want to repair your credit, during that process keep all correspondence between your credit repair service, and keep all copies of credit reports.

If you are currently experiencing tough times, or you have in the past, and are still dealing with collection calls, hopefully this short list will give you the basic information you need to keep as much money in your pocket as possible.

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An Obligation To Preserve Health Care

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The Democrats Oppose The Recent Actions By Trump Order

The Trump administration seems bent on destroying health care in America. Despite promises to “guarantee health care for all” while on the campaign trail, Trump has moved back to the GOP corner, now calling for Repeal and Destroy.

Open enrollment for the ACA (ObamaCare) starts on November 1st and extends through December 15, 2017 for health care policies starting January 1, 2018.  I would wager that a large part of Americans are unaware of these important approaching dates.

Why wouldn’t they know?  The problem comes from the Trump administration’s dramatic cut backs on efforts to tell people about deadlines and other matters related to the ACA.  The strategy is to openly sabotage the national health care system. Americans should be given time to check their current coverage and make health care decisions to avoid being trapped in a policy they don’t like, or in a policy that no longer fits their needs.

Not if Trump and his cohorts have their way. The White House has cut billions in funds to subsidize insurance policies for Americans covered by the ACA, by executive order. President Trump has dramatically and erroneously claimed that the subsidies are forcing taxpayers to “subsidize the insurance companies,” and he “will not allow” the insurance companies to continue to make carloads of money at taxpayer expense.

Trump Attempts To Strangle The ACA With Executive Order Withholding Subsidy Payments To Insurance Companies

What? Now, I have heard it all. The insurance companies need payment subsidies to insure poor and middle class Americans. That is most of us, in one form or another, such as Medicaid for a child born with cystic fibrosis, or a grandmother in a nursing home, or a young mother diagnosed with breast cancer, or a hip replacement for elderly Uncle Charlie. Whether we think about it or not, ACA is helping either a relative, a neighbor, an employee, or a friend of a friend. We do not live isolated lives and we all know someone impacted by the ACA, unless you are part of the 1%.

Trump has not given one thought to the needs of the American people, especially anyone that isn’t in the 1% fraternity. The Art of the Deal, is really the Art of the Con. It’s ordinary Americans that are left in limbo, watching a voodoo dance by the Trump administration and the GOP after their first efforts to Repeal ObamaCare were defeated by protesters and grass-roots activism across the country.  After that very visible failure they decided to strangle the system, and beat it to death by executive order.

Paul Ryan Has Led The Attack In The House To Repeal ObamaCare

Trump’s elimination of subsidies–as well as causing insurance companies to raise premiums in anticipation of the act–will end up costing the U.S. Treasury even more than if nothing had been done. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office forecasts that ending cost-sharing reductions will increase the federal deficit by $194 billion over the next ten years.

The disorganized and seemingly haphazard way this dismantling of the American health care system is taking place has left many in the public filled with stress and confusion, and terrified doctors, hospitals and insurers.

Last week US Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Patty Murray (D-WA) proposed a two-year extension of subsidies to stabilize the insurance marketplace. A temporary bi-partisan agreement sounds like a good thing, but Trump has dismissed the effort and has declared he is not supporting the action.

The uncertainty in the market, created by the president’s executive order to cease insurance company subsidies has created new anxiety and uncertainties. The culmination of the uncertainty has created a level of angst I have not seen before.

We all know that the ACA is not perfect. But, in general, as the public has become more familiar with the program its popularity has steadily been growing; to the extent that passing of a Repeal bill in the congress has become nearly impossible. So, the Trump administration decided it would rather dismantle and destroy, without thought of the results. Did anyone in the White House give five minutes of thought to what is best for the millions of Americans who depend on the ACA system?

The Cuts To Medicaid & Medicare And The ACA Subsidies Has Sent Shock Waves Across 1/6 Of The Economy

We are talking about one sixth of the US economy, one on which we rely on for essential services. I live in a rural area, and my local hospital and their individual medical providers-depend on predictable payments by private and public insurers. Medicare and Medicaid payments have slowed and declined in the last decade.

The intentional and calculated chaos created by Trump and the GOP against the system, is now undermining the private leg of the health care system, and it is becoming increasingly unstable. Each of us face a high price for incompetent national policy management of health care. This is a life and death business.

Our lawmakers have an obligation to put a stop to Trump’s assault on our health care and make sure that American citizens have a stable and predictable health care system that is there when any, or all of us, need it. Call or tweet your lawmaker and support ACA subsidy payments.

Join the Resistance