Crack Smokin’ Circus Clown

Not All Clowns Are Funny

Normalcy Check

The hand on my “what’s normal” scale is broken. I mean, I can’t turn on the radio, pick up a newspaper, flip through a magazine, have lunch with a friend, scan the internet, without being suffocated by HIM. I am suffering from a severe case of over exposure. If you are a citizen of planet earth, you know exactly who I mean.

Clowning Around
All eyes are focused on the drunk, crack smokin’ circus clown doing artillery practice in the living room. Except it’s not a drunk crack smokin’ circus clown, it’s the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Take a minute and let that image burn itself into your brain. I don’t mind waiting, while you let the image morph into an unwelcome sclerotic lesion on your frontal lobe.

Trump Overload

Trump Writes & Speaks Fluent Kayfabe

I admit it. I’m on Trump overload. I can’t take much more of this daily absurdity called a “fine running machine”. Nothing in my life up to this time has prepared me for the era of Trump. The nation and I survived Nixon and Watergate, Reagan and the Iran Contra Affair, Bill Clinton and office blow jobs, George W. and fabricated WMD’s, slush funds, campaign finance scandal, ethics crimes and all forms of corruption, but I’m not sure if we as a democracy can survive Trump and Trumpism.

“Me First” Express
Many of the Trump base are from my generation. A generation as famous for pot smoking “flowers in their hair” hippies as the Vietnam War. Somewhere between John F. Kennedy and Donald J.Trump the children of the ’60’s and ’70’s got off the “free love” train and climbed aboard the “me first” express. The Progressivism of The Great Society was diluted by the costs of a tragic war; and has since the enactment of Medicare, Medicaid, federal funding for education and the Older Americans Act been whittled away by Republicans. Under Trump I expect to see the remnants of the Great Society buried off shore without ceremony or marker.

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His Walls Don’t Go All The Way To The Top

Contractors Build Wall “Samples” For Trump To View

“Build The Wall!”

“Build the Wall!” became a poplar chant of the 2016 campaign, along with, ‘Lock Her Up’. While both have all the real world meaning of ‘Gabba Gabba Hey!’, only the former has actually been carried over as presidential policy, having some very interesting effects on cross-border relations both to the south and the north. Even so, the rhetoric about a border wall has a special form of crazy and stupid related to it, greater than nearly anything else Trump has ever said, except perhaps describing “Falling in love” with North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un.

Berliners Celebrate the End To The Berlin Wall

Very much aside from the assertion that the Mexican government is going to be footing the bill for a wall meant to keep its citizens from cross-border travel, the other challenges are cost and topography, while daunting, are far from insurmountable. Trump’s wall if it extended the entire southern border would crawl across the deserts of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas for a total of 1,957 miles. To put that in perspective, the Berlin Wall is 87 miles long, 11 feet high and three feet thick.

Berlin Wall

Building a similar wall between the U.S. and Mexico, while extremely expensive, and needing to be built up mountains and over rivers, is technically possible. Homeland Security estimates the cost at $17 million dollars per mile. Gulp. Do we really have the national will or financial wear-with-all to build such an absurdity, when we are facing a pending infrastructure collapse, a faltering health care system where care is denied to millions of citizens, as well as a staggering and ballooning foreign debt? Just doing a reality check, folks.

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Introducing Megan Wallin

Well Known West Coast Writer Adds Personality To Calamity Politics

Calamity Politics is excited to welcome Megan Wallin as a featured contributor. Megan is a writer with roots in the Pacific NW who prefers black coffee to lattes, boots to heels and thoughtful discussion to snarky political rants.  Besides writing for Calamity Politics, she has also contributed to the LA Post Examiner and reviewed Independent short films. When life gives her lemons, she eats them and makes weird faces.

Megan’s first Calamity Politics Feature, “Kavanaugh Hearing Divides A Nation” is available at

Sex, Lies and Science

by T.K. McNeil

Well, Brett Kavanaugh has made it to the Supreme Court, in what might prove to be the most controversial appointment since President Hindenburg was pressured into naming a new Chancellor in January of 1933 (hint, the appointee’s surname rhymes with Shmitler). Old ghosts of partisan divisions arose again, each holding to the Party Line. Daily Wire mastermind Ben Shapiro, in characteristic too-much-coffee hyper-speed banter, spent over an hour arguing that the whole thing was a set-up. Sure Ben, and the moon landing was an elaborate hoax (sarcasm detected).

The Left, honestly, was not much better. While saner voices tried to be heard, others were yelling about how appointing Kavanaugh was, essentially, the same as legalizing rape (which no one has or would) and the more extreme end literally calling for riots if Kavanaugh was appointed (the images of burning limousines after Trump’s inauguration still sharp in my mind). Meanwhile officials seemed be flip-flopping like decked salmon and Trump was carrying on his tradition of self-contradictory statements, seeming to forget what he had said merely days before. Let’s all just take a breath for a minute. Deep breath in. Good. And now out. Continue reading

The Kavanaugh Hearings Divide A Nation

by Megan Wallin

A Country Divided

More than anything, the hours we spent focusing on Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Blasey Ford were a testament to how divided we are as a nation. It isn’t a matter of party lines; it’s a matter of narrative. The narratives are destructively short-sighted and cutthroat.

Dr Blasey Ford Faces The Nation

Democrats think you must believe every person who comes forth with a horrendous account of rape or assault, because possible disbelief of an honest person is too high of a risk to take. The Republican side thinks political motives are the only incentive behind an otherwise credible story due to the timing of the accusations and the accused’s position of power.

A Matter Of Inconvenience

It was inconvenient for Republicans to address the credibility of Blasey Ford’s testimony, and it was inconvenient for Democrats to concede that the timing did seem all but miraculously in tune with the changing of the tides. With #MeToo changing social dynamics, our job is to find the threads of reason within both perspectives and grasp that thread, using it to pull us closer to the truth and to each other.

More Scrutiny Is Needed

Brett Kavanaugh Testifies

There is nothing wrong with questioning a person’s claim, especially when the alleged act is so heinous as sexual assault. In fact, the higher the gravity of the accusation, the more scrutiny is required. It’s not a sign that we don’t believe someone, but a sign that belief is not to be taken for granted simply due to our emotional response to the despicable behavior described. But here was where we failed. After the circus of testimonies and the drilling of both Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh, Republicans allowed almost no time for this information to be thoroughly investigated.

Lindsey Graham behaves Like An Emotional Buffoon

If both sides cared so much about the truth, then this would have played out differently. We would not have watched as the person simply coming forth with a story of sexual assault was questioned about why she remembered the incident itself but not the logistics of how she arrived or departed from said event. We would not seek to tear down her credentials, as many tried, claiming that she lied about her job title. We would not take her less seriously than Lindsey Graham, who behaved like an emotional buffoon. If both sides cared about the truth, then we would not watch as a judge dodged questions left and right rather than answer candidly.

Lindsey Graham Attacks Blasey Ford & Democrats

Life Time Appointees Need To Be Above Reproach

If both sides cared about the truth, no one would be wondering why an accusation with the power to delay such an important political appointment resulted in such a brief investigation. There was no further questioning of the two key people involved. Furthermore, multiple people claimed the FBI refused to take statements from them. A thorough and complete investigation would be welcome. If a man is innocent, let his name be cleared. If he is not innocent, he should not be considered for a lifetime position in the United States government.

Trump Forever Partisan

Shortly following Blasey Ford’s testimony, our openly partisan president stated that he found her credible. That of course begs the question, “What are the defining traits of credibility?” And it is no easy task to decide what makes someone believable when the circumstances of the crime scene are no longer available for investigation. Of course, within a day Trump went from finding her credible to mocking Blasey Ford at his rallies. Continue reading

Rough Trade

Dark Jester

T. K. McNeil

The Trump trunk of disgusting pronouncements is so full that it is damn near impossible to pull out any  one thing President Trump has said in the first 630 plus days of his term that could lead to his undoing. There is just so much to choose from! Although politics is famously unpredictable, his chestnut about how “trade wars are good and easy to win” just might be the spark that incinerates his presidency. Trade wars and tariffs have brought down other administrations.

Puffing And Blustering To Make MAGA

In addition to being laughably incorrect by any logical standard-countries who hate each other (France and Germany for instance) regularly enter into flawed but necessary trade agreements, precisely because trade wars are universally recognized as the greater of the two evils.  On the face of it Trump’s election campaign was about the re-invigoration of the American economy, but truly it was a campaign to convince US voters the world image of the United States was in tatters.  MAGA is all about the Trump voter self-image.The MAGA hat was like Popeye’s can of spinach, it puffed up the wearer’s ego just like spinach puffed up Popeye’s muscles.

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Witch Hunt

Anger Unites Trump Supporters

Donald Trump The Victim

Historically, “witch hunt” referred to the persecution of the weak and powerless by the powerful.  Usually, when the term witch hunt is used, it is meant metaphorically, referring to a period in the past. Today the term has been turned on its head. Under Trumpism a belief has developed, a dark corrupt suggestion, of a ‘deep state’ persecution of him.

Narcissists thrive on enemies, and Trump is no exception. In fact Trump brings a new finesse to the      age-old blame game. All those pre-election assertions of a ‘deep state’ have hardened since he became president. He believes, and vigorously promotes the idea that he is under siege from all quarters; the Mexicans, the Muslims, the immigrants, the Democrats.  Trump merely points and everyone looks toward the new enemy. Then his red capped crowd of pitchfork carriers goes after his newly declared target. Believe me, there is no end to his enemies list, in fact, it is a growing thing.

Gold Star Family Attacked By Trump

Today, instead of calling out Trump and his extremist “witch hunters” for crimes against immigrants, Muslims, POC, women, and the press; the greatest perpetrator has become the greatest complainer.  In this newly created world, Trump is the martyr. A contortionists’ twist on reality, but a “truth” that Trump hammers out daily on Twitter.


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