The Logical Song By Supertramp

Any regular visitor to knows I’m an oldies lover. For today I made the choice. No votes. No other input. This one is totally on my shoulders. From 1979, the English group Supertramp, brings us the “Logical Song”.

The YouTube version I have posted provides not only the song but also the lyrics, and a very nice video. The posting was not created by the Supertramp group but I think it is well done. The name on the post is Rob Turner. Thanks, Rob.

Oh, the innocence of childhood. There are many days I would give up everything for another week of childhood. If I only could….If I had only known….Enjoy! D.S. Mitchell

On The Eve Of Destruction-By Barry McGuire

Rain and fog mix as sunrise comes to Lake Merwin

Rain and fog mix as sunrise comes to Lake Merwin.

I’m alone in the office today. There is a light rain falling and the fog is hanging heavily over Lake Merwin as the sun pushes toward sunrise. I’d been listening to a succession of oldies on YouTube when one of the greatest protest songs of all time came up.

As I listened to the song I realized nothing has changed. The world remains a captive of the same politics, financial interests, and prejudices today as it was six decades ago. With that in mind I chose “On The Eve Of Destruction” by Barry McGuire as jukebox choice of the day.

I understand that Barry McGuire has updated some of P.F. Sloan’s original lyrics. Apparently, he sings the new version of the song in live performances. This however is the rough and gritty version from 1965. Enjoy! D.S. Mitchell

“CASSIE” By Flyleaf first jukebox choice of the day is “Cassie” by Flyleaf. Cassie’s story morphed out of the Columbine Massacre and it turned out to be a hoax. However, this song was written prior to the hoax revelation. I chose this because it fit with my new article “What Happened At Columbine.” Hope you read it-T.K. McNeil