Year of the Cat (w/lyrics)- Al Stewart-1976

Hey guys, I am alone in the office today, which means I am the only one on disc jockey duty. It is raining and the mist is rising off the lake. Very romantic and I’m feeling pretty nostalgic. So, today from the jukebox comes a mysterious song by Al Stewart from 1976. If you are old enough, you might remember who Peter Lorre was. Enjoy-Darlene

Al Stewart "Year of the Cat" jukebox choice of the day

Al Stewart “Year of the Cat” jukebox choice of the day.



By T.K. McNeil

Pentagrams and Conservatives

Rob Halford Metal "god"

Rob Halford Metal “god”

Several Metal artists have been associated with the political Right in recent years. Alice Cooper, and Judas Priest front-man Rob Halford are both outspoken Republicans.  Antifa made a successful effort to get the Black Metal band Marduk banned from the United States. The effort to have Marduk banned was based on the asinine assumption that because they were a Black Metal band they must be fascist.

Varg Vinkerns

Early picture of Varg Vinkerns

Early picture of Varg Vikernes

Marduk and others are often associated by misunderstanding to such cranks as fringe Black Metal genre figure Varg Vikernes.  Vikerns is a Norwegian musician who spent 15 years in prison for church burning (arson) and murder. He was originally sentenced to 21 years but the arson charges were unproven and he had 6 years shaved off his sentence. There were also issues regarding the circumstances of the murder that later surfaced and brought some question into the case.

Often Misrepresented

Varg Vikernes shown in recent picture

Varg Vikernes shown in recent picture

He has been called a racist and a neo-Nazi,* but that is not proven. In fact there is nothing in his music or published materials that are in any way racist. The Murduk band members rejected the association with fringe elements of Black Metal, going on record that they do not care about politics, and do not vote.

Queers, Chicks and Booze

Heavy Metal is neither subtle or politically correct. The satirical depiction of Heavy Metal fans presented in films such as Wayne’s World and FUBAR are depressingly accurate, at least with regard to America in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Heavy Metal was and still is outside the mainstream and their fans know it.

Under The Surface

Glam Metal or Hair Metal Poison was big in the 80's

Was Poison Glam Metal or Hair Metal?

Heavy Metal fans tend not to care about traditional gender tropes, these being just part of the many trappings of the society they have rejected. This is why there are genres like Glam Metal where there is a lot of long hair and make-up, particularly eye-liner, on both men and women.


Fans can be somewhat casual in their use of the term “gay” as a negative along with other more deprecating terms. This is because Heavy Metal fans are immune to the power of such words, having been called these and several other things for most of their lives. There are only so many times one can hear the same, unimaginative insults before the words lose their impact, and become an inside joke of sorts within the culture. Like how Irish people will call each other “Paddy” in a playful way.

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ONE by Metallica

The last jukebox choice of the day from This is one of my all time favorite Metallica songs. There was a time in the not too distant past when I was a Metallica junkie. But, actually it was a long time ago. Oh, the ravages of time on the mind and body. Despite all that, please enjoy one of the most powerful anti-war songs ever written, “One” by Metallica-Enjoy Darlene

War Pigs by Black Sabbath

We couldn’t agree on the music today, so here’s the first of several. is proud to announce T.K. McNeil’s newest article  on the political importance of Heavy Metal music to the world should be available soon. Here’s the first choice in the jukebox today.

Black Sabbath “War Pigs” with lyrics.

Night Witches Regiment 588 by SABATON

The Night Witches were the all female 588th Night Bomber Regiment of the Soviet Air Force. Active during WWII, the regiment would fly daring night missions in old wood and canvas training planes left over from WWI. The sound of the planes swooping out of the sky to deliver their deadly payload sounding like a witch swooping down on her broomstick. A German commander reportedly said, “We simply couldn’t grasp that the Soviet airmen that caused us the greatest trouble were in fact women. To find out more about women in combat read T.K. McNeil’s fascinating article on women in combat, “Rebel Girls” coming soon to Thanks, Darlene


Irish Rebel Songs-COME OUT AND FIGHT

What could be more fitting than Irish Fight Songs. Women and girls were eager to fight the British and were highly engaged in the IRA movement. They transported munitions, engaged in street-to-street urban warfare, they hid fugitives, and provided recon to the central command. Women also took on roles providing security for Republican neighborhoods, often frisking suspected loyalists at gunpoint. To find out more about women and the I.R.A. please check out T.K. McNeil’s “Rebel Girls” coming soon to Thanks, Darlene