As a political commentator it is my job here at Calamity Politics to consistently come up with clever and funny twists to my often very serious political commentary. I saw this tweet this morning and thought it summed up the U.S. political news of the day.

Trump Has Taken Us On A Road Without Lines Or Guardrails

@ktunnulty: analysis: Donald Trump’s presidency has veered onto a road with no center lines or guard rails.

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The Trump War Against People Of Color

First Must Come Trust

“White is something, just like black is something.  Everybody born on this earth is something, and nobody, no matter what color, is better than anybody else.”  Mildred DeLois Taylor, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (1976)

The ‘Muslim ban’, ‘the wall’, ‘make America great again,” are all part of Trump and Bannon’s war against people of color.  If it’s just about terrorists getting into the country we should be screaming about that continent long border to the north.  If it is really about illegal immigration why hasn’t the president called for a sweep to pick up of all the Irish visitors who have overstayed their visa. 

Most Illegals Fly In And Overstay Visa

Statistics show that most of the illegal immigrants are here after overstaying legally obtained visas. These folks flew into the country, they didn’t walk across our southern desert.

This White House has been infiltrated by Russian sympathizers and white supremacists.  The public needs to continue a forceful push back against this rogue administration.  We are a country of laws.  We must guard civil rights, human rights  We cannot be bystanders to injustice and bigotry.  In 1939 it was the Eastern European Jews, in 1942 it was Japanese Americans, now in 2017 it is Latin Americans.

From leaked documents, it appears that Homeland Security has plans for the incarceration of as many as 20,000 immigrants for a period of time in “for profit prisons.”  Furthermore, Trump is considering a “catch and separate at the border,” whereby parents will separated from their children.  I can only imagine the horror and trauma such activities will have on these families.  I’m already crying.

How did this man get elected to the presidency? U.S. immigration policy needs to be fixed, so let’s do it. I believe we’re been talking about immigration policy for at least the last thirty years. But, I still have hope that we will protect the “dreamers” and come up with an immigration policy that takes into account all the lives his deportation operation is negatively effecting.

Fences Between Neighbors

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25 New Things To Smile About

Frequently, we need to step back and think of the positive things in our life.  It keeps things in prospective. This political blog is good in someways, but not in others. My psychological well-being is in top form. What better than a political blog to let off some emotional steam, right? My blood pressure however, I fear, may on some days be off the charts. So, when the U.S. politics cause you to rant and scream, just remember it is easier to smile, than frown, plus it’s more fun.

See if any of these images bring a smile to your face:

1.) Sunday edition N.Y. Times 
2.) Old family photos 

Looking At Old Family Photos

3.) Jelly beans 
4.) Running on the beach 
5.) Old issues of Mother Earth News 
6.) Finding something you thought you lost 
7.) Goodwill ‘treasures’ 
8.) Feel of cashmere 
9.) Misty mornings 

Misty Morning Over

10.) Yard sales 
11.) Comfortable shoes 
12.) First dates 
13.) Cuddling 
14.) A few bad habits 
15.) Bird watching 

Bird Watching

16.) Bubble gum 
17.) Pay day 
18.) Discover your passion
19.) Start a blog 
20.) Take a walk 
21.) Complete a task 
22.) Share a hug 
23.) Flowers on the table 
24.) Hop scotch 
25.) A good night kiss.

Have a wonderful Sunday.  I’ll try not to post again until Monday, but I can’t promise.  There is a hell of a lot happening, and some of it literally sets my hair on fire.

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A pundit on a Sunday morning news show used the term,  “viral deception,” or VD for short.

I loved it, associating the ‘fake news’ assertions to a sexually transmitted disease.  So, appropriate. Hope it catches on. Glad to hear the Fox News Network has been losing viewers since Trump’s inauguration.

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More Word Chains

It’s playtime again here at Calamity Politics. I love these word chains. Just a little politics thrown in for fun. Hope that doesn’t bother you. Of course, I know you love politics, or you wouldn’t be reading this political blog. Check out the word chains:

I can change lead to gold by changing one letter at a time, lead, load, goad, gold.

I can change less to more by changing one letter at a time, less, Tess, toss, moss, most, Mort, more.

I can change dog to cat by changing one letter at a time, dog, cog, cot, cat.

I can change find to lose by changing one letter at a time, find, fine, line, lone, lose.

I can change head to tail by changing one letter at a time, head, heal, teal, tell, tall, tail.

Thanks, Rod L. Evans, Ph.D. (taken directly from his great book, Tyrannosaurus Lex).

I just love these, hope you don’t mind two of these mind teasers in one week.  LOL.

I wonder if Donald Trump can change prison to pardon by changing one letter at a time?

Playtime With Words

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Putin Interfered In The 2016 Presidential Election

Calamity Politics doesn’t want you to grab the pitchforks and torches yet, but that could become a later necessity. This noise around the White House and it’s growing descent into Putinland is quite alarming. Just because I’m a liberal, red-necks are always quick to label me a “red” or a “commie.” Strange considering I’ve never even met a Russian. But, since Trump began his 2016 campaign, the United States political scene has been dominated with Russian names and their association with Trump. Unheard of. What’s goin’ on?

I’ve Never Seen So Many Russians Outside Russia

I’ve been around the U.S. political scene a long time. I was born in 1946. I remember, the campaigns of Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Carter, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama and now Trump. It wasn’t until Trump’s campaign, that I ever heard any candidate espouse the great leadership of a Russian dictator, know to kill his political enemies. Hmmm, so anyway, here’s some more Russian borscht for anyone who might like cold beet soup, it’s what’s rocking the political world these days.

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Basement Hideaway?

Here at Calamity Politics I try to be proactive. In that sense of proactivism, I wrote the following letter to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell:

Dear Paul and Mitch,

If you have a new health care plan, let folks read it.  It’s our lives, our health care, on the line, not yours.  If it is a respectable bill, show it.  If it is a worthy replacement of Affordable Care Act, bring it out into the light.  Don’t hide in a darkened room in the Capitol basement.  Show your work.  Let’s talk.

Darlene Mitchell

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Let’s see if I get an answer. I have my doubts, that I will receive a response from either of the illustrious gentlemen, but I’m ready to open all this political bantering to real discussion. Not just more political rhetoric, but discussion, real bi-partisan discussion.

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I admit I’m a full blown Liberal-Progressive. I admit that I publish Calamity Politics a known progressive political blog. I admit that I have a serious agenda to put Democrats/Independents in office at all levels of American government. And, maybe, that’s why I find the trash that keeps blowing up in my face, really irritating. Such as:

Paul Ryan had the guts to say, “the Dems have their hair on fire for no reason.”  Ted Cruz says, “its a nothin’ burger.”  “Keep moving.  Nothing to see here,” grins  Mitch McConnell.

They can’t figure out why people would be interested in the fact that the Attorney General of the United States did, despite previous sworn testimony, have at least two meetings with the Russian Ambassador while he was acting as a surrogate for the Trump campaign.

Gentlemen.  My advice to you, and anyone stupid enough to get too close to this administration, is going to be accused of eating borscht with Putin.  It’s all about appearance. 

It’s All About Appearances

If you just crawled out of a hooker’s bed, we might assume that you had been getting what you paid for.  If you were standing on a platform with a suitcase, and the train from Minneapolis was pulling away, some folks might think that you and your suitcase had just come from Minneapolis.  Getting the idea, yet?

Sessions, at least had the intelligence to  recuse himself from the Trump campaign investigation.  Unfortunately, that is not enough.  There is too much smoke.  There’s a fire.  Right now, it’s hidden in the walls, in the attic, in the basement, but I believe its about to explode.  It’s a big fire and it could, potentially, consume the White House.  I think it’s time to call the Fire Dept, or at least an Independent Investigator.

What about Sessions involvement in any post election transition shenanigans and White House involvement with the Putin Kremlin?  What about all these shadow characters that seem to hover around the Trump campaign, and subsequently the administration?  How much has Sessions already interfered with the investigation?  What information will he be getting, or already gotten about the Flynn investigation?  And what about Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions, Donald, Jr.? Secret meetings at Trump Tower with the Russian ambassador?  Paris rendezvous’ for Donald Jr.?  Erik Prince meeting with Russian Putin surrogates in the Seychelle Islands? What about, “The  Donald” himself?

There are just too many puzzle pieces missing at the moment.  I’m ready to turn this place upside down until I can find all the missing pieces. I want to see this whole puzzle assembled.  I’m afraid, it’s going to be ugly.

Keep Looking Until I Find All The Missing Pieces

If “it’s a witch hunt”, let’s bag some witches.

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Trump’s Tuesday Speech

I gave myself a couple days to digest what the ‘teleprompter’ president said in his speech to the joint Congressional Session on Tuesday.

The most as a political observer that I can say in his favor is that, Trump did lower the volume, he dropped some of his inflammatory rhetoric, and whoopee, he mostly stuck to his prepared speech.   It is obvious, the bar has been set so low by this huckster, that him sticking to a topic, evokes cheers.  How quickly we abandon quality for showmanship.

Trump & Wrecking Crew Want To Dismantle Health Care

Nothing has changed.  Trump and his buddies intend to break all the toys, and then have Daddy buy new ones.  I guess that’s what a school yard of billionaires does for fun.  Steve Bannon clarified his “deconstruction” of the government plan last week, to a wildly cheering C-PAC crowd.  Trump this week, has just refined the presentation, and legitimized it, by a speech before Congress.

Here’s what’s coming.  The White House crew, and the Republican ideologues in the House and Senate will break the backs of all the government departments, ravage health care, destroy Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. 

Seniors Depend On Medicare and Medicaid

I don’t know about you, but it takes my breath away.  Simply put, these spoiled billionaires don’t care, or understand, that millions of people’s lives are affected by their every action, and the action of these government departments. I know a lot of folks that depend on the services of the government and it saddens me to imagine the potential results of their actions.

I believe, a great individual is a person that can easily imagine himself in the other person’s shoes.  That’s the foundation of empathy.

Lived Like A Black Man In the South

Come on, guys.  Put on the other guys shoes, if he’s got any, and wear them for a day, or a week, or a month. There was a remarkable book written by John Griffin, Black Like Me which was published in 1961 that recounted his trip across the deep south, after he had his skin tone darkened, so he could effectively pass as a black man. His vivid memory of the white man’s “hate stare,” was painful. I truly believe, if each of us lived another man’s life, if even for a short time, we would quickly find compassion and respect.

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Trump Writes Last Chapter of ‘1984’

Michael Moore My Favorite Liberal Activist

If you have failed to notice, Calamity Politics is a Progressive-Liberal political blog and Michael Moore is my favorite ragamuffin film maker activist. Recently, Moore was on Hardball, doing a segment with Chris Mathews, where he sarcastically described a new last chapter of ‘1984’ being written by Donald Trump. 

Trump Convinces People Up Is Down & Down Is Up

In this new imagined chapter, apparently, Donald Trump convinces the populace, that up is down, and down is up.

I laughed, but I knew that doublespeak was now part of the accepted political rhetoric. Love you Michael. If as a reader you want to do something to help the resistance, check out Michael Moore’s website. He offers several suggestions to help you make your voice heard, and lists scheduled events that might tickle your need to RESIST and PERSIST.

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